Any up for RP? Willy Wonka RP? The 2005 Tim Burton of Charlie and the chocolate factory where the amazing Johnny Depp plays Wonka RP
•Offline• - I'll be back soon.
RP anyone?? MSG me :) thanks.
•ONLINE• RP anyone??
Sorry I haven't been replying I'm on holiday in Turkey so replies will be late sorry guys xx
On holiday in Turkey for 2 weeks. Won't be replying much.
sorry I haven't been on I been busy. Roleplay anyone???
•will be on & off here•
•online - roleplay anyone?•
●offline - ill be back on soon●
●online ill be going off soon●
•offline - I'll be back on soon•
•offline: I'll be back on soon•
•be on & off so replies may be slow•
•online• - roleplay anyone?
f*cking damn stomach cramps ugh >< :/
This is my last day being 19, tomorrow ill be 20.
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