likes Quixotic's status update: "Feels good to have WiFi again."
likes Scott Cee's status update: "I used to be an adventurer like you, then the cake is a lie."
likes LanDi Sama's status update: "I want to use the Wacom but there's a spider on it right now :("
likes LanDi Sama's status update: "I shook the Wacom a bit and it RAN MORE ONTO IT"
likes LanDi Sama's status update: "I have reclaimed the Wacom, victory over the spider"

Didn't even notice you were gone
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likes canderson's status update: "Going to aim for 1,000 3DS Streetpasses at NY Comic Con this year. I think it's possible. :)"
likes Aurigae's status update: "I return, woo!"

quote JacqueseVonRIP
Excuse me, but to me it seems silly having 2 versions of the one game, Why did...
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quote Eiche
Is the weather at least consistent where you are? In Ohio we never know what we'll get....
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likes bruin's status update: "Support the Smash Bros Wiki and win a copy of the 3DS game!"
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likes Arietta's status update: "Stewie and DarkHarvest722 are a combination of awesome. Thanks to them I am now downloading the SSB demo."
likes CowsAndMagic's status update: "Get me a Cow...I want a pet cow. The queen demands it!! :3"

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likes alroy214's status update: "Thank you so very much DarkHarvest722 for your generosity, downloading SSB now and can't wait to play it, my happiness is all thanks you!"

Maybe...just maybe GTA, but Pokemon is worth a lot more than $2.5 billion.
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