is the newly revealed champion. What do you think?

Okay, so I got the game on launch day, played up until about sequence 3, then this morning I go to play and my save file was

I don't have a picture of it, but it is a bag that looks like a bag containing a custom piece. But instead of the wrench

Hey, friends. I've downloaded the patch for the game. When I go to my main menu, there is a notification about the up Check out this Disney-themed Nintendo #3DS XL launching on 4/11, the same d

I'm unsure as to whether or not this question belongs here but I didn't know where else to ask it. Here goes: I

Felicity the Peppy Cat is moving on February 6 (3 days from today). I do not TT. I am only seeking either bells or Fauna f

I am really interested in Fauna. I know she is really rare and popular. I am fine with that. At the moment, I can only off

I've pre-ordered Mario Kart 8 today and couldn't be more excited. I cannot wait for this game to be released and am a

Buying Cabana Wallpaper and Carpet. Let me know if you have either of these and your price. PM me or post here. If you post h

I got notified from my app that something was happening on December 1, but yesterday was really busy for me so I didn't h

I got many doubles and triples of some of the Spooky and Creepy items on Halloween. I don't need them, but would feel bad

Looking for the Spooky Dresser and can offer any of the other spooky or creepy items in return. Post here or PM me. Thanks!

It's that spooky time of the year again, and that means that there's some shenanigans going on in Animal Crossing?

I am seeking a Foreign (preferably Japanese) Ditto. Post or PM me what you're seeking. I will NOT trade Legendaries. T

Name your price, and if reasonable, we can go from there. PM me or reply here, but if you reply here, be sure to notify me

Okay. I have been trying to get one specific villager in my town to move out. It's Papi. His house is in the way of where

Will certain game-rating groups be getting their copies earlier so that they can play and review the games? Just curious

Upon choosing the Zen-themed town hall renovation, Isabelle said that it couldn't be demolished once built. I was under t

This is no a thread to contest between Mac or Windows. Also, before I created it, I searched for the question I am about to a

Accidentally just dug up my pink hydrangea bush. So annoying. Buying a bush seed for 50k, preferably soon.

For those of you who are choosing to participate in the Battle of Lumbridge, who did you choose to align yourself with? I

Like title says. Or can you get it just from doing a regular favor that they ask you to do when YOU initiate the conversation

Carmen is a Peppy rabbit. Peppy villagers suggest things like the Fairy-Tale Bridge, the Metal Bench, and others. http://i

I am looking for the Mermaid Door, Mermaid Mailbox, and Mermaid Fence. Please post here or PM me if you have any of those in

I got a Pumpkin Pie DLC on a few of my extra characters, so I have a couple extra. I really only need one, therefore, the res

My villager requested a perfect fruit and I said I would bring her some, thinking that mine had grown back by now. But mine w

All jokes aside, Frank and Boomer have been giving me free stuff each time they Bing me. I realize this is not abnormal becau

These were both items distributed via Nintendo Zone at Best Buy. The suitcase was available from 7/14 - 7/27 and the guita

Yesterday, I closed my 3DS for a while and put it in sleep mode. When I opened it, Animal Crossing had a blue circle over it,

I have a Pink Balloon I'd be willing to sell. Is anyone interested? I am interested in bells. Make me an offer here an

I was fumbling through my email and stumbled upon this email from GameStop! Well, this isn't the email, but I screens

Need to buy one or a few regular tree saplings. PM me or notify me here if you can sell me any.

If you have and would be willing to let me catalog your entire rococo series, I'd be eternally grateful. I can pay bells

Name your price. If it is reasonable, we can go from there. PM me or notify me here. Thanks so much in advance! Also, if you

I need to purchase 4 pink tulips from someone. If you have any to sell, please PM me or notify me here. Name your price, if i

I need: Regal Vanity Regal Table Regal Lamp Regal Chair Regal Armoire Regal Wall Lamp Would love to pocket (catalo

Sparro is a Jock bird and he will be packing up on July 26. I've seen people pay money for certain villagers, etc. I don&