Katsumi Vector
Dec 25, 08 6:44pm

Merry Christmas!
Hope you're having a great time, opening presents, and doing all sorts of christmas-y things, too bad I can't do such things,as I don't celebrate Christmas. XD


Hey, Quinci!
Hava any Ghanaian Cockroaches run over your feet for Christmas? :3
I don't think It's snowing over there in Ghana, amirite? X3

What'd you get for Christmas?
Anything for Icy?

Enjoying Your Adobe Master something shit? ;-;

Warm regards,
Aina. <3
Phenomena Vector
Aug 20, 08 7:28pm

Nice New Name you've got thur.
I'm really eager to talk to you more, so yeah!

Baibai for nao.

Sign Back ASAP!
segaman Vector
Aug 20, 08 3:12pm

I've seen you around the RockBand Forum a bit, thought I'd say hi =]
Marooned Chic Vector
Jul 10, 08 5:46am

I saw your name in the FRP forum so I thought I'll stop by.
Take Care!

ashanne Vector
Jun 29, 08 1:16am
well im sighing everyones gb's.
so yeaa.
Maybe one day I'll cya around in Sauga.
But until then, keep in touch.

GameTester113 Vector
Apr 24, 08 1:05am
Not like my signing matters but I thought you would like my new animated stamp.
Kinetic Vector
Apr 16, 08 4:09pm
I see that you took the time to stamp my GuestBook. I really appreciate that.

I'm returning the favor now, with something sexy. Really sexy.

Stare at her sexiness! STARE AT IT!

See you around the Mario Kart Forums! =)
Mario65889 Vector
Feb 26, 08 5:10am
hey,just thought i'd sign cause your a great banner designer hope to see you around the brawl requests threads

This has benn a friendly reminder to keep making banners
Water God Vector
Feb 20, 08 3:31am
Whats up? I just thought I'd sign you GB for fulfilling my requests a long time ago. i'm also signing because you sig told me too.

Hope you like naruto!

ssbm freak Vector
Feb 17, 08 1:56am
I rarely give stamps so don't be expecting one k?
Hope to see you around brawl. Wether you become an ally or enemy is meaningless to me as long as we keep it in good fun.
Cya around and goodluck.
sillytails Vector
Feb 16, 08 8:36pm
ur GB is empty... WTF i thought u were cool lol. anyways just wanted to sign yours now u sign mine great playing GHIII with u mister i love to break multipliers lol. THANX FOR ALL THE GRAPHIC WORK UVE DONE FOR ME!!!

Sillytails = 3 finger GH player and post from his wii
Quierta Vector
Jan 19, 08 9:23pm
Hey! Congrats on winning the
Harvest Moon DS Forum Awards!

Your friend forever~

Mario Rox Vector
Jan 14, 08 6:20pm
MP Wassup man i cant wait to battle u in GH3 again u and me against someone else dude we'd kick their butt im more into rock band and Sonic Riders Zero Gravity but just pm me if u ever wanna play again (or ill pm u) and heres sumthin funny i found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJJL5dxgVaM lol!!! k bye

Petdiams Vector
Jan 5, 08 4:45pm
Just wanted to say you make THE BEST banners and hope to see more of them!! Also i am just wondering if you can make mine? it is on the thread with some details =)
Forlork Vector
Jun 30, 07 11:02pm
HEY! thought id justy sign your guest book with your new shiny! Hope you like it

Super Shaolin Vector
Jun 9, 07 4:47pm
Hey, why haven't I talked to you? Well, I'm ready to sign that GB of yours!



Hope to see you soon! I'll add you as a friend soon enough! Oh well, LATER!