So everyone will wait to release this DLC:) Winter it good term to release game and DLC for it... read more

Great review. I this FM is good like preview part of this game. read more

I think when this first DLC will be released all of this who play in Lords of the Fallen will want... read more

Collector's Edition? They release something like that? Great! Where you see information about... read more

Firstly I think my favourite Demonic Weapon DLC will be sword and daggers but now I change my... read more

Nice to see some information about this game. Lords of the Fallen can be very interesting game. I... read more

From trailet to trailer (gameplay to gameplay) I want this game more and more:D Another new... read more

Yeah finally something new information about this game. This is another gameplay so I'm very... read more

Horadrim I agree with you but I see somewhere how Tomasz Gop kill first boss and tell how much... read more

I hope CI Games don't show us solution how to kill all boss in Lords of the Fallen:D I don't want... read more

This trailer looks very promising:) We can see this game not will be too easy to finished, for me... read more

Maybe yes. The Witcher 3 willdelay but as you say. In this year will be few awesome RPG games like... read more

So many great game will be release in this year:) I spend too much time on the computer:P I think... read more

What a shame. I hope this never going to happen. Now I'm little disappointed and think not only... read more

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For me developers do great job. I wish they become equal to the task and when game will be release... read more

I hear Thief has lowers opinion on PC, I'm glad to see on XBOX was appreciated. read more