Mattyo94 UltimateLuigi
Nov 19, 06 2:44am

thanks for singing the guest book man im to lazy for a stamp to so theis is the best thing i got see ya around the forms
Crystal The Hedgehog UltimateLuigi
Nov 06, 06 12:52am
Hi: ) I'm signing back as you can see;) You seem cool too ^-^ now to stamp!

Mina's awsome : D

Okay bye bye
Tales_n_Zelda_fan UltimateLuigi
Nov 03, 06 2:50am
thx for the signing \m/_(>_<)_\m/

This is what I get for only having paint to edit pictures D=<
o_snuffles_o UltimateLuigi
Oct 31, 06 8:10pm
Thanks for the signing, The character limit can be a pain lol.

Thats why I use a stamp!

Satokasu Suki UltimateLuigi
Nov 07, 04 3:01pm
I'm not sure if you still check this buuuuut I really miss you!

Remember me? I really hope we can talk sometime soon!

With love,

~ Satokasu Suki
Amy Chan UltimateLuigi
Jul 06, 04 9:11pm
and thanks for signing my guestbook!
I thought I'd sign yours because you signed mine thanks again!

And yes I do remember you from Stubborn.

~Amy Chan
luigimania UltimateLuigi
Apr 15, 04 10:39am
Hi, U.L.
I've seen you around most of the mario forums on neoseeker and in the general mario bros. forum, so I thought I'd sign your guestbook.

See you around
lojogiles UltimateLuigi
Mar 31, 04 1:57am
I knew it! I didn't sign your guestbook! Now I have and the school computer won't let me go back to your forum! I am on a guestbook signing spree! Ye-Ha!
From the way too hyper one and only,
Trinity257 UltimateLuigi
Mar 11, 04 5:23am
Yay! Someone actually signed my guestbook!!!! You brought it to three pages... finally... Well, can't say I've seen you around the forums since I hardly ever post, but it's good... talking to you?
GNLK UltimateLuigi
Mar 01, 04 5:38am
Wassup, UL?
It's been nice seein you in the OOT forum, especially the blooper thread. Oh, and thanks for helpin me revive the Zelda Dreams thread . You don't know how much I looooooove that thread. Anyway, I hope we will see eachother more in the forums.
UltimateSonic UltimateLuigi
Feb 28, 04 1:46am
What's up my green clothed friend?
It's really fun posting with you in the OoT forum.
Well, keep up the good work.
I'll catch ya later mate.

Zelda_2002 UltimateLuigi
Feb 28, 04 12:04am
Hey! Thanx for signing my guestbook! Seen u in a few forums and now seeming as u signed mine i will sign yours


Rock on my friend, rock on!

Fiirestorm UltimateLuigi
Feb 25, 04 9:18am
You sign mine, I sign yours, fair deal;)
One of these days I'll get around to Team Sonic Bloopers:laugh:
See you later

~Firestorm Almighty~
Sonicspeedos UltimateLuigi
Feb 20, 04 1:37am
Hey, you told me to sign your guestbook back in your guestbook signing of mine and now i'm returning the favor and this is a really run-on sentance
K T E UltimateLuigi
Feb 06, 04 4:49am
I only just realized you signed my guestbook as I haven't been on much recently, so I thought I'd sign yours as I've seen you around the OoT forum.
MegaMonkey UltimateLuigi
Jan 29, 04 1:01pm
Thanks for singing my guestbook UltimateLuigi! You're are 1 of the fewest people to sign my guestbook! Well, see ya in the forums! Bye!
Luigi Number 1 UltimateLuigi
Jan 26, 04 11:43am
Hi, UltimateLuigi! Thanks for signing my guestbook!

So, I guess we both like Luigi... Umm... *thinks of something else to say*

I hope I get to know you sometime. Thanks again for signing my guestbook! Sorry about this short entry. ;

*Luigi Number 1*
Gotenks UltimateLuigi
Jan 25, 04 7:44am
Just thought since you sign my guestbook that i would return you the favour maybe we can chat though pm sometime. Always willing to chat. Anyways i guess i'll see you in the Mario Tennis forum.

ultra tails UltimateLuigi
Jan 24, 04 4:15pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook

chaoman UltimateLuigi
Jan 24, 04 3:59pm
hey ultimate luigi

sorry I didnt get to sign your guestbook earlyer

I love mario and luigi

but luigi the best

see ya around

Miles Girl111 UltimateLuigi
Jan 24, 04 11:24am
Wow, my first subject that has nothing to do with Spiderman! Too bad it had to be about this.....

Ok. I am a big Luigi fan, just as you are, and I hate to see another go. But like you said, you might be back someday.......

Once again, Farewell UltamiteLuigi, Farewell......

sonicx UltimateLuigi
Jan 23, 04 11:22am
hey another luigi fan.i like luigi as well as mario and sonic oh yeah nice banner want to see mine

see ya around
MadShadow UltimateLuigi
Jan 22, 04 6:14am
hi, i really liked making your banner. You didnt cause me any trouble with it. I would love to make you another one any time

Botan UltimateLuigi
Jan 17, 04 1:28pm
Well, I have only seen you in Zelda OoT, but I like signing guestbooks, so here is my entry!

I've signed a lot, lol!

>^^< meow!
natsu UltimateLuigi
Jan 17, 04 12:41pm
here you go, big boy. Enjoy it. And as a special present, here is my image.
If you ever need any tips or anything, just ask me. i,m your gal.