Oh hell.

I was gonna spell out V-V-V-V-VARIOUS in obnoxious smileys but Neo won't let me.

So what does one say in a guestbook such as this? Especially one who was brutally beaten, dragged here by her hair, and then guilted into signing this? Mmmm?

One might say that I'm rather glad you added me and that I no longer think you are an asshole, and that I rather like you :3

As much love as one could possibly muster after only an hour or so of knowing you~
I know I shouldn't do anything cute, because that'll make it gay, and you hate that, but too bad!

You make me feel special inside. Especially when you say you would hit when I doubt myself. It's nice to know I have a friend who will set the record straight.

There that wasn't too gay, now was it? Merry Christmas!

I know I'm going to forget your b-day in december so I figured I might as well give you a happy birthday signing today!

so I guess here is a stamp for you:

The thought of hating someone without knowing'm is pretty sad.

I have to care to hate, so sorry, I don't.

So what the hell do you want from me anyway?

Random pic:

Hey, I hope you enjoy this stamp, buddy!

Merry Christmas to you too. I don't have a stamp and am too lazy to get one but whatever. Hope Santa doesn't give you too much coal.


Fausta Festa Christi Natalitia!

Habe festum mirabilem!
Thanks for the Angels and Airwaves banner

-Duker Nuker
I saw some of your pic stamps you left on others pretty cool. But just a question aren't they a little far, cause you can see some of the nipples on one.

Like this one right here pic

Im just letting you know it could be problem with the rules, but i like them anyway.

I've seen the stamps you give, god*bleep*ingdamnit I want some of those! Oh yeah, and you're a good person lol
zomg thansk dude for all my staps dunno how i can repay you

you sign my guestbook a bit more

i wouldnt mind one but =D :D
I'm signing back, because that's what I do; I sign back.

Have a good one.
Damn just noticed the error I made in your last signing. My apologies.

Well done for using my avatar for 2 weeks. You deserve another nice stamp.

Keep using the avatar to get more stamps.
Well done for having my Avatar as your own for a full week. You have therefor earned yourself a sexy stamp.
(Apologies for being so late. I'm having some internet trouble.)


Can you last another week?? Will the stamp be as sexy?? That depends on how many join in this week.
You earned your free cookie! Btw, hott stamp. Is that Zehpyr's sis? Oh and sorry I don't have a stamp I suck at Graphics. See you round the USA Forum
I'm finally getting around to sign your guess book. Not the greatest stamp but it should do .

Hey bro, thanks for signing my guestbook. I've seen you around in the USA forum a lot and you play Texas Hold'em with us. From what I've seen you're a pretty cool guy. See ya around bro.