hey dude how's life? good, bad... uhhh neutral? lol well i just wanted to sign ur guest book. (as wrong as that sounds), still take good care. later man! oh yeah i almost forgot, come on psn network. jeez its like you make a legendary comeback when u stop by!
hey dude how's life? good, bad... uhhh neutral? lol well i just wanted to sign ur guest book. (as wrong as that sounds), still take good care. later man!
hey havent talk to you for some time lol i was looking thru the bands that you like and i was actualy like wow i have a twin brother out thei because atleast 97% of the bands on that list i like to expecaly slayer well i guess il be seeing u in the forums again
Hey old buddy, long time no see huh. So how have things been? So... I guess I'll just be seeing ya on the site later. Peace dude.
Always nice to hear and the same back to you.

See you around the forums!
Hey, I'm on a random signing spree! I hope you enjoy the stamp!

Sign Back,
Thanks for signing my guestbook, and also for the welcome to Neo.

Yeah Metroid and Resident Evil are great games, I have definitely played more Metroid though. I am getting Prime 3 soon, if it has Co-op or something we should play sometime if you get it.

Just on my national guestbook signing day lol
here's to you best friend-
hey dude hows it going? i just thought i would show you my new stamp so here it is

see ya around
Hey man. I really haven't seen you post around, to be honest. Where do you usually post? You seem really cool for the very small posts I have seen of you. You like DBZ? Man I remember when I would walk home from school in kindergarten, sit on the couch for two hours watching Toonami. Thundercats. Sailor Moon. Than my favorite, DBZ. Those were the good ole' days.

Later man.

-The Supreme Extreme (TSE)

PS - I added ya to my friends list.
hey man, wats up. Just droppin by to say hi. Sorry I haven't been on much but I'm gonna be on a lot more now. so I'll talk to ya later.
hows it going man good luck with the comic

see ya around
thanx for signin my guestbook and in return i'll sign yours and also you were the first one to sign my guestbook. we are the Resident Evil masters and we are the best at them. hope that new website of yours will come out well and i'll also join it. hope to seeya a lot in the forums. Peace out bro.
Hey buddy!
Long time no talkin' to ya!
What's up? Did you have fun with your friends and familes lately?
I hope so!
Here's the stamp for ya!

Peace out!

Love always,
Memory of Eileen
hey thanks for posting in my guestbook and bieng the first one to do so. cya later on the forums brotha!

(need 125 characters to post lol)
hey kiddo , here is my new stamp so take it and i hope you like it .
i now you dont now me and all but i just wanted to sighn your gb and i just probably need a little help but you dont have to help me to find some other places so thanks any way for giving i heads up for the futer not to make so much threads so ttyl
Thanks for signing my book dude.

Take Care and keep rocking.
I don't have a fancy stamp to make this look better but oh well, I guess I'll jsut have to sign your guestbook anyway. Thanks for signing mine though.
Heya you signed my guestbook so I thought I'd stamp you back. Enjoy my premium stamp!

Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook and I'm glad that I helped you.

Have a nice summer!
Thanks for the GB signin' bud XD


Cya around
thanks for the stamp,so in return,here are my others

You have officially been stamped by Me.

[This is used to fill character requirements and I like Oreos]
Heh, no more empty GB

I'll Stamp sometime.