likes canderson's status update: "9 years on this site soon. Wouldn't have been here this long if it wasn't for the people on my friends list. =D"
likes MegaBassMan's status update: "I have a friend in real life that plays Yu-Gi-Oh AND League? THE HELL?! How did I just find out about this now?"
likes Gotenks' status update: "Officially finished watching all of the Pokemon anime...that will free up some time now. Only took a little over 7 months"
likes Jeli's status update: "PS Vita commercial features a dick joke. Oh Japan..."
likes Pikale's status update: "Someone to post a rp saying "Stupid Vele, that's not physically possible." I'd do it but I'm unconscious atm. -Shiny"
likes Enth's status update: "Now been a week since I became a Moderator again. Lovin' it so far - great team, and a great community :)"
added TKDJohnofVG as a friend
likes Pikale's status update: "GetBassANewComputer"
likes canderson's status update: "Can't wait to watch Gurren Lagann on Cartoon Network next month. =D"
likes MegaBassMan's status update: "Stream goes up in 5 minutes, hopefully. Pokemon Glazed Day 2"
likes Team Hydro Aura's status update: ""
likes Eiche's status update: "Quixotic would like some of Gotenks's canadian bacon."
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likes sampunas123's status update: "Having such a blast replaying FireRed for the millionth time!!"
likes Eiche's status update: "Going live with Super Mario RPG in a few minutes! mario"
"But I've gotten accustomed to seeing Vast do things for the sake of screwing people over, or at least for the laughs." - Pikale