likes Mega Shuppet's status update: "Gahh not being able to drive sucks, thankfully I've only gotta withstand this for another 2 weeks."
likes Krystal Dark's status update: "Happy birthday, mein führer!"
likes Sigma's status update: "I put a TON of work into editing this episode, so id really appreciate it if you guys could at least leave a like! :)"
likes Captain Nerditude's status update: "Monado boyeeeeeee!"
likes Eiche's status update: ""This guy is pretty shady, he's wearing glasses." - Midnight"
likes Willow's status update: "I RODE ON A CAMEL TODAY it was fun"
likes Dragoon's status update: "A ton of Star Wars: Battlefront info dropped over the last few days, including the official release date!"
likes Eiche's status update: "PARASECT, FLY ME TO LAVENDER!"
likes Symphonic Abyss' status update: "About to participate in my first Red/Blue Randomizer Bingo race. I'm excited!"

quote Squiggle
Yeah shut up Bass
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likes Eiche's status update: "Delelelelele WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP"
likes Kinetic's status update: "Love me:"
likes ar_cat's status update: "Counting down... 5 months left :S"
likes Lizz's status update: "Debating bad ideas, directly after Japanese class. huehuehuehuehue"
likes Swampert X's status update: "Playing MH for 11 hours straight isn't good for your brain X-X"

quote Krystal Dark
It's a compliment.
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what did i do
likes Quixotic's status update: " ALL THE LUCINA. canderson RandomHeroJr"