Nevermind. I hate you K9N SLI V2 it's on.

In my prior post I talked about how things were going well with the new system. After some experimentation I've found the following issues with the motherboard that make me wish I could get a new one to swap right now.

  • The 570 LT SLI chipset supports a max of x8 lanes for PCI-E, no x16 as would be found on any normal board. I'm running half the bandwidth for no reason at all with no ability to change it.
  • The flashes for the K9N SLI V2 fail to actually address voltage issues with the Phenom, I can change the VCore up or down but it's fixed in every reading I have to 1.25 which actually varies between 1.26 - 1.275.
  • A result of the voltage issue is that I have no chance to really overclock the chip with no voltage control. 2.3 is the default but many run 2.6 stable if their board plays nice.
  • The board lacks any settings for the other HT speeds, I have stock Athlon X2 1x - 5x setting but that's it. In general the settings are completely absent on this board.
  • The on-board performance adjustment for automatic overclocking doesn't even work on this chip.
  • nTune is hopeless, it doesn't have enough values available to bother trying to tweak the system. My RAM is already adjusted which is about all it can do anyway.
This is very much the Yugo of motherboards, you use it to get around but you'd never try to do much else with it. My old Foxconn running my 939 has more potential and options which is really sad the more I think about it because I bought it at geeks for about $30 after I fried my ECS KT890/Asus A8N SLI/ECS KN1 boards.

Anyway that's about it. It's an older board only found in bundles from Tigerdirect for the most part, if you ever hope to do much with it just kill that dream now. As for me, as soon as I can find a board to replace this with the K9N is becoming a pile of keychains.

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