Samkuro Ultimate Shadow
Sep 01, 08 4:47pm

A Stamp for your Guestbook
Have A Good Day ^__^
Dr Eggman Chao Ultimate Shadow
May 27, 08 10:04am
I didn't sign here already? How dare I.

Just dropping in to say hi. I don't have a stamp unfortunately, but maybe it'll be a nice surprise to find this here.

See you around, EC.
Footballmania Ultimate Shadow
May 15, 08 3:54am
hey shadow! thanks for the stamp! I will get it to work, this, I SWEAR! anyways, stamp my guest book whenever you have the time
RobRob Ultimate Shadow
May 05, 07 1:23pm
People don't sign books much, so I thought I would drop by:-

I hope you like the stamp!
Eggman615 Ultimate Shadow
May 05, 07 12:54pm
I'm the 1st one to sign and stamp this book:-

I hope you like it!