Reached 2,000 posts in PokéFiction! This is a hypothetical event. It may or may not occur, depending on entries. Everyone is en _- This thread has been moderator approved -_ _What is mafia? How does this work?_ Mafi What's your post rate? Is it lower than you expected? Higher? For the date I put May

You ruined everything.
Do I look pretty?
Aurigae needs to read some more books
<3 you anonymous user ▲
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Hello, there. This thread is for asking whether or not you should keep a Pokémon that you SR for for IVs, nature, etc.

Caught Groudon on the third regular Pokéball. I am too good at this game.
As the new leader, I am now accepting applications to join the Illuminati.
MidnightXS whats ur beeeeef
Okay, all friendships on Neo are mutual now
Just cleared out my friend's list. If I previously had you as a friend and it says I just added you, I was just seeing if you had me added,
new skype sucks

_ A Pokémon Roleplay by Vast_ _Setting:_ This RolePlay is set 65,000 years

And remember, our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.


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