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Aug 28, 09 10:34pm
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Left 4 Dead was a bit of a sleeper hit, not what you may call an "instant hit" when it first debuted.  Barely anyone... posted Jun 7, 09 4:25am

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  • "an upgraded version of left 4 dead! more guns, more hilarious characters, and melee weapons! Left4Dead2"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:49pm
  • "Another great step up from the original, but retracted from the darkness and seriousness that made L4D a classic. Left4Dead2"
    Machienzo Apr 20, 11 6:49pm
  • "so many achievements to unlock T_T Left4Dead2"
    tekmosis Jan 6, 11 10:38pm
  • "If you've never played L4D and you get L4D2 you don't need to get L4D as it has all the maps from the first. Left4Dead2"
    tekmosis Jan 5, 11 12:22am
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