You aren't missing much, canderson. It's alright, but like I said, DEFINITELY not the best. I miss... read more

Certainly not the best Mario Party, but definitely not the worst. Satisfied.
Just saw the Toad amiibo in person and now I regret not pre-ordering one. D:
likes Heibai's status update: "I love you guys! I'm honored to have been able to moderate the Pokémon X & Y forum! You're all very fun and lovely individuals!"
likes surfer1020's status update: "Successfully obtained the Mega Man and Sonic Amiibo! :D"

Arietta, I will let you know. Thanks for being willing.
surfer1020, if I can figure out what I... read more

Need a new avatar. Help.

My collector's edition arrived today. The figurine looks so nice! And same, Fluidity. I'd never... read more

Lunar Revel, oh yeah! LoL
I got my Lucario amiibo! Now I just need Sheik.

I preordered mine at work, they just haven't come in yet. read more

likes canderson's status update: "Toy Story turns 20 years old this year. It just sunk in for me!! -_-"
I got my Rosalina amiibo! :D Now I just need Lucario to ship...

I am VERY excited for Heartseeker Varus. I love that skin line. I'm stoked that they decided to... read more

likes Chris' status update: "Who was it I said to about a new Fire Emblem title a few months back? Thrawn or Nix I think. Called it!"
likes Quixotic's status update: "N-new Fire Emblem game. *flatlines*"
likes Gradivus' status update: "New Fire Emblem game for the 3DS is coming!!!!"
likes surfer1020's status update: "Nintendo Direct fantasy predictions: SSB4 Chrom DLC, Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii U, Okami Wii U. Realistic Prediction: New 3DS news, lol"