Sphinx VeGiTAX2
Dec 24, 03 9:51pm
Just dropping by to say thanks for the great job you did on the GT4 Prologue review, its awesome, I'm just happy Sony gave the thumbs up for us. Thanks for all the other good work you do on the site too, you're a legend ^^
And have a
Merry Christmas!

- Sphinx
Unspoken VeGiTAX2
Dec 22, 03 5:37pm
cause they can ban you for no reason at all and no one can tell them not to...

Hey! be sure to sign back ok??

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Turkagent VeGiTAX2
Dec 21, 03 8:51am

Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy yourself these holidays.
Dec 20, 03 8:35pm
Thank you for approving me to moderate the General PS2 forum and I won't let you down in your decision. You also seem like a very friendly and approachable guy considering that you must be overwhelmed with work when you're on neoseeker but still make time to just to have a casual chat with someone you've never spoken to before like me which I doubt many people in your position would do. You definitely hold this place together man so never leave.

Also once you get your SCPH 10000 fixed, send me that along with the GT4 prologue. I'll give both a good home and excessive use.

Thanks again.^^

Heros Destiny VeGiTAX2
Dec 17, 03 5:05pm

Enjoy the holidays bud your hard work on and off the site entitles you to a great vacation.

I'm not going to get all mushy about our relationship (it is plutonic, right?), but i will give a short 'Thanx' for all the times you've helped me on the site. Any good attributes of moderating i've attained are due to things i've learned from you buddy.

Take Care.


Alias353 VeGiTAX2
Dec 15, 03 1:51am
This is Alias353 here to say hope you have a Merry Christmas! Or whatever you may celebrate!

Most who know me know I don't usually stamp guestbooks, so I guess that makes you special.

Ren of Heavens VeGiTAX2
Dec 13, 03 10:04pm
Blackheartedwolf VeGiTAX2
Dec 12, 03 4:03am

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
Iscariot VeGiTAX2
Nov 18, 03 3:53am

.from a // friend »

hard VeGiTAX2
Nov 15, 03 8:25am
heeellloooo ladie!! yo veg its hard, it was ghreat chatting and junk so i signed your g-book, well you brought me back to neoseeker, you are the best damn super mod here man, woooo!

vegitax, super mod or not remember these words,
when hard gets mad he will attack,
so do not hesitate to just step back,
believe the hardman he is hard,
but he has changed now blardy blard,

see ya around veg, keep it up, your a great super mod, i think i would make a good mod, *HINT* *HINT* *HINT*, see ya around dude

like the banner??

wwooaa i'm hard, wwooaaa i'm hard, plz,plz,plz sign back dude!!
Dissension VeGiTAX2
Nov 14, 03 11:35pm
Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
DarkNite93 VeGiTAX2
Nov 7, 03 7:16am

"When the calm and innocent are annoyed,
They will make sure that all is destroyed.
And when their powerful form is enraged,
Their true powers shall be engaged."

Vadron VeGiTAX2
Oct 31, 03 1:34am
this is a random signing please sign my guest book
[img]http://*snip*:54/154/59/emo/jackson.gif[/img] look at him go
Unspoken VeGiTAX2
Oct 27, 03 10:45pm

sign back sometime please!

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Gohan666 VeGiTAX2
Sep 20, 03 3:56pm
ive seen people with ur quotes as there sigs, so u must be really popular so im gonna sign ur g-book
I Ho I ho
off to school i go
with razor blades and hand grenades
I ho I ho I ho

I Ho I Ho
Home from school i go
With razor cuts and blown up guts
I Ho I Ho I ho

its a boring day 
ive got nothing to do
except to get a load of retrds
and drive um to the zoo

load them on the bus
just for grass
count um on the road
steppin on the gas
count um on the road
just killed jimmy
count um on the road
with the retrds  screaming

one of them is blowing
a big spit bubble
slammed on the brakes
at the first sign of trouble
head on colission
bodies everywhere
head on colission

well L8TR DAYS

starguylvl78 VeGiTAX2
Sep 18, 03 7:29pm
I'm just signing this because I want to suck-up to VeGiTAX2! Because it is cool. Yes.

-This flame to a lot of people has been brought to you by... The letter F.
sahin VeGiTAX2
Sep 2, 03 3:13pm
I think i will sign your guidebook... So can you make me banner..?If you can make it i want it to be Gone in 60 Second's banner.. And if it's possible i want there my name with good writing.. "if it's possible to make my name to be great looking.."...
Gravity VeGiTAX2
Aug 19, 03 5:39am
With Neo's map on the back of your hand and the tools in your palm, you use everything you have to make Neo a better place. I want to thank you for that. Most don't know how much you actually do to help Neoseeker, probably not even myself. I do know you have acheived great things here and am happy to see you accept the challenge for more. The road is long and hard, paving the way may seem difficult.
Never falter, never fail, never give up.

One day, I know you'll be where the pavement of the road ends blazing new trails again.
With a smile of relief on your face.

The White Rider VeGiTAX2
Aug 15, 03 8:45pm
Just signing your guestbook, because of...because.

And to let all seekers know that VeGiTAX2 owns them.

P.S> Sign mine in return, a s mod signing will make it look good, lol, j/k you don't have to of course.
ShArKiE290 VeGiTAX2
Aug 15, 03 7:58pm
Hey VeGiTAX2!I saw you in the Arcade/Coin Op forum.So I decided to stamp your Gustbook.So here ya go:

Well see ya!
Chobi VeGiTAX2
Aug 14, 03 10:22pm

Stop Kenny abuse!This has got to stop!Well yeah...this doesn't meet the character thingy but oh well! Cya around sometime. ^^
Makeup_Crusader VeGiTAX2
Aug 13, 03 1:27am
Hello Vegi~! Just wanted to say hi! Wow nice home. quite unique and different from other users~! So you are the super mod they talk about~ Nice to meet you. and C U l8r~
Aug 8, 03 9:02pm


[img link=http://*snip*/]http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/MY%20B.jpg[/img]

Olimcolioc VeGiTAX2
Aug 7, 03 4:53pm
Senn you in the Arcade forum.So I wanted to stampyour guestbook.So here it is:

Does this stamp remind you of something?
Setyrus VeGiTAX2
Aug 5, 03 11:32pm
Well, what is there to say? After all that is happened, I owe you so much for everything. Someday I'll find a way to repay you for how much of a help you've been for me...

Until then,