Roxas Cloud Venus
Jan 15, 10 9:46am
Just noticed I havnt signed your guestbook, and we are becoming good friends, so I thought I should.
Hope your doing good, having fun, and feeling happy
MuLLeR Venus
Jan 12, 10 1:33am
Never bother to sign GB but hi! Hope you enjoy my company in the forums! it is nice talking to you. I hav to do125 letters so uhis last line is just filler, see ya round.
xxzidanexx Venus
Jan 11, 10 8:33pm
Im glad I made the RP. Its been fun for all of us. I should be a bit more active again starting wedensday, I have been very busy doing projects for school
Quetzalcoatl Venus
Oct 25, 09 12:01am


Might as well give you a welcome to Neoseeker and the Crisis Core forum ^^.

Saw your pic in the introduction thread in the Crisis Core forum. Your pretty and seem like a really sweet girl ^-^.

Hope to see you more often and enjoy your stay .