Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
So you probably don't recognize my username, but that's because I didn't meet you under this account. My former account was forgottenseeker253, and I'm sure you remember me from the RPGMakerXP forum.

Hahah well, I'm just here to say sorry for all the crap I've given you when you were a mere nubblet in the forums. tis all.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, Ulti!!
Hey UO, how are you? Looks like you need more signs in your guest book here. Glad to have you in the FFVIII forum!

Here's a stamp!

Your RP character is very interesting...his role is much different than everyone elses. Can't wait to read more about him.

See you around the forum. Take care now.

Errrm. Hey. Dunno what to write. Erm, So how are you? hm. I see you have to pay to view your biography. How much, and how do I pay? I see you're a judge for the 2007 RGP Maker Christmas Comp. Well anyway nice talking to ya.
I seriously thought i've signed your GB already... but i havent? How could i? Well, here's a signing then XD. It's nice to see you in the forum, and in the RP too. Kasia and his "evil plan" (quoted because it's purely subjective) has certainly made the plot very interesting to read^_^.

Anyway, see you around the forum. Here's a Squinoa stamp for you!

Hey there, man.
I've seen you around the FFVIII forum, and in the RP! Kasai sounds... very friendly indeed. XD Friendly until he rips you to shreds with his teeth anyways. But we'll just stick with 'friendly' for now.
That said, I'll be seeing you around. But, a friendly warning, don't be messing with ze Daniel Simmonds! I hear his limit break can be rather 'shocking' to say the least.
Anyway, here's a stamp. It's not Odin, unfortunately, but we all know Bahamut owns him. XD
A guestbook i have not signed ^^ i must sign it. i hope you are enjoying teh forum and i like your rp posts so here, i'll stamp too ^^

Wow, I can't believe you don't have any signs yet.
Let me be the first to sign for you.

Anyway, I've seen you round the FFVIII forum, and you seem like a pretty cool person, so I thought I'd sign.

Here's an FFVIII stamp for you:

And an Odin one:

I hope to see you around more!