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May 27, 16 7:42pm

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May 19, 16 5:24pm

What sort of new victory types are you guys expecting to be added? I'd like to see one having to do with Religion, tho

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May 19, 16 5:21pm
anyone else hyped for civ 6?

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May 10, 16 3:15pm

So, in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player character apparently just moved in to Alola. But which region did he come from

May 09, 16 6:46am
Happy Goku Day
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May 05, 16 5:59pm A Comic by Vast A Sequel/Spin-Off of PokéMorphs: Infiltration Earth by Vast, Shiny, a

May 02, 16 3:26pm
is it possible to get ptsd from an exam
Apr 20, 16 9:49pm
allergies can *bleep* off
Apr 20, 16 7:30am
blaze it
Apr 11, 16 4:12pm
Loooooove this new computer
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Apr 10, 16 1:57pm
Hmszelda Vast
Apr 07, 16 11:39am
when did you get writer ;
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Apr 01, 16 3:53pm to... !VAST'S SERPERIOR SERVICE STATION ...for all your Cloning and TSV/ESV need

Ciel Phantomhive Vast
Apr 01, 16 7:32am
I dunno if I ever noticed, but congrats on getting writer!
Mar 31, 16 11:34pm
shiny is cool
Mar 27, 16 9:31am
happy fourth of july neo!
Mar 13, 16 12:39am
spring daylight savings sucks. js
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Mar 12, 16 2:31pm Ready to conquer the region of Kanto after the changes made to the Pokémon League? Kan

Mar 05, 16 2:57pm
Stardew Valley is great so far. :D

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