eventually u learn some ppl are just heartless written by my one and only e brother, shadows eclipse. This is dedicated to fairygrl: Two of my friends cried today, Because their lives were taken away, By the two they held so dear. Now I will see less of Chris, A friend of mine that I will miss. The pain for him is still too near. And as for my other friend, Who's close to me, her name is Jenn, She lost the first of her sixteenth year. I asked for an explanation, As to why you caused their dilapidation, And you just said that you were full of joy. How could you do that to him? He you loves still, when all is dim. Chris truly is a great boy. As for Jenn, I hear she's doing fine. Things seem to fall back in line, But why were her emotions your toy? You say that all the things you do to make others glad Never go well and in the end you always end up sad, So stop would, no longer would you dare. You know there's always alternative, To which we all can happily live, And everything for all could be fair. All you did was what you wanted, Their sentimental sides you taunted. Why does have to an issue to just care? Long ago you lost my trust, And now with your "romantic lust", I doubt what's between us will be well. All you have done is make them blue, And now all because of you, Their happiness split and fell. Why don't you just change who are, And try to undo this horrid scar, And also save yourself from hell. dark_angel 141- I don't know what it is, there's just something comforting about her. I'm usually pretty shy, but even though I just really startin talkin to her about two days ago, I can talk like I've known her for years Shadow Eclipse- Even when he should have hated me he's always been by my side. I can't thank him enough, he understands everything I've been going through lately, that's why he cares. He is and always will be my neo brother. The Prophet says: Well, when will she get knocked up? What do you think? Chris says: i think she's probably pregnant right now wondering why she won't bleed