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^ Agreed.

ATI is trying to take advantage of its new GPU as the "fastest single-core chip" before Kepler is out. The... read more

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Even though I have Kingston, I <3 G. Skill.

One question though: why isn't the built-in Winrar benchmark being used?... read more

It'd be a mistake if they release it alongside Diablo 3... read more

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That was the golden era of gaming.. But we didn't know it at the time. read more

"AMD 2700 - WinXP - Radeon 9700"

Ehm, really?

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The sad thing is that Intel 2600k uses ~2/3 the die size of bulldozer (And that's including gpu),...
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Damn. Its performance is lower than expected; the marketing was awful, the "FX" brand shouldn't have been reused.
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