Games... Writing... and Silence is what I'm good at.
Forgetacular mapmaker. Halo Reach oh yeah.
So now I'm here to fix all the problems? Ha! Good one.
Wait, this update includes Facebook? Oh wait...
I love the amount of car customizations possible! Juiced PC
Very fun. When my little brother isn NeedForSpeedMostWanted PS2
Beating Cortez is Damn near impossible. Nah, he 187RideOrDie PS2
Very hard game but awesome storyline. Classical mafia scenarios Mafia PC
Hehe. I cheated for everything. The only true driver game I liked was Driver 99 DRIV3R PS2
So much fun. I can play this game for a day straight! TheElderScrolls3MorrowindGOTY Xbox
PS2 version is better but Wii is the best! ResidentEvil4 PS2
No item box!? What will I do!? ResidentEvilZero GC
Fun, but not as many minigames. MarioParty8 Wii
Solid Snake loves his Wii Sports! WiiSports Wii

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