Chapter Five of G.A.M. is now available. Hoping to have 8-10 by next month.
G.A.M. for PokéFiction Hall of Fame.
A new chapter of Gods Among Men has been released! Tensions rise as the successors come face-to-face with the enemy for the first time!
Okay. Sorry. It's coming tomorrow. Today was busy.
Gods Among Men will have a new chapter come Sunday!

It's day one of Telltale's new Game of Thrones inspired story, and I can honestly say I'm excited by the groundwo

Updating Gods Among Men at a decent rate! A prologue and two chapters in one week!
So instead of a new chapter for any of my existing stories, I began a new one in PokeFiction. Someone read it.

_Prologue_ Kiloude was small. It had to be; it was a place reserved for only the most powerful Pokémon trainers. Th

I know I have bad writing habits. I rarely finish any of the stories I start, and I start less than half the for which I have ideas. It's defeatist, as I know I'm letting myself down, but it's reality. A lot of it has to do with limited time. Between work and other responsibilities, I'm not left with much to myself, nor is my first instinct to sit down and crank out a story. I wanna relax. I wanna unwind. I don't wanna wrack my brain or plan out a new chapter. And that's where Internment, Umbra, and Chronicles of Iron have all failed.

They weren't planned, for one thing. Not one of them. Every bit of them was instinctual, spur-of-the-moment passion. I'd thirst for words, and I'd dip the bucket into the well just enough to take a drink. Then I'd set it aside until I got thirsty again. That's really the best way to describe it. I don't exactly thirst for those stories anymore, either, which means they'll likely never reach a conclusion, not even Umbra with its sixteen chapters.

Instead, I'm brainstorming a new PokéFiction story. This one, I'd like to pursue to completion, however I won't guarantee anyone anything. I will be plotting quite a bit of this one, and really trying to map it out, which I think could benefit me. Who knows? I guess we'll see.

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I found r

I actually beat @Prince of Saiyans@ to it? :confused: To reach Xur this week, hang a left when you first reach the Tower.

So, just like the title says, I'm looking for a female Beedrill with the ability Sniper. I'm willing to trade a level

According to PlanetDestiny link - which is a highly reliable source,

Just like the thread title says, who do you enjoy playing as most? Myself, I love playing as Magoichi Saika! Something about

Is there any one spin-off game or show that you particularly liked? I know I replayed Blue and Red Rescue Team over and over!

Will be releasing a 4th chapter to my original work - Internment - within the next week, in the Creative Writing forum!
Chapter Two of Chronicles of Iron is available for reading in the PokéFiction forum!

_ Disclaimer: This thread contains spoilers for the ending of Uncharted 3; continue at your own risk!_ At the end of Unch

Special thanks to @Midnight for drafting this. _General Pokémon's Header & Footer Contest_ For several y


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