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Civilization: Beyond Earth to bring space colonization to PC in fall 2014, one small step Rory Young - Saturday, April 12, 2014 11:23am (PST) Like Share The aliens will never see us coming...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday. <3 you all <3

First of all, all hail vast. Like seriously. He's awesome. Then there's his wonderful mother country. Whether the fact that they all surf everywhere, the fact they all say "like" at least twelve times in a sentence or they die, they're lovely.In a...

Which sounds more dangerous? The white fish or the black fish?
3 days until Goat Simulator GameOfTheYear2014 **Hello, and welcome to the Stables!** _Introduction_ Hello, and welcome to my Pok&a

I would tell a chemistry joke, but all the good ones argon. *shot*
Thinking of getting Banished. y/n?
If 2 Australian people live together, are they kangaroomates?
new avatar bitches
how would a colorblind person know that they're colorblind

As you can see on, it says my most &

5-year Neoversary *highfives self*
Just got home from a restaurant. There was basically no one there. I guess people were too busy celebrating Groundhog's Day.
PULSAR: Lost Colony release date is Feb 25. Can't wait! 8D
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