Is there any one spin-off game or show that you particularly liked? I know I replayed Blue and Red Rescue Team over and over!

Will be releasing a 4th chapter to my original work - Internment - within the next week, in the Creative Writing forum!
Chapter Two of Chronicles of Iron is available for reading in the PokéFiction forum!

_ Disclaimer: This thread contains spoilers for the ending of Uncharted 3; continue at your own risk!_ At the end of Unch

Special thanks to @Midnight for drafting this. _General Pokémon's Header & Footer Contest_ For several y

Chronicles of Iron: Chapter Two will be released tomorrow in PokeFiction! *Image comes from Destiny's official guide, a

It's a simple question, perhaps, but one I'm not sure every player has an answer for. The fact of the matter is the P

I managed to catch Destiny's Gamescom presentation today, and while it didn't demonstrate much more than what many of

Blogs are always fun! Y'all should check out Amy's Derp-through of FireRed! Apparently there will be members involved... Users, I mean! Since I have a FireRed game, as well as the Hoenn

With the beta closing tomorrow, I think it's been sufficient enough time for everyone to have either: # Played as a ch

I don't know if I'm the first one to find anything - I won't make that claim - but I did wanna create a little pl

Make sure to check out mister Bass' awesome new community Twitch!

Yes, I'm aware the tag is Let's Play, but I'm actually just hosting a stream on Twitch. :o So I've been stre

Chapter One is out now, for those looking for something to read!

*Special thanks to @shayne for the awesome new banner!* _Table of Contents_ http://www.neoseek

Chronicles of Iron: Chapter One has been released in PokeFiction!
Trying to conquer the Umbra block; turning my attention to Chronicles of Iron, for now!
giratinaaltered has created one of my new favorite threads in GP! Everybody get in on it!

I got this idea from an old status of the Pokemon Facebook page. So, the idea is to make a Pokemon-themed title of a movie.Here are some examples: "Raiders of the Lost Arceus," "Staryu Wars" and "The Seven Samurott."Here's a silly title of mine: "Th....

Just saw your CT (mobile ftw?), would it happen to be a reference to The Pretty Reckless? :D


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