Too much games to finish!
Too much games! >.
Getting the black one because of Nintendo Land.... WiiUHardware Wii U
Purchased at retail on US launch. Feels like a rehash of NSMBW. NewSuperMarioBros2 3DS
So there were 2D Mario games in the works... NewSuperMarioBros2 3DS
Better be TRUE sequels for sure PokemonBlackVersion2 DS
Played a little of the Japanese one PokemonConquest DS
12/12/12, treat it like the best day ever.
Yes I'll also be getting Mario Kart Wii U MarioKart7 3DS
Yes I'll obviously be getting Mario Kart Wii U MarioKart7 3DS
Could have been cooler on the third xbox Halo4 PC
Playing as more Kirby since Amazing mirror KirbyMassAttack DS
Officially retired from Pokemon Events as of 7/11/11
says to stop stalking people

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