thanks for singing the guest book man im to lazy for a stamp to so theis is the best thing i got see ya around the forms
Hi: ) I'm signing back as you can see;) You seem cool too ^-^ now to stamp!

Mina's awsome : D

Okay bye bye
thx for the signing \m/_(>_<)_\m/

This is what I get for only having paint to edit pictures D=<
Thanks for the signing, The character limit can be a pain lol.

Thats why I use a stamp!

I'm not sure if you still check this buuuuut I really miss you!

Remember me? I really hope we can talk sometime soon!

With love,

~ Satokasu Suki
and thanks for signing my guestbook!
I thought I'd sign yours because you signed mine thanks again!

And yes I do remember you from Stubborn.

~Amy Chan
Hi, U.L.
I've seen you around most of the mario forums on neoseeker and in the general mario bros. forum, so I thought I'd sign your guestbook.

See you around
I knew it! I didn't sign your guestbook! Now I have and the school computer won't let me go back to your forum! I am on a guestbook signing spree! Ye-Ha!
From the way too hyper one and only,
Yay! Someone actually signed my guestbook!!!! You brought it to three pages... finally... Well, can't say I've seen you around the forums since I hardly ever post, but it's good... talking to you?
Wassup, UL?
It's been nice seein you in the OOT forum, especially the blooper thread. Oh, and thanks for helpin me revive the Zelda Dreams thread . You don't know how much I looooooove that thread. Anyway, I hope we will see eachother more in the forums.
What's up my green clothed friend?
It's really fun posting with you in the OoT forum.
Well, keep up the good work.
I'll catch ya later mate.

Hey! Thanx for signing my guestbook! Seen u in a few forums and now seeming as u signed mine i will sign yours


Rock on my friend, rock on!

You sign mine, I sign yours, fair deal;)
One of these days I'll get around to Team Sonic Bloopers:laugh:
See you later

~Firestorm Almighty~
Hey, you told me to sign your guestbook back in your guestbook signing of mine and now i'm returning the favor and this is a really run-on sentance
I only just realized you signed my guestbook as I haven't been on much recently, so I thought I'd sign yours as I've seen you around the OoT forum.
Thanks for singing my guestbook UltimateLuigi! You're are 1 of the fewest people to sign my guestbook! Well, see ya in the forums! Bye!
Hi, UltimateLuigi! Thanks for signing my guestbook!

So, I guess we both like Luigi... Umm... *thinks of something else to say*

I hope I get to know you sometime. Thanks again for signing my guestbook! Sorry about this short entry. ;

*Luigi Number 1*
Just thought since you sign my guestbook that i would return you the favour maybe we can chat though pm sometime. Always willing to chat. Anyways i guess i'll see you in the Mario Tennis forum.

Thanks for signing my guestbook

hey ultimate luigi

sorry I didnt get to sign your guestbook earlyer

I love mario and luigi

but luigi the best

see ya around

Wow, my first subject that has nothing to do with Spiderman! Too bad it had to be about this.....

Ok. I am a big Luigi fan, just as you are, and I hate to see another go. But like you said, you might be back someday.......

Once again, Farewell UltamiteLuigi, Farewell......

hey another luigi fan.i like luigi as well as mario and sonic oh yeah nice banner want to see mine

see ya around
hi, i really liked making your banner. You didnt cause me any trouble with it. I would love to make you another one any time

Well, I have only seen you in Zelda OoT, but I like signing guestbooks, so here is my entry!

I've signed a lot, lol!

>^^< meow!
here you go, big boy. Enjoy it. And as a special present, here is my image.
If you ever need any tips or anything, just ask me. i,m your gal.