You deserved the win man. Your FFX-2 review was very well written and definitely made me laugh a few times. I PERSONALLY prefer some of your other reviews, but this kicked ass too. Hope you win next year, or come close anyway.
Congratulations Vergil Ties, you won the AoE All-Star Round! Your review of Final Fantasy X-2 was amazing to read the first time, and is definitely worthy of winning the all-star round. I hope to see more of your amazing reviews in the (near hopefully) future! Thanks again for participating!

AoE Coordinator
Haha, looks like you scooped up yet another win on AoE. Not all that surprising given the quality of the reviews you put out. I have been thinking about getting some FF games, but I think I'll give X-2 a miss considering how bad it sounds. Some great comparisons in there.

Seriously well done on scooping the prize in AoE. It's amazing that your first review for Neoseeker is so detailed and interesting to read. It seems that you're more than able to bring out further reviews of such quality as well, if your last review is anything to go by.

Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.
Hey man, congrats on winning this past Articles of Excellence. You wrote an amazing review btw, and I hope to see more just like it, though hopefully better, coming into the queue in the future! Congrats again!

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