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Dec 2, 10 9:53pm

Holy. *bleep*ing. Shit!

Seriously, this is about as close as we're going to get as far as a current gen F-Zero game goes. The track designs are tight and feel like a roller coaster ride that defies the laws of physics - thereby shitting all over Isaac Newton - and manages to do a great job of simulating an adrenaline rush. Honestly, this is what racing is all about - the rush, and that's why I can't get into Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo is as sterile as it gets, while Nail'd just gets to the point and kicks your ass with intense speeds and even more intense tracks.

And don't listen to IGN. Craptacular review is craptacular.

Verdict: GO GO GO
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Oct 2, 10 11:38pm

So yeah, lately, I've been playing through a bunch of games, and I feel like reviewing most of them. The problem is that I won't be reviewing them in a short amount of time. Due to exams and unfinished assignments that need to studied and finished by the end of the school year (at least for us year 12s in South Australia), I'll be vastly limited in activity, meaning you'll get a half assed review of sorts every week (not that I've been updating like a madman or anything, but at least I'm making it official when I update and what quality is expected, not that I've been producing Chicken Shoot or Final Fantasy X-2 quality as of late) until I'm done with school forever... so basically, from then until I have to start uni, I'll be attempting to post shitloads of reviews. Shit, maybe I'll have 100 written by the end of January 2011? Who knows... Then updates will be... well, let's just say limited, because uni will have my by the balls, and because I'll actually give a shit, I'll be investing less time into reviews and more into uni assignments.

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Oct 2, 10 6:23am

Let's take a part of a conversation between me and my ex:

Vergil says:
Girls are so quick to buy pretty shoes over generic shoes
Cassie says:
I always buy generic shoes because it's affordable and I have better things to spend my money on than uselessly pretty shoes

Congrats Cass, you do something your stereotype doesn't normally do. Therefore, you are an exception, and not a rule.

The reality of the matter is that people are put into groups with their own sets of rules and whatnot based on gender, race, interests, and what have you. When somebody says something generalized and you reply by saying "I don't", that's excellent, because you're not acting the same way that everybody else in your group is acting - therefore, you are the exception, and not the rule. I know it feels good to break out of a common stereotype by being somewhat different, so I can see why people always feel the need to state that they are not like the other gays, or like the other blacks, or what have you. Now, if you have nothing of any value to add, I'm going to skim over your post, because it's irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

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Aug 16, 10 12:35am

Seriously, it doesn't. It may entitle you to be an offensive dipshit who makes everyone feel like twats for believing what you don't believe, but it's no excuse to act like a *bleep*ing idiot.

Trolling has devolved from being a way for everyone except the offended to have a laugh, to a cop out for mental retardation, and anybody who tries to be a troll and fails at it is a *bleep*ing loser who is doing nothing but adding fuel to the fire and has no life. Get off the internet.

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May 9, 10 5:46am
So many *bleep*ing games; so little time
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Jan 17, 10 10:00am

We're back with another batch of short, short reviews on games we play during the day.

Ninja Blade:

Vergil >> I enjoyed the hack and slash gameplay. Despite what turds from Gamespot and IGN say, it's pretty fun. Can be easy as shit, even on the hardest difficulty setting (thank you, Ninja Gaiden 2), but hey, it's a fun mother*bleep*er, deal with it. With the exception of Madworld, this is one of the few games where I can actually deal with the quick time events, which is hilarious because there's like a million of them! At least they're merciful in only making you repeat the buttons and not the platforming before the quick time section you *bleep*ed up. It tries to mix things up a bit too with some on-rails shit, but eh, I got more into the swordplay. Could be better, but not a bad game. 8/10

John >> It wasn't a terrible game by any means, but the fact that it requires very little effort to vanquish your foes puts a damper on my day. Easy games can be fun, but only if they can still, at least, pose some sort of threat, and after an upgrade or two, you can basically plow through the game. Admittedly, I had fun for a while, but the fun diminished as gameplay felt repetitive (I know Vergil's going to kill me for that, but I use it in the correct context), and ended up just boring me to tears. And I must say, the quick time events were all over the place. Yes, it ends in slaughtering demons with stylistic moves, but who cares? The quick time events got very old, despite the actions being performed on screen. Eh, maybe they wanted to dress up a rather mediocre game with some flashy, gravity-defying moves. Nice try, guys, but it doesn't cut it for me. 4/10

The next game we played was Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We mixed it up with campaign, a bit of split screen shit, and some online stuff. We give brief thoughts - warning: may cause some differing opinions from the norm:

Vergil >> It's a good game, but not quite what it's hyped up to be. I tried to enjoy it for what it was - which was pretty much the first Modern Warfare, but with a less enjoyable campaign, camper-friendly maps, and Spec Ops - but it didn't quite leave a huge lasting impression. It still has the war hungry feeling that the first game has, and the enemy AI isn't constantly chucking grenades every which way, and enemies don't respawn like in the first game, but... I don't know, it just leaves me empty inside... Could be because of the 6 hour campaign, could be because the multiplayer maps don't feel as intense as the first game's.. Just something about it feels unsettling. I loved Spec Ops. John and myself plowed through it, having a hell of a time doing missions together... too bad it ended a little too quickly. I tried to love this game, but only managed to like it enough to keep it in my collection. 7/10

John >> It's an impressive game... if you're not somebody who nitpicks at video games, and only plays for fun and excitement. Admittedly, I like to nitpick at games, but that's only for reviewing purposes. When just playing casually, which is 90% of the time, I like to have a blast with my games, and Modern Warfare 2 provides that sensation. Okay, people like to camp online - that's their business. I'll just have to be sure to watch for those types while getting towards them. Online is fun to play, if a bit short of the mark the first Modern Warfare set (but only a tiny bit, and that's due to campers...). The single player campaign was good, though a bit short, at a staggering 6 hours no less. I had a good time going through it, but again, not quite at the same level as with the first game. Oh well, I managed to squeeze a ton of enjoyment out of Spec Ops with my partner, Vergil. It wasn't all that short, but it felt short... then again, time flies when you're having fun. 9/10

The final game we played was Eternal Sonata. I've already played this game millions of times. John only just got it last month. Kind of sad, but whatever, let's dig into it anyway:

Vergil >> I enjoyed the battle system a lot. As you progress through each chapter, you had to think more and more on your feet, due to the ever-decreasing amounts of Tactic Time and Movement Time you get. The enemies, however, were piss easy, especially if you got a hold of the guarding system (press B when it prompts you to). Bosses were kind of the same, except if you didn't guard too often, they'll *bleep* you with heaps of damage. Felt just a bit unbalanced if you ask me. The puzzles were either insultingly easy, or *bleep*ing annoyingly easy. They required a lot of backtracking and some annoying shit on the side (mostly backtracking-related), and now that I'm reminded of this, I no longer call Eternal Sonata the second best 360 RPG - Magna Carta 2 now has that position. 7/10

John >> It's a case of whether or not you hate a system that eventually limits you in how much time you have to spend strategizing, and at the end, decides to constantly change the button layout, and when given a smallish amount of time for your turns at that point, it gets a bit infuriating, until you gradually accept it. The actual system is nice, allowing you to chain up attacks to power up special moves (for that use, however), and eventually, chain special attacks. It builds upon itself as you progress. Unfortunately, puzzles, when they're presented to you, are rather tedious, involving copious amounts of backtracking and fighting enemies over and over again - and when you consider that the fights aren't all that hard (granted you have competent reflexes), it ends up feeling like unnecessary grinding. An admirable effort, but not quite the RPG I wanted to settle for when Final Fantasy 13 never comes out. 6/10

Stay tuned for the final day. Might be the biggest of the bunch!

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Jan 16, 10 6:50am

Alright, so I'm at a mate's house, and I've already played through a few games. Keep in mind, these are first impressions, plus they're not just my opinions. They're also my mate's. We cover only the basic gameplay and controls, because we haven't finished either of these games, and maybe the stories will get better as it goes. With that, let's read on:

The first game was Army Of Two: The 40th Day, the sequel to the original Army Of Two game, which boasted some serious co-op action, but... that was it. Will it be the same in the sequel? John and myself look into this:

Vergil >> I found that some mechanics worked better than in the last game, but only marginal. The cover system still felt a bit weird and looser than a virgin's giant pussy, movement controls felt fairly sluggish, and the fact that the A button does damn near everything - from covering, to running, to actions, to picking up guns, to sucking your dick, and even to ram your head against the wall over and over again (which you'll be doing if you play alone) - is pretty... umm... not cool. It was good to play with a friend. John and myself just went through a fair few levels before we got bored. The campaign is shaping up to be a little better than the first game's, but it still felt mediocre. 5/10

John >> The only thing about this game I liked was the effort put into co-operative play. Looking out for your teammate while covering him gives you a feeling of bonding with said teammate. I also enjoyed the newer features, such as additional weapon customizations, mock surrender (this evoked a few laughs the first time), and the moral choices add some extra flavors of awesome, and some of the evil stuff you do is more *bleep*ed up than what terrorists do. Unfortunately, the campaign itself felt like a complete rehash of the first game's. The add ons make it feel a bit better, but not enough to completely save it. However, the controls destroy the game... well, the amount of responsibility they put on the A button is atrocious. It does practically everything. I was expecting it to do what Killer 7 did, and act as the moving forward button you have to hold down. The one other thing I didn't like was the cover system. It felt very loose, and fairly unreliable. I guess if you want to try it out, rent it. 5/10

Darksiders was the second and last game we played before we went "screw it" and just surfed on the net. But it made for a hell of a last game to play. We might actually play it again before going to bed. Again, we offer our seperate opinions:

Vergil >> "Oh noez, God Of War/Zelda ripoff!" Goddammit, shut up! The game is very impressive, so stop your shitty comparisons! Besides, difficulty aside, I enjoy this game more than God Of War and Zelda (blasphemous coming from me because I LOVE Zelda). I guess if anything, Darksiders feels like that mature rated Zelda game we should've gotten from Nintendo, much like there's going to be a more mature Metroid game (as if the Prime trilogy wasn't mature haha). It contains a fairly big list of combos to do, as well as quick time events, which aren't a pain in the ass (yeah, I'm surprised, too), and you only really need to do them against bosses, not against enemies, though you want to kill with style, because style is awesome. It feels primitive, but holy shit, does it feel like a hell of a fun game or WHAT!? It's no Bayonetta in the style department, and I find Bayonetta to be a funner game (at least on the 360; *bleep* the PS3 version, and it's tendency to lag like a mother*bleep*er), but Darksiders is still a hell of a fun game. 9/10

John >> I enjoyed this game a lot. Thanks to IGN's constant comparisons to God Of War, this is making me look forward to God Of War 3 more and more, and they don't seem to realize that March, although it seems to be coming closer, actually keeps feeling further and further away. Why? Because this is balls to the wall action, looking like they're hanging out of its pants. The combat feels brutal, killing bad guys with powerful combos. The finishers don't have the style Bayonetta has... in fact, this feels like the polar opposite of Bayonetta in terms of styles. Bayonetta attacks with finesse and style (and some torture attacks), while War prefers to just destroy his enemies with very brutal combos and power. But what I find odd, is that I find Darksides more fun than Bayonetta. Maybe it's because of the pick up and play style presented (well... it's not as hard as games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, don't you worry), maybe it's because of the simplicity, but whatever it is, it has me under its dark spell. 9/10

I hope you enjoyed reading our first impression reviews.

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Dec 30, 09 9:49am

With another year turning into dust, let us not forget the releases of the year. 2009 was pretty good with games. Sony managed to kick everybody in the nuts with Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, while Microsoft started getting scared, releasing *bleep* all exclusives for the 360 (oh, there was Forza 3, but that's it), but has no problem brining heaps of shit onto the PC. As for Nintendo, well, they released a few good titles on the DS, but only managed one Wii game worth my time. With that said, let's list a top 5, as well as some honorable mentions. Please note, these are my opinions, and do not necessarily reflect the objective quality of the games. What I'll list, won't necessarily be what you'd list. So without further ado, let's begin!

5. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (360, PS3, PC)
Anything that involves strategic thinking gets my vote. The feeling of actually putting some thought into your actions and managing to succeed because of them is the most rewarding of them all. Well, maybe not as much as blowing shit up, but close enough for me. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a tactical shooter, much like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. No idea what that is? Well, you have a gun. So what? One hit, you're *bleep*ing dead! This really encourages you to think about your next move. More often than not, you ought to be one step ahead of your opponent. As for online, well, just know that snipers will *bleep*ing buttrape you to death if you're not careful. Be on the lookout, and be prepared to think outside the box, for the most tactical minds tend to win. I heard there are glitches, but none that seem to hidner progress too much. Some outright piss me off, but not to a huge extent. At least this doesn't freeze whenever it wants, unlike a certain OTHER Codemasters game!

4. Killzone 2 (PS3).
If Crysis was to ever come onto a console, this is about as good as it's going to get until Crysis 2 comes out. Killzone 2 is a graphics juggernaut, on a console that is essentially a graphics juggernaut. It also manages to encourage some smart thinking, even on the easier difficulty levels, or else, you'll be kissing dirt. Helgast will flank the shit out of you, and beat you down. Be prepared for anything, pretty much. Of course, on the easier difficulty levels, you could just run a bit and shoot, then find cover and kiss your booboos. You don't have this luxury for the hardest diffculty, unfortunately. But that's what makes victory satisfying. It could've been higher on the list, but a few levels prior to the final level just felt a bit weaker than the first couple of levels, plus the loading times are a bit too goddamn long. 20-40 seconds to load up a map? Hah! But at least online makes up for that, and much more, with many modes and a hell of a good time just waiting to be experienced.

3. Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time (PS3).
I *bleep*ing love this series, so why should I disgrace it by not including such an excellent game into this list? Yet again, Ratchet is given an arsenal of weapons that would make Chuck Norris weep, as well as a few handy gadgets and tools in leiu of Clank (as they are seperaed), and some time manipulation devices. Oh yeah, you can go through time in this one - mostly just to get to the other side, or to destroy an obstacle. Clank's gameplay pretty much involves time manipulation, amongst some platforming and a lot of puzzles that... you guessed it - require time manipulation. Don't worry, it plays pretty damn well. Only problems would be that the camera will go ape sometimes when jumping down ledges, space battles are a wee bit too easy for my liking, and SIXAXIS controls for the Dynamo Of Death could use a little work, as the projectile is a fair bit too hard to steer. They're not huge deals when you think positively, and Ratchet And Clank is the sort of series that does it - make you think positively!

2. Borderlands (360, PS3, PC).
What a better thing to do, than to insert RPG elements (ie. EXP and statistics) into a first person shooter, and attempt to make an online sensation out of it? Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare might've attempted something like this, but the online sensation rose mostly out of the fact that we wanted to kill each over and over again. Borderlands adds a few things to the mix - treasure, vehicular combat, character customization, teamwork encouraging moments, a near endless variety of missions, and a whole *bleep*ton of weapons and weapon combinations. Yeah, some parts are damn hard for a single player, and those without online will probably be screwed over in a few missions unless they're just lucky, but goddamn, the positives outweigh the hell out of the negatives.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3).
Ahh, what a cliche way to end a top list... by listing the game that everybody else is calling #1. Let's just say that me and hype have somehow managed to get along with each other for a short period of time, and it's through this game. I always seem like the person who would troll this sort of game in hopes of brining attention to less fortunate games, but I actually end up reading these "troll" reviews of this game, and I'm not seeing it their way (wow, a change of pace). I just can't. The controls are superb! The camera angles are great 95% of the time (SOME of the cinematic angles are kind of annoying to deal with, but I can adjust). The story actually kept me coming for more, wanting to see what they come up with next instead of facepalming over some stupid shit (due to the spoiler-free nature of toplists, I'm keeping my lips sealed here). Multiplayer is pretty impressive, ranging from co-op, to the usual deathmatch kind of stuff you see in other games, but this (like Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising) isn't a first person shooter relying on dominance, but rather, a third person shooter relying on acrobatics and some slick gunslinging. Honestly, I can't find too many big flaws, and the minor ones are ignorable due to the positives outweighing them.

Honorable mentions:

50 Cent: Blood On The Sand (360, PS3).
Assassin's Creed 2 (360, PS3).
Batman: Arkham Asylum (360, PS3, PC) (#7).
Bionic Commando (360, PS3, PC) (#9).
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (ARC, 360, PS3).
Brutal Legend (360, PS3).
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360, PS3, PC).
Dragon Age: Origins (360, PC) (PS3 version is, supposedly, inferior).
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS).
Halo Wars (360).
Infamous (PS3) (#6).
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS).
Left 4 Dead 2 (360, PC).
Madworld (Wii) (#10).
Mario And Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS).
Prototype (360, PS3, PC).
Red Faction: Guerrilla (360, PS3, 360).
Resident Evil 5 (360, PS3)
Shadow Complex (360).
Street Fighter 4 (360, PS3, PC).
Tekken 6 (360, PS3).
The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) (#8).
Wet (360, PS3).

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Nov 14, 09 8:29pm

Winner of the 48th round of Articles of Excellence. Vergil Ties dives into one of the most well...

Vergil Ties blogged
Nov 3, 09 4:40am

So I've finally got around the listening to the entire album Slayer are about to release called World Painted Blood.

For the impaired, Slayer used to be one hell of a force within the metal world with their first 4 albums - Show No Mercy, Hell Awaits (their best), Reign In Blood and South Of Heaven. In between Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits, they released an excellent EP called Haunting The Chapel, which is like a preview of Hell Awaits. Why preview of Hell Awaits and not a mini-redo of Show No Mercy? Show No Mercy was more influenced by bands like Judas Priest and Venom, as opposed to in Haunting The Chapel and beyond, where they developed their own unique sound, but with some Venom influences here and there.

After South Of Heaven, their material went from *bleep*ing classic to just good. Seasons Of The Abyss and Divine Intervention were enjoyable, though I must be in the minority with Divine Intervention, considering it was considered a crap album. Oh noez, no more Dave Lombardo, just some random... So? Divine Intervention was still enjoyable. The hate for Diabolicus In Musica and God Hates Us All is warranted, though; both *bleep*ing sucked! No redeeming moments, no moments in which to bask in the glory of - just shit!

Just when you thought they were dead, they released Christ Illusion, which is on par with Divine Intervention - enjoyable. Dave Lombardo came back to Slayer's sticks and apparently, it means that it's good now. It's enjoyable, but let's be honest with ourselves here. Christ Illusion and Divine Intervention were decent at best. Regardless, it's still enjoyable, and Slayer went back to kicking ass with tours enough to fill warehouses.

Unfortunately, they decided to follow it up with an exact duplicate, but with less intensity and less enjoyability factors. Meet World Painted Blood. Imagine, if you will, Christ Illusion, but with bland riffs and crap solos. The solos are, for the most part, repetitive. True that most bands can have repetitive solos, Slayer really push the envolope with this. The solos are never really any different; just the same random notes. No flow, no aesthetic value; just the two guitarists pulling off a ripper solo, adding to some of the ass kicking they've been known for. Unfortunately, the solos aren't quite that good here. Here, the solos are just solos. They've taken the flair out of their own solos, meaning you're just not pumped for them. They don't excite; they merely serve as filler. Disappointing, really, but what I'm really disappointed with are the riffs. Slayer's riffs, when it comes right down to it, are there to kick your ass and make you bang your head, make it sore. That's actually the basis for all thrash riffs, but Slayer always seemed to have create the best. I say "seemed" because these riffs suck. They're not quite as bad as those on God Hates Us All (*shudder*), but goddamn! These riffs are just boring! They don't have the same feeling that they did back in the day and with Christ Illusion. They're actually kind of sterile.

Now, is all that I've said so far true? Well, yes, TO A POINT. On it's own, the album is decent. As a modern thrash metal album, it's okay. The riffs, again, feel generic and overdone. The solos, while blistering, aren't really all that intense. The vocals are *bleep*ing garbage, but then again, after a few decades, it's expected; what, with the few years of chain smoking and screaming in bars loaded with chain smokers. It seems that the drums are the strong element, meaning that Dave is the only member who still has the chops he has decades ago. Still evokes the same emotion as his drumming did in Hell Awaits; madman-like. So yeah, as a modern thrash metal album, it's okay, if you can hear past what I've just said. However, as a Slayer album, it's weak.

So how can I recommend the album? If you're a collector of thrash metal albums, or if you really enjoy Slayer, I'd say go for it. Maybe you'll enjoy it more than I did. Hey, I was expecting top shit and it didn't deliver, so I kind of had to be harsh on it. Don't expect top of the world stuff; just expect an album that will entertain you a bit. Trust me, you'll want to if you aim to enjoy the album.

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Oct 4, 09 1:33am
is watching Zone Of The Enders: Dolores
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Sep 25, 09 3:42am

For the past week, the weather has been fairly eratic in Australia. One minute, it's sunny with the birds singing and bees trying to have sex with them, but the next minute, the sky turns gray and it starts pissing down with rain. To make matters worse, there were a couple of thunderstorms. One of them, we even saw lightning bolts a few times while the wind pushed everything it touched that wasn't fixiated to the ground (so think leaves and stuff). Hell, most people had a little trouble keeping their bearings and balance, though being tough Australians and others, we managed to brave the storms and resume education, despite a couple of blackouts.

On the video game front, I've just purchased Halo 3: ODST and Batman: Arkham Asylum [PS3]. Both games prove to be excellent upon first impressions. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a definite contender for GOTY, with its healthy mix of stealth and action, coupled off with authentic Batman atmosphere and fun gameplay mechanics. Even Yahtzee couldn't find himself to have too many BIG problems with it. Not much to say, considering I haven't played it in the last few days. Too busy these days.

As for Halo 3: ODST, I can't quite give it the same amount of praise I can for Arkham Asylum, although I can, at least, give it more praise than I ever would for Halo 3. The campaign was... interesting. Yeah, a Halo game with an interesting campaign. Never thought I'd say it. The story seems interesting so far, having to locate your squad members while going through a series of flashbacks. For a non-RPG, the flashbacks allow the story to flesh out decently well. Actually, I haven't seen this technique used much. Last couple of times (and possibly even first couple of times too) were Lost Odyssey and Turok (360/PS3). Of course, it could all be a huge cocktease for some upcoming Flood, though I'll gladly give this a 10/10 if there's no Flood. I hate the Flood...

Aye, speaking of that basketball game with my brother, I jumped too far forward and ended up doing quite a number on my leg upon landing. See, the problem is that for some time now, I have somewhat brittle leg bones, and too much downward velocity can *bleep* them up bigtime. Thankfully, I only landed on my right leg and thankfully, it's not too big. Just have to be on crutches for a little while, so now I can't really do any tech (woodwork and metalwork). 2 extra study periods FTL, and on the day where I shouldn't have any either... Oh well, it got me out of tech clean up first lesson of tomorrow at the very least.

Lately, I've been listening to some electronica. This time last year was when I first listened to Boards Of Canada and fell for them. Unfortunately, it wasn't too often that I'd listen to them, Venetain Snares, Aphex Twin or any other DJs that I've aquired work for over the course of about 5 months. I've still been stuck on metal. But through listening to The Flashbulb and Xanopticon, electronica has been dominating my life for the past week. Sure, there's the occasional metal band that I listen to from time to time (Revocation, Arghoslent, Anaal Nathrakh, Persuader, Iron Maiden and Vader), but it's safe to say that I'm really digging electronica, and have finally, truly broken the binds that metal put me under.

This brings us to the end of the update.

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Jul 11, 09 12:39am

Imagine this. You're raising a kid. You're looking to get him/her into something, but unfortunately, footballs and make up aren't captivating their interest. The next best thing to do is to give them a cricket bat, but they don't like it either. You try many things, but it all fails. Your kid, then, notices your PS3 (or whatever) and plays it. The game that he/she happens to be playing is Resistance. It's gory, it has swearing, it has a fair few things that is to be concerned about by certain parents. As a concerned parent, you get your kid away from the game, mostly because the enemies are scaring the shit out of him/her (and I don't blame him/her...I wasn't the same after playing through Resident Evil 1 the first time when I was 8 years old) and the blood and shooting would most likely desensitive your kid. Now, if all you did was replace it with some kiddy platformer like Ratchet And Clank, that'd be okay, because Ratchet And Clank also kicks ass. But no, we can't have that. Instead, you choose to complain that video games are too violent and want video games to be banned, all because you want your little Timmy to not be desensitised by such.

The main reason I'm ranting on this is because next door to me is an 8 year old kid (or is he 9 years old? I'm not entirely sure, but he looks that young), and I often catch him playing mature rated games like Resistance and God Of War. Why, just yesterday, I saw him play through inFamous, and he was surprisingly good at it, though he was stuck on a part and I did it for him... uhh, anyway, yeah, he's a competent gamer and whatnot, and a surprisingly cool person for his age (if there's anything about him I don't like, it's that he's kind of ugly, though hopefully puberty solves that). Unfortunately, his folks came in the room, turned off the PS3 and started screaming their lungs off at him and me - him for playing inFamous, and me for not being a good role model (which is laughable, considering I'm the only one in the room aside from the kid with common sense) - and then sends the kid to his room, which isn't even a punishment, then threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave and if I ever came back. All over some video games...

Do you see what I'm getting rather annoyed with? Parents who take gaming way too seriously, even more so than the 12 year olds who play Halo online and piss off the more intelligent players around them! This gets beyond the joke, I swear! Gaming isn't such a big deal! Nobody is getting hurt in the games, and provided that you've taught your kid how to differentiate reality from fantasy, your kid won't be ripping out spines (Mortal Kombat) or getting a couple of chainsaws and perform some really far out and brutal combos (Madworld and, to an extent, Gears Of War) anytime soon, unless he was getting mugged. Did I do any of that? Absolutely not, because my folks taught me such when I was young. Because of that, I didn't imitate any actions from Mortal Kombat or Wolfenstein 3D that would result in death (or close to as far as the Nazi-related themes in Wolfenstein 3D goes), and eventually, common sense came into play. In other words, if you raise your kids correctly and teach them right from wrong among reality from fantasy, you shouldn't have to worry about your kids killing themselves while imitating attacks from Killer Instinct or comming crimes in real life like they would in Grand Theft Auto.

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Mar 2, 09 3:30am

If you answered no to the title in question, prepare to change your opinion.

Now that I got that out of the way, I want to tell you all of an amazing RTS game I've been playing for the past few years; Warlords Battlecry 3. I love this game. If I feel like playing an RTS that's not Command And Conquer or Age Of Empires, I boot this game up.

But what makes Warlords Battlecry 3 so special? Well, I'm a huge fan of the Shining Force series, and I like the Fire Emblem series (well, whatever we can get from Japan, sans that new one). I loved their mix of strategy and RPG. I loved how Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3 continued this sort of thing, but allow free movement. But, as much as I love Shining Force, Fire Emblem and Valkyria Chronicles, I also like a real time equivalent. If I didn't know of Warlords Battlecry 3, I'd be going "man I wish this was in real time". That would have driven me crazy.

If you haven't already got it, it basically puts RPG elements into an RTS game. Think Age Of Empires with hints of Dragon Quest throughout...

But why am I talking about this game? Well, for one, it's underrated. Only a few other people I know have played this game, which I consider crazy, as this is crazy fun for me. I would really like everybody (preferably RTS fans, though non fans can get this too, as this is kind of an accessible RTS) to pick up a copy of this game right now. Secondly and finally, I've prepared a beta review of this game, though I need to run through some corrections, spellchecks and specifications.

Good night everybody. Have fun.

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Feb 20, 09 4:34am

Today, I'll talk about Street Fighter 4, which I...or rather, my little brother, bought today and I had an hour of playtime with it, plus I show a part of my Halo 3 review, which will (HOPEFULLY) be my best yet.

Street Fighter 4 features so much classic elements that made Street Fighter 2 so awesome; fluid controls, tight physics, addictive gameplay (unfortunately, my brother wanted to play, and since my back hurts like *bleep*, I let him) and some awesome visuals. It's basically everything that Street Fighter 3 should have been. Street Fighter 3 was good, but wasn't really as good as it could have been. Regardless, all of the Street Fighter games (1, 2, 3 and 4, not so much the additions) are worth playing, but bloody hell, Street Fighter 4 is one of the few games of today that gave me the same rush that I got when I first picked up my first game controller - the Sega Genesis controller at the tender age of 2, or more realistically, the rush I got when playing through Mortal Kombat at the tender age of 5; it was that *bleep*ing excellent. I could go in-depth, but that's what I save my reviews for, plus I have to play through more - for crying out loud, I was only playing for an hour!

Now, I've been pushing myself to write up the Halo 3 review I promised to finish off. However, due to real life getting in my way, I couldn't. I did have a finished version, but I wasn't proud of it. It looked like shit, so I rewrote it. Here's hoping I don't pull another The World Ends With You where I finally finish 2 months later. So anyway, here's a portion of the Halo 3 review...actually, *bleep* it, here's a few portions because I love you all. :)

quote Halo 3 review - Intro
A first person shooter; a lot of hype; 10/10's right up the ass; rent-worthy campaign length... Is this what you would imagine in a "game of the year" competitor? To be frank, yes, it is. Halo 3 is a first person shooter which gets a lot of high scores from paid reviewers, even though when you actually get around to playing the game, it's...playable. Yes folks, Halo 3 isn't a total shitsucker, but it's not as good as what's been said. The campaign is fairly inconsistent as I either fall asleep or really get into the action, and the multiplayer, while far from perfect, is pretty fun to play, provided the field isn't filled to the brim with 12 year olds abusing old internet memes and singing Dragonfoce. In short, it's playable enough to enjoy.
quote Halo 3 review - general thoughts of campaign
Campaign mode is nothing short of redundant. Sure, the gunfights sound interesting, but that's probably all that will keep you awake. Other than that, you'll probably need to pull out some all-nighters or caffeine pills, because the rest of it pulls you right to sleep. You're pretty much flipping through a romance novel; while there are mentions of dirty words and sexual situations, but then you have a whole bunch of crap nobody cares for, and that's how Halo 3's campaign is best summed up. Hell, I think the gunfights tend to get boring after going through wave upon wave of the same shit over and over again. And the flood? *bleep* them.
quote Halo 3 review - general thoughts of multiplayer
Multiplayer mode is densely layered, with many options to choose from, should you choose to host a game. But who cares if you host a game or not; either way, you're on the field, shooting people. That is to say that if you lack Xbox Live, get it RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW! Halo 3 is boring without Xbox Live, because what keeps you playing right after the campaign is the multiplayer. It manages to keep itself fresh, it allows social activity, and most of all, it allows you to just kill some intelligent (or stupid) people without heading over to their houses and bombarding them with eggs. With that said, multiplayer does have some issues, like lag, glitches and cheaters. The former two, understandable, but the latter, they can get *bleep*ed.
quote Halo 3 review - audio/visual
Looking at the game itself, the graphics look nice. Mostly lifelike and immersible enough to really get the feel for them. You could almost say that it's a graphic-whored first person shooter, although you're dead wrong, because this looks more like a late-PS2 game than it does an Xbox 360 game. Those familiar with the Halo series would think "oh great a graphic whored game", and initially, you think "OMG THIS IS AMAZIGN!!!", but unfortunately, graphics-wise, this isn't all that good. Textures are missing from parts and only look good from afar, despite the constant vibrant color schemes throughout. One thing I'll point out is that Halo seems to be the only shooter games that can pull off having a gritty sort of story and vibrant color schemes without appearing foolish...hmm... Awesome.

I hate how levels tend to repeat themselves visually during the indoor levels, though. In the levels that seemingly have linear progression, you're often bombarded by enemies and have to kill them all. Sounds fine and dandy, but you're forgetting one thing... THE HALLWAYS ALL LOOK THE SAME! I mean, seriously, WHERE THE HELL AM I MEANT TO GO AT THIS POINT!? From there on, you're just walking around, hoping to get somewhere other than backwards... Damn!

When dealing with the audio aspects of Halo, you have to admit; they're pretty damn good. I'd love to know what those chanting monks are being payed, because they do an excellent job of enhancing the atmosphere whenever their chanting is being played. The orchestra, as usual, manages to create a strong atmosphere in the soundtrack of the game. While playing, you really feel it. However, it's just while playing it, because it's a bit on the forgettable side of things.

Voice acting is something to marvel at at times. The in-game banter between NPC players is particularly well written - which doesn't say much, as Halo 3 isn't exactly as well written as it should be. If the campaign is putting you to sleep, the NPC's will probably keep you awake with their banter (that, or the pills, I don't know), as they are interesting to hear and..oh come on, they sound awesome! Their voices bring them to life, basically! I'm not saying that the cutscene voice acting sucks - in fact, it's good also - but it's just that the NPCs do an excellent job during the heat of battle, as opposed to some random cutscene that pops up to break up the action. Oh well.
Everything else is being refined, rewritten (if need be), spellchecked, rinsed, lathered and repeated until I'm happy with it.

That is all. Good night.

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Jan 22, 09 12:49am

Basically, it's what I think the top 5 greatest PS2 games are. If there are any future releases that can somehow make its way into my top 5, then MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL! But whatever, let's just look into it. If you don't agree, that's okay, but please don't show it down my throat, because (and I'm only going to say this once) opinions are not facts! My list is my list, not the official list (hence THE VERGIL EDITION in the title).

So without further ado:

5. Contra: Shattered Soldier
As a fan of Contra since I was about 2 years old, I figured that a PS2 game in the series would make its way onto this kind of list. Well, that's what they said about Sonic. The difference is that Contra actually has a good sixth generation game to its name...rather, two good games. I prefer Shattered Soldier's no bullshit approach and found it to not only be a lot of fun, but also quite simple while being quite challenging, as well as actually reviving the franchise...did anybody actually like C: The Contra Adventure? Didn't think so.

4. Dark Cloud
An underrated dungeon crawling game. Oh, the plot was somewhat cliched - *bleep* that, it was cliche, and the graphics are only decent by today's standards, but overall, the game is absolutely fun. While I feel that the game went out of its way to be realistic with weapons breaking, it is absolute fun. The soundtrack is also of interest - in fact, I'd consider this soundtrack to be the best of the PS2.

3. Maximo VS The Army Of Zin
Another underrated game, of the action/platforming variety this time, which (among Maximo: Ghosts To Glory) was supposed to be a spin-off Ghouls And Ghosts series. This sequel was a better game than the original; not in the same way that Terminator 2 kicked the hell out of Terminator 1, but close enough. The difficulty is often criticised by *bleep*bags who can't press a few buttons, though I find it fair; in the sense that it's challenging enough to keep you entertained, but not too hard. If you want too hard, it's called The Adventures Of Bayou Billy for the NES. I recommend this and Ghosts To Glory for your PS2 collection. Such a shame that Maximo 3 was cancelled... :(

You know, when I read that on Wikipedia, I nearly cried. This would've made an epic trilogy, but some *bleep*er decided to make these games look bad, therefore, destroying any potential sales and cancelling Maximo 3. *bleep* YOU!

2. Tales Of The Abyss
It's amazing that the Tales series seems to consist of extremely well done games, such as Symphonia for the Gamecube, and then The Abyss for the PS2. Basically, it's a hybrid of an excellent battle system, likable characters, amazing plot and just about everything else you would want in an RPG. I'd call this my favorite PS2 game, but what I listed as number 1 is just better.

1. Persona 3
Approaching JRPGs a little differently; as opposed to a linear equation of cutscene X 300 + action X 5 + shitty dub = JRPG in the western environment, we instead have a game that...okay, it is somewhat linear, but hey, the concept of summoning shadows known as Peronas (yeah, *bleep* off, Blue Dragon, you are not, in any way, original with your concept of summoning shadows) as well as a deep, convulating story and some awesome gameplaying experience... For more, please beg me for a review of it.


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