Hypetrain for 4v1 when Evolve hits this October, it's all going down when monster and hunters collide
Hit Warlords of Draenor in style, Steelseries has their new Siberia Elite coming to fans with full illumination. WorldOfWarcraftWarlordsOfDraenor PC
Catch my gallery for Comic-Con 2014 here or on GameGrep this weekend -

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SteelSeries and Valve release a DOTA 2 edition Rival mouse for The International 4 -
GameGrep is recruiting authors and creators, interested? Check out the posting and PM with additional questions -

Today marks the start of a new path with GameGrep, we open our doors this afternoon to begin our first author and creator search. For those passionate about the community, esports, the industry and the topics within, we invite creative individuals to...

Checking out Witwix racing Mario Kart 8 with viewers on his race to 1K subs on Twitch -
In Los Angeles this weekend? Unsure about checking out a day of AX2014? Check out the gallery on GameGrep -

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Green Man Gaming and Playfire want to pay gamers for their playtime -

Green Man Gaming has made a comfy home with gamers as a popular resource for discounts on titles on multiple platforms, it doesn't matter if it's Origin, Steam or independent platforms, they seem to have everything. So what do you do when you start r...

Impressions on the PC build of GRID Autosport including video on the debates around the current TCS / ASC behavior - http://neo.ly/1lwUgoL GRIDAutosport PC

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Gamegrep shares Dead Island 2 demo thoughts, waiting for that 2014 build at Gamescom or PAX Prime - http://neo.ly/1nlkPQm DeadIsland2 PC

When I heard Yager picked up work on Dead Island I was pretty hyped, when I sat down in the demo room yesterday afternoon, the hype level started to rise. Dead Island 2 shuts down California upon the discovery of a new outbreak, the state falls into...

GameGrep goes hands-on with DriveClub - http://neo.ly/1qXIdFW DriveClub PS4

An E3 later we take a look at Driveclub on the PS4, with the October release not that far off we're in a good position to see where this game is headed in the final straights, with a hop onto the demo station with wheel I'm ready to tackle the corner...

Super Smash Bros coming Oct 3 for 3DS - http://neo.ly/1jihJKf Courtesy of Gotenks

During Nintendo's Digital Event today, Nintendo has announced that the 3DS version of Super Smash Brothers will launch on October 3rd for the Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U version is still set to release in the Winter.

T3h E3 madness begins, be sure to check out Chris and Gotenks tearing up Gamegrep today too
Catching up on E3 events in the massive 60+ news update flood today on Gamegrep -

"Sony has announced LittleBigPlanet 3 for PlayStation 4, coming this November. The game was demoed on stage during Sony's E3 2014 press conference. A new cast of cute characters with different abilities, including "Oddsock," "Toggle," and "Swoop," we...

Not sure why people still reference breaking the Madden Curse, Calvin Johnson destroyed it ffs

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