Hello, I am Ultimate Chaos, Chaos for short. I live somewhere in England, not for you to know! My Likes: Manga and Anime, my favourites including Rave Master, One Piece and DBZ. Liverpool FC,TV!!!, The Simpsons(Best show ever!)and RuneScape

My Main Neofriends:

He is a cool guy! We spend alot of time making fun of each other and Pming each other.He is actually one of my good friends in real life as we go to the same school!

I only just met Noodle_Man quite recently but we've been getting on quite well.He has been helping me alot on Runescape and that makes me very happy. So here's to Noodle_Man!

SS Kid Trunks
SS Kid trunks is cool, he was my first neofriend and is really talentedwith GFX programs!So if you want a good Banner or Avatar(not stamp)ask him! I hope he doesn't hate me for the publicity!

This is my first draught and I hope to improve it in the future but for now enjoy!