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Ah, New Years! The time of year to start reminiscing about what we did that year and what we resolve to change. For some of us. But for the rest of us, it's watching fireworks blown off by the neighbors who will eventually get in trouble if they don't stop by the designated time! (Hopefully that's not you)

Anyway, as we enter 2005 (W00T!), remember that just because it's a New Year doesn't mean you have to change. x) So don't. And I won't either! Hope you had a great year!

*pauses* You still are using that freaky avatar!? @__@

<3 Lightning-Chan, the girl with an identity crisis
"YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!" Tanpopo Yamazaki - Imadoki!
I was just looking through my guestbook at the really oolllddd pages (I like doing that - it brings back so many memories ) and then I saw that you signed.

You know what? I really miss you.

We were getting to be good friends. Remember our Yoshi's Story days? Man...that was such a long time ago. Ah, memories.

I think we should go back to NeoPMing each other, what do you think?

With love,

~ Satokasu Suki
If this came to you. Meh, i'm signing people's gb for fun, see ya round the forums.
hope ya sign back:D

see ya:D
Guess what! I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

Yay, another Mario fan. ^^ So I decided to sign your guestbook and hope to see you continue to post!

I just saw your stamp in my sisters Gbook. It's cool.
*looks at profile*
Hey you're from tha Netherlands! Boxtel.
Daar kwam ik vroeger altijd langs, lol. Ik dacht dat het in Limburg lag trouwens.

Have a stamp!

Cya around~

Guess what? I'm on my signing spree again^^ This is one of my lastest stamps. Sign back if u want^_^
See ya;)

Long time no speak by the way. Just decided to sign on my last signing spree for a while
hey just wondering how you were and how you're doing well hope you're ok ttyl buddy
oh and

I've heard u came from the netherlands too?
Als je dit kunt lezen, dan dus wel:P
So I just thought of signing ur guestbook:)
Anyway, have a stamp:

I'll see ya around..
Wazzup dude! Je bent grote Sonic fan en je bent cool! Nou ja, hier is mijn stamp:


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling!
K zeg je op het Europ Forum en dacht, ik teken zn guestbook ff. K hoop dat je daar nog wel ff blijft poosten!! En onthoud: "Bavaria, Kater gegarandeerd"

Laterz, BoWnce
I saw you drop by the Sonic Battle forum. When I still went to the Sonic Advance 3 forum, I saw you a lot. Well don't forget, you have the Power because you're a fighter. Well keep posting! Just follow the rules and don't spam. Don't want to get banned.

TUMOG, the True.Ultimate.Master.Of.Games.
Hey US why havn't u put me in your nehome yet? so kind i was able to sign your GB sign back! also i am going to make u a better banner than SS because it is going to be Kick ass:)
Since you were kind enough to spend the time to sign my book I guess its only far that I sign yours... so here I am chatting away because of this stupid text letter rubbish that messages have to be a certain length otherwise they wont work *STAMP*
hey there i just sign you geustbook now its pretty full compared to mine so well you seem cool and stuff and
Whatsup mate? Keep up the good work on GD! and dont worry, i got ur banner covered! keep up the good work with the posting on neo too!

well laters!

Super Vegeto
Hey UltimateSonic, i'm Deoxys Master, I just like Neoseeker! I like sign'n peoples Guestbooks! And i like that you can get neofriends on here! cool huh? Well that's all and I don't mind if you sign in my guestbook. Thanks!
wow ur on fire lol 5067 posts!!!Well im no that supprised cuz im only still a noob and i just started neoseeker a few weeks agoo well cya later k bye..sine my g book!
i want to adopt a chao somewhere(not spamming)
ok i singed yours now you sign mine.soo whats up?how is your life?do you come to this site often?what am i saying?want to be neofriends? i dont care if you want to thats fine if not thats fine too its your descioson i hope i spelled that right!!!!!
Yeah I'm dutch
natuurlijk begreep ik wat je net zei!! Skyrider... de mod van 't forum is ook nederlands....

Well, on to english:

Hello son, your quite welcome for the banner and you have an questions comments bitchings flames whatever. Feel free to PM me. Tell your friends too;)

I saw you in the oot forum and i decided to sign your GB. Well bye!
C you in the ocarina of time forum!

Since you're also a member of the neoseeker runescape forum...