Super Hero Ultimate chaos
Mar 8, 07 6:50pm
I've seen you around Loungin' so I thought I would pop by and sign your guestbook. See you around the forums.


Gemini19 Ultimate chaos
Jan 30, 07 9:09pm
You're a very interesting person, and now that we are friends here, I thought I would sign your guestbook.

Girl1031 Ultimate chaos
Jan 24, 07 9:55pm

Everybody loves Nyff! I know I do! He is the best master ever!!!!
Reason Ultimate chaos
Jan 7, 07 12:05pm
Wow, this is like your first gbook signing in months.

Happy new year, tis the time to be browsing the...
Willow Ultimate chaos
Feb 18, 06 12:30pm
hi dude.. I mean gal.

I have just made a new crap stamp, I deleted the old one because it was a little lower in the crappiness scale.

Here is that wing of pig I promised ya

Take care,
Tengu Ultimate chaos
Feb 13, 06 3:24pm
Thanks for making the stamp, I guess you're the first to get stamped with it.

Reason Ultimate chaos
Feb 12, 06 6:56pm
Hey Thanks for this great stamp. I love the font on it and everything.

Stay Cool
DQ Maniac Ultimate chaos
Dec 15, 05 10:15pm
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
supreme kai Ultimate chaos
Jun 12, 05 5:36pm
LOL i have you on my neo friends list but i have never signed your G-book so here you go

Liverpool LOL the biggest fluke win ever, but they were good enough to make it through to the finals, i'll give them that

but MUFC all the way!!!
The GGs Ultimate chaos
May 14, 05 7:25am
I'm on a signing spree with my new stamp of my favourite games!!! I hope you like it and please sign me back!!!!!!!!

Reason Ultimate chaos
May 6, 05 6:00am
Liverpool are in the Champions leauge finals!
Here is a pic of Gerrard:

And remember, SIGN BACK!
Vitehite Ultimate chaos
Apr 4, 05 7:59pm

See you around!

Reason Ultimate chaos
Mar 11, 05 7:07am
Oww, man. I messed up the image, oh well you can delete that message if you want. Were was I:
Reason Ultimate chaos
Mar 11, 05 7:04am
Muhahahahahahahah, I have a stamp and you don`t. Now signing Gbooks will be easy.
Vitehite Ultimate chaos
Feb 13, 05 9:38am
Thanks for lettin' me be a judge on the simpsons game. If you're interested, I could use some suggestions on a game a friend and I are making. The site for it is in my NeoHome.

Now, I leave you with a small picture of Shadow the Hedgehog:
Matt v1 Ultimate chaos
Feb 3, 05 6:35pm
Hey whats up, ive seen ya on the forums and you seem pretty cool so im gonna put this funny pic in your guestbook!

Enjoy and sign back
Reason Ultimate chaos
Jan 15, 05 9:49am
DBZ,Simpsons ect Rules.Do you like Cheesee lalalalalalalallalaalalallalalalalalal allalaalalallalalalalala lalalalalalalal alalalalalalalalalalla lalalalalalal aallalaalalalalalalalallalaal