Just got my 3DS (Boom!), going to main HBG on this save and anyone want to recommend some gun for normal? (I know Narga for P

http://i.neoseeker.com/m/684449_photo.jpg _http://www.neoseeker.com/members/Uncle_Sam/_ _Age: 17_ _Gender: Male_ _Tools:

So, I was cleaning my laptop from sality a week ago, until it also effects my registry, I accidentally deleted the userinit.e

So... I want to hunt rathalos (Don't get me wrong, I start a new game), problem is, I'm going to gun him, with elemen

So, I already know all of the weapon in MHFU, except one, LBG. In MHP3rd, LBG > over HBG because of the rapid fire, the 3

So... The games coming, just wondering. Are you guys going to get this game as soon as possible? Even in japanese? Or you'

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