i r noodle Ugochukwu
Jan 21, 06 10:52pm
im a random person just signing so hers my stamp.

ok der ya go just sign mine too k.ta ta
Entropy Ugochukwu
Aug 08, 05 4:28am
Zomfg i was liek lets a sign a n00bs GB lolololol!
i always forged bout teh n00bs

Zomg liek chek teh sign!11 1st teh liek gud nuws:

w00t!111 _

Oh noes, teh bed nuws

just liek teh remember me by teh pic of ultim8 sex appeel!!1 butifool @_@

Hoep joo liek enjoyed it LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!111oneone h1dm4n3
Echo Ugochukwu
Apr 14, 05 2:32am
Hey man! I'm glad you like the banner I made you, and I'll do any other requests you have. You seem like a cool person. Anyways see ya around, like in the MGS3 forum.
smithswood Ugochukwu
Mar 25, 05 8:39am
someone who can think properly man i like your views on games
someone who can think properly man i like your views on games
someone who can think properly man i like your views on games had to do it 3 times so i can write it as a gb entry
Amy Ugochukwu
Jan 15, 05 2:57am
Lol hey, thanks for signing my guest book! Here's one of my first stamps I ever made... Meh, oh well. Just went through my guestbook, nice to see me being a girl has advantages lol. Thankiez again.

Sakendemo Kamawan Ugochukwu
Nov 21, 04 3:31pm
Nice, I haven't seen many Terranigma fans in these or other forums. I finished the game years later (on an emulator) after playing it on a friend's SNES and hopefully you did too because it has an amazing ending. I'm still hoping to see Ark in 3D. Peace out and have fun.
_Shinigami_ Ugochukwu
Sep 15, 04 2:45am
Hey there, I've seen you around the forum. So I thought I would sign you guestbook. ^^"


salvatore_leone Ugochukwu
Jul 10, 04 3:11am
hey, you signed my guest book and now I am doing the same to yours, that and eating pizza, yum.
Dragonlord999 Ugochukwu
Jun 08, 04 9:27am
You signed my guestbook, so now i'm returning the favor. And just like you said, you like the Simpsons, you sre my friend. Well, see ya later!

RT1985 Ugochukwu
May 01, 04 7:25pm
hi mate, thanks for signing my guestbook, I'm signing back because I'm so great... uh, yeah

Superflykick Ugochukwu
Apr 27, 04 6:01pm
Haha hey, you signed my guestbook some time last year I think...I haven't been logged in for a while (like a year?), so I haven't seen it. But I'm here now! So thanks a lot =)
Mr Xternal Ugochukwu
Jan 20, 04 5:06am
You are hugo and i am hugo too. this is great, you are to be lucky to find me signing your guestbook this many times.

I will give you a collection of your favourite games, as you listed at your profile.

The first game is

MGS: Solid Snake

MGS2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Preview for

Mr Xternal Ugochukwu
Jan 20, 04 5:04am

Lookin' good.
Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound will be supported, in both cut scenes and during gameplay, so the game will indefinitely sound great. Those of you who have the PS2 Network Adapter are in luck. You will be able to download new camouflage suits for Snake and possibly other things.

It has actually been rumored that you may not even be playing as Snake. Instead you maybe playing as Big Boss (Snake was cloned from Big Boss). Since the game takes place in the 60’s, Snake would have to be pretty young at the time, but then again, we don’t know how old Snake actually is and when in the 60’s the game takes place.

Although Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is nearly a year away, I see it becoming a best seller on PS2. Konami is completely changing the Metal Gear Solid series back to what it once was in the beginning as the humble Metal Gear Series on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Back when you had to make your way to the enemy base and infiltrate it. I'm really looking forward to Snake Eater and hopefully it will fulfill my hopes once it is released. With all the new features and moves it should really add alot to series. We will update as more information is released, so check back often.
Ren of Heavens Ugochukwu
Dec 14, 03 5:27am
Solid Shadow Ugochukwu
Oct 26, 03 8:46pm
hey see i am here spending my precious EQ time,or time to be with my wife or work to sign your guestbook see ya around later man heres a pic i hope it shows up
Solid Shadow Ugochukwu
Oct 26, 03 8:42pm
hey see i am here spending my precious EQ time,or time to be with my wife or work to sign your guestbook see ya around later man heres a pic i hope it shows up
<img>http://strike9.com/file.ashx?path=/SolidShadow/thumbnails/561210.jpg </img>
deathguardian666 Ugochukwu
Oct 22, 03 1:24am
As I said I will sign your GB and I'll even put a cool pic on it, hopefully it will work. The rest of the pics I've done NEVER work, it pisses me off.

Here goes nothing.

Duckmaster Ugochukwu
Oct 07, 03 9:32pm
Hello........thought i'd sign your guestbook since ya asked and hey so you live in England i live in the US.So if ya wanna be neofriends just pm me.You can call me Jackie if you want to.

sloprano Ugochukwu
Oct 02, 03 8:54am
thanks for signing my guest book, ugochukwu(neat name). how's it hanging? I always sign the person's guestbook who signed mine(as you can see, I didn't have to do much)thanks for the kind words. later.
Amy Ugochukwu
Sep 25, 03 5:18am
Hiya, thanks for signing my Guestbook.

I don't mind if you sign it or not but thanks anyway so now I'm signing yours in return.

Actually, I do go on DOAX alot but you just don't notice me!

Shady777 Ugochukwu
Sep 05, 03 12:46am
Just wanted to say that I am not the "'man' who claims to be eminem" because I am not a man but a 16 year old girl thanks for asking.
LanDi Sama Ugochukwu
Aug 31, 03 11:44pm
Well thanks for signing my guestbook ^-^ and thanks for looking at my neohome too. You have made LanDi Sama very pleased!

SO you thought Chai was scary? Well here he is again!!

ShArKiE290 Ugochukwu
Aug 24, 03 8:05am
Hey!Thanks for signing my guestbook.Well I will improve on my neohome.So I will now stamp your guestbook!
Mister E Ugochukwu
Aug 22, 03 7:19pm
thanx for signing my guestbook made me feel good about myself and how do you say your username and where did you get it from P.S. where did you get the avatar PM me
WSRIDERS Ugochukwu
Aug 21, 03 11:20am
What's Up Man Thanks For Signing my gbook.Yeah I'm always enjoying the west side man!

Anyways cya later brotha.