Hello there! I saw your guestbook link in your signature and thought I might as well sign it since I'd love to see the dying art of guestbook signings reversed!

Of course this does mean a sign back would be a step in the right direction to bringing back the guestbook signings

See ya round!

Evgeni Malkin says Merry Christmas. He also said that if you sign back he will score a goal, so sign back!

Take care.
Ok, I better do what he says. You don't know me, but I somewhat know you a bit... maybe.

Thanks for the amazing stamps! I thought I'd stamp ya w/ once of 'em.

You're awesome!

I accept to sign this guestbook!
And add a bonus picture.
Lets see I could say you just got signed by the greatest person on the face of the earth so I will.You just got signed by the greatest person on the face of the earth.

Just wanted to say thanks for the signature that you made me. Here's a stamp!

Keep making awesome signatures because you're a great graphic artist!

thanks for the stamp

and i'm getting that turtwig, dont worry
Thanks for the sweet banner bellow

Your the best graphic artist

thx for making me the sweet banner above!!
my cousin is jealous...
Hi Unknown Warrior
Just a little something to say thankyou for my trainer card and stamp. I thought it onl right that your guest book would be my first one to stamp.

Thanks again I love it!


p.s how good dose it feel to see your own work all over this site even in your guest book.
you are the best graphic artist ever!!!
thanks so much for the banner, avatar, and stamp

Thanks for the help with that thread in the Diamond forum. It means tons to me. =)

<3 Lindsey
You mean the world to me, Tiger.
To my beloved Kali,
Hurting you was such a mistake.
The last thing I'd ever want,
Is to upset my darling Rake.

You're my world,
My one and only.
Without you,
I'd be cold and lonely.

If you could only,
See my face.
You'd know I feel,
Like such a disgrace.

I'm down on my knees,
I'm begging to you.
Please find it in your heart,
To do what's true.

All your pain,
I wish was mine.
So please forgive me,
For this crime.

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
i wanted to sign someone, since u were the closest one to my mouse...

sign back
Thanks for animating my avatar, it's better than it was before.

~ SS
i thought i just might sing your guestbook so,,i did!

yeh the stamp is kinda lame but,,sign back :/ if you feel like it that is ...0

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...

Wishing you all the best for 2006,
Hey Knightkris, ik denk ik ga maar eens op een stamping spree
Dus.. hier compleet met stamp:

i'm signing your guestbook since you want me to...

I don't think I signed your GB yet and since you want guestbook signings, I'll give you my stamp.