I never got you back for signing me last Valentines Day. Well, here's payback.

Happy Valentines Day!
Hey thought I would stop by. Thanks for the Neohome inspiration. Sign back if you wish!

For Club 1 members:

You found the 2nd G-Book!

Next Clue: A member with all caps, with lots of new neohomes! His username starts with a TU!
Just wanted to wish you a...

well we haven't been talking since a chapter back in your guestbook. so i might as well refresh the stamp.
Guess what! I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

Just thought I'll give fellow Mario fans a signing. ^^ Mario fans unite!

I'll see you around! ^-^v
Woahhh, dude, your NeoHome is amazing, it must of taken you forever to have written all that code. Anyway, respect-o-meter is full for you.

See you around.


For a really good time, slide that back and forth really fast.
Good, looks like you're gone.

I like the link in your anner to the stupid "sushi" song . Well I'll see you around Loungin'.

Well you seem to have done something on your todo list because i am signing your guestbook. Its a pity my General Discussion About Life was made to dissapear like a Mafia Informant.
Well, I don't was to DIE because I forgot to sign your guestbook so here I am. Now SIGN MINE...


~Firestorm Almighty~

You have been stamped by Hitman3580.
I dont really know
but I have seen you in Loungin' and FoMT forums so Im signing
Oh thank god i reached you. i am trapped on an alien planet, with.... NO BOOZE OR WOMAN. the aliens are MALE ONLY. OH FOR GOD's SAKE HELP ME. YOU BASTARD GET ME OFF THIS FRICKEN ROCK.

P.S: send booze on the recovery team
You requested that I sign this, so I will.

I find many of your remarks quite amusing.

125 characters...>_< Um...NORSK ARYSK BLAK METAL! RAH!!!

U1 to lead Operation: Get Behind Darky!!

An idiot proof plan to take over Loungin' and overthrow the king that is Pogo.

I should really stop watching South Park at 2 in the morning.
You know, you never appeared for that meeting that I fowarded to with. Tut. Too busy fiddling, eh? Yeah, I know. I was a kid once... Well, I still am. But still, it's not like you NEED to be someone who uses contaceptives, right?

...I know your secret...
ha ha ha ha very funny. u signed mine, i'll sign urs. ok here it goes la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la ok i guess i'm done now.






Hey. I am on a guestbook spree and I decided to sign your g-book. Sign mine back plz. l8er.

What the hell? Eh, nice guestbook stamp. You stamped mine with the enlarged picture I think...and I have to admit that it scared me a little. oO Who is that anyways? Well, see you around sometime I guess. Have fun!


Who are you, and what are you doing in my guesbook? Stalker.

...Oh, and I'm thirteen, thank you...