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Well, i think the title is very clear. Just request the Pokemon or item so we can trade. Thanks :D Sorry for the low quality banner hehe.

Hello there people of the X and Safari Forum ^_^ I have the Pokemon mentioned above, and well... If any people needs them,

Well, i think the title speaks for itself. I can EV train your Pokemon and level it up to Lv 50 (i can also breed Pokemon,

I have in my Safari Diggersby, Phanpy and Dugtrio IIRC. If you could help it will be awesome :) FC in Signature. Thanks

I just want to test my Pokemon :p Single Battle 6v6 Normal Rules. FC in signature hehe

if anyone can help, i will be so happy :) FC is in Sig. Thanks :)

Hello hehe. Looking for someone with a Safari with Swirlix (i'm seeking one with Unburden). If you can help me it will

Title says everything hehe. I will leave my FC later. It will be awesome if you can help me. Thanks :)

Hello hehe Looking a Safari with the Pokemon mentioned above. Mine has Dugtrio, ironically Diggersby and another Pokemon th

Well, the title give a good description hehe. If you are willing to trade, notify me. Thanks :D

It's my birthday and i'm back in the Shopping Forum x)

Hi members of the Trading Forum :D I'm looking for some DW Pokemon that i don't have (with proofs, because i'm s

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