likes Quixotic's status update: "Merry Christmas my fellow Neoseekers!"
likes surfer1020's status update: "So I (technically) just got a Playstation 4... :3"
likes Arietta's status update: "I don't understand why people hate Tales of Symphonia 2. I'm just here, feeling. Pls call me a feelbulance."
likes Aurigae's status update: "I've finally finished my exams, woot!"
likes Thrawn's status update: "Bit late on this, but another thanks to someone who gifted me an N+ extension earlier today! Looks like I expire in Feb now!! Thanks!"

My friend mailed me one for Christmas because she knew how much I wanted it. It's really the only... read more

likes Fluidity's status update: "Ah, someone extended my n+ subscription. Thank you! ^.^"
My Villager Amiibo has arrived!! *fanboys*
likes Thrawn's status update: "Fire Emblem 7 has been pretty great so far, every bit as awesome as I was expecting."
Oh my goodness. Thank you so much to whoever gifted me N+! I am so grateful!

So you're the culprit! xD
So nice of you. It's the most wonderful time of the year. :* read more

likes Fluidity's status update: "The love being spread around Neo by means of gifting n+ is heartwarming. Thank you anonymous. ^_^"
likes Thrawn's status update: "Fire Emblem GBA hits Wii U VC tomorrow for NA:"
likes Aurigae's status update: "Thank you to the two people who gifted me n+! :)"
likes Arietta's status update: "CYBERMONDAY SALES FOR N+ PLS."
likes Aurigae's status update: "I GOT HOENN. YES."
likes canderson's status update: "AlphaSapphire will be mine next week. *cringes*"


Now take back all of your hateful words from the last few months. read more

The problem with the ethernet adapter for me is that my router is across the house from my system.... read more

likes Quixotic's status update: "Omega Ruby is mine!"
likes canderson's status update: "My local game store broke street sate once again. YAY!"
likes Squiggle's status update: "OMEGA RUBY GET!"