S568010892Z Vandoo
Jul 17, 05 12:15pm
I just remembered that you were the member who created all of those holiday avatars for us. Thanks again.
Slayerholic17 Vandoo
Dec 19, 04 10:51am
ZeroSystem Vandoo
Dec 18, 04 11:23pm
I accept your apology =P

Happy Christmas!

What's up with this 125 words crap, bloody hell.
PyroPsycho24 Vandoo
Dec 15, 04 5:51am
Hey, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my master. Angel Blade27 is so beautiful, I'm glad she owns me!
way2fast10 Vandoo
Nov 06, 04 4:20pm
im randomly signing peeps guestbook cause im bored at the mo:)

sign back if you want

Cascade7 Vandoo
Oct 07, 04 12:51am
If you received this entry, then I guess I've seen you somewhere.
Have a good time on Neoseeker, and feel free to sign back.

I'm out.

~You got pwn3d...~
halo master Vandoo
Oct 04, 04 1:04pm
Dude, you actually got banned from the Canada forum?!? Hahahaha! Canadians are like the most relaxed and nice people on earth, you must have worked really hard to get banned! You're crazy!

Anyway I saw your medal saying your are the first one banned there. You should put that in a trophy case or something.

Cheers man!