The_Inspiration Vegetazoid
Nov 04, 08 6:30am
hey, i'm new here, anyway, signing your guestbook, if only there were real saiyans, would make life nicer then it is now, would also be nice if we could fly too (i know i got a lot of imagination )
NamekGirl Vegetazoid
Oct 09, 08 10:01am
thanks for the stap yo
Yeah I think I'm the only one who likes sex though
hahahaha:D I cant hit submit cause it says i need 125 charatcers
Darkness1000 Vegetazoid
Sep 30, 08 11:45am
Who are you? Ah... probably from the DBZ forums right? ... Wish I had a stamp ._. So um... I don't know... I just want to sign and get out... Here?

Whitefalcon Vegetazoid
Sep 25, 08 12:07am
You signed my guestbook, so I'm signing yours! ^__^

You're a nice guy, I hope to see you more in Loungin', stay cool, don't spam, stay in school, and eat plenty of pie!

See you in Loungin',

Harvest Moon girl Vegetazoid
Sep 23, 08 9:48am
You really aren't, you know. Anyway, I'm all for random guestbook messages because I think it's a rather sweet sentiment, so I'll be returning the favor.

Here, have a stamp that I haven't used since 2004.

Have a good time.
Quierta Vegetazoid
Sep 21, 08 10:47am
Giving that signback you requested!

Thanks for the signing though. It'd been a while since I'd actually been signed. It's good to have a surprise little message like that every once in a while XD

So sweet ^~^

BabyPeach97 Vegetazoid
Sep 20, 08 3:41pm
I forgot my stamp code but i
can do this and write something.

I hope we can become great neofriends
and i hope to talk to you more.
Do u have msn or ACWW??
You'r very friendly and i am too, lol.
*me smiling*
Super Adam 13 Vegetazoid
Sep 20, 08 10:14am
Tell me to sign yo guestbook will yah! I refuse to conform!!!
Wait a second... DAMN! Oh well
Heres my old stamp since I already got you with my new one XD

Happy happy birthday, its your special day! Wait its not your birthday... Is it?
PichuRocks Vegetazoid
Sep 20, 08 4:47am
Signing back Vegeta, thanks for signing mine

Sep 20, 08 1:51am
Hey Vegatezoid
Heres a signing from me.
Do you like it?
Why are you wasting your time looking at this message ?
Please sign back cuz...
... I signed yours...
... And im too lazy to actually stamp with my real stamp...
... Sorry ...
Willow Vegetazoid
Sep 20, 08 12:43am

Hi, thanks for the stamp. I brought you a gift, it is your very own Willow activity book, so you can never complain about those boring days ever again!

Burn in Hell Vegetazoid
Sep 19, 08 10:53pm
You have been touched by Hell.

And by a dancing pink elephant.

All your cookies belong to me.
Tymitch 0 Vegetazoid
Sep 07, 08 5:07am
Hey man,im just going around the Dragonball forum signing guest books,so why not yours?

S v R 2010 Vegetazoid
Sep 06, 08 8:17pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook! You seem pretty cool as well

Stitch Vegetazoid
Sep 06, 08 6:34am
Ai, is Cool, no probs, seen?
Danks fo' tha scribble, me digg, I gon' scribble yars guestbook, naw.

Mahalo and Aloha!
Have A Nice Day!

(Sure, I'll add you)
Spawn of Evil Vegetazoid
Sep 04, 08 4:07am
Sorry about not getting to signing your guestbook. Was busy with other stuff. XD Anyway, thanks for signing. So, here's a stamp and a nice little animation, that you might find interesting...or terrifying.

Ben85 Vegetazoid
Aug 17, 08 5:02am

Thanks for the guestbook stamp, Vegetazoid. Take it easy, my friend!
Kudzuka Vegetazoid
Aug 15, 08 6:35am
I'm sorry you dont like Super DBZ, it happens to be my favorite dragonball game. I think you should give it another try, its a really cool game.

Anyway just signing ur guestbook because u signed mine, thanks!

Heres a DBZ stamp I picked out just for you Vegetazoid:

G_O_G_E_T_A Vegetazoid
Aug 05, 08 2:35am
Thanks for the stamps mate, here's one in return.

There you go!
WireFrame Vegetazoid
Aug 04, 08 5:22am
Thanks for the stamping, here's one in return for you. Damn I need to make a new one someday.

Though I still have some more I can use til then lol.
SSJ4BROLY Vegetazoid
Aug 03, 08 10:50pm
Thanks for the stamp mate heres one in return.

See ya around.
Super Adam 13 Vegetazoid
Jul 26, 08 4:27am
beat me to the punch of owning the FIRST! XD Well since I can here is the badest of all badass stamps ever

Your welcome! XD
WireFrame Vegetazoid
Jul 24, 08 5:58am
This is the FIRST stamp of the rest of your life!