I'm just a randomer who people call awsome. Plus I'm a bad speller. And I hate posers. And overly serios people.


Diamondflame/Tay = Tay was the first person from neo I talked to on MSN. Oh the memories. Memories. Memory lane should so be destroyed. Lol. Plus, Tay is LOVEABLE. Only she shall get that.

Impulse/Drew = The guy that looks like all my friends. In different photos ofc. Drew be rather cool. Plus I tend to sit on him all the time. I don't think I know why. Normally when he hath to go.

Axarcrie/Axxy = She ish not a paedo. I have proof in the form of a photo of the two of us together. She's even cooler irl.

Terrierboy/Joel = Randomer than ya mam.

Pinkypink/Skye = Eeeeee, Skye's really happy 99% of the time, and she rather rocks. We be rather opposite, but I still love her to bits. NEVERCHANGE

CFalcon/Chas = Never talk to Chas much, but he still is awesome. Ska fans forever.

Jordii/Jordii = Don't talk much, but is awesomz too.




I am not afraid to keep on living.
I am not afraid to walk this world alone.
If I was the last thing on earth, I'd enjoy it, and go with the flow.
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