Neo gets crazy this week

First for the hardware fans.

ATI HD 6990 Review

For those that don't know, this thing eats every game up right now and it spits it out laughing.

Overall the HD 6990 smashed any expectations we had going into the review as it just dominated any other card in its path, including the current single GPU speed king, the GTX 580, and the dual GPU HD 5970.
Timegate Studios <3's Neoseeker

We're giving away 5 copies of Section 8 Prejudice, we're also giving away 5 swag packs from Timegate to those lucky winners as well. Enter now, it ends Friday!

Warhammer invades Neoseeker

We're giving away 8 copies of Retribution from THQ and D2D, these guys went out of their way to bring the goods so we're giving them out in an extended contest. Keep in mind one of them is a Collectors Box that raises the stakes even more.

That's about it right now, hopefully we have a few more epic contests coming your way. :D Enjoy

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