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Woo! Ten years. Damn.
Feb 8, 10 4:55am
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Dec 21, 09 9:02pm
says: "PS3? Yes please."
Nov 24, 09 6:48am
says: "AKA Aspect of Bane, if you didn't know"
Nov 24, 09 5:04am
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Jul 30, 09 4:08am
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Jul 30, 09 4:08am
Lookin' fine
Vendetta blogged
Jul 16, 09 8:57pm

Hello Neoseeker. I'll get to the point. Do you know what really grinds my gears? Illegible posting styles. I can't stand it when members come busting into a thread with their size one subcripted superscripted, aligned right bright yellow font. It's like they don't want anybody to read their posts!

And do you really, really wanna know what grinds my gears? Signoffs! There is absolutely no reason, no reason to copy and paste a tiny 15x15 picture into every post you make instead of just putting the image into your signature.

And oh god, do you really, really, REALLY wanna know what grinds my gears Neoseeker? Do you? Posts aligned to the right. I honestly don't even bother to read these, if I don't see a post on the right or middle, I just skip it without a second thought.

I admit I used to post in a size one font with a color, but I also will say that I tried my hardest to make it pleasing to the eye when I used it, until I realized it was pointless to make my post flashy. I have nothing against you guys who use markup in moderation, but to those guys who abuse NAMFox, please let up a little. Thank you for your time.

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Vendetta blogged
Feb 7, 09 11:32pm

Well well, after leaving Neoseeker for a few months, it seems a few things have been changed and new features have been added. I think I'll start my own blog!

As none of you know, my last computer (who has been named, 'Ole' Beige n' Beautiful') had kicked the bucket. She was a sweet thang, with her dusty beige case and speakers and with her flat panel CRT monitor and her crumb infested keyboard (which was coincidentally, beige as well) which never stopped kicking until she accidentally kicked the bucket and stubbed her toe. Oops.

Well eventually I built myself a new high end black computer from the 21st century that is built for gaming. Putting that computer together was a scare, I tell you. I was so scared that I was going to crack the motherboard with the pressure that is needed to be applied to the CPU, GPU, and, well, just about everything else. In the end it worked without a single problem. What a relief. My rig is as follows:

Antec 300, case
ASUS 4870 'Dark Knight' 1gb, GPU (No Batman references)
SILVERSTONE 700w modular PSU
OCZ Platinum 2x2gb, RAM
BIOFORCE TForce 790a, motherboard
AOC 2ms 22" monitor
LOGITECH G5, mouse
LOGITECH Internet, keyboard
CREATIVE Inspire S10, speakers

Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to really put this baby to the test, but I can say Fallout 3 and Oblivion run at max settings at ~50 fps no matter how much is on the screen, but I expected that. What I really want to do is give Crysis a shot and see just how smooth it will play. We'll see.

So yeah, that's the end of my first blog post. When will another blog post be posted? Daily? Weekly? Whenever I feel like it? Probably the latter of the three. Until then stay safe and don't do drugs.


Image courtesy of Newegg.

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