_If Volition decides to continue SaintsRow how & what would you like to be added, remov _I've beaten SAINTS ROW IV 4 times on three different accounts & only reached Leve _I think the gaming world has gone soft & overly sensitive to everything. Half the gam _I see developers announcing downloadable content before titles are even out yet, OH MORTAL

_I'm looking on wikis & around google & can't a solid answer, & i really don't wanna lurk throughout _Does anyone know the Raises item discovery percentage of the PRISONER'S TATTERS ? D _I don't know if this has been asked & answered here already, so instead of lurking t _In an all out war between the two universes. Doesn't ma _Is story more important than gameplay ? How importan _I don't know, i'm not feeling the trailer like i did for Dark Souls. Dark Souls Barth _Hiya! I'm looking for PSP compatible websites where i can download full anime (englis

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