Hello my name is Tyruka, and if your wondering yes on a certain site I roleplay as Tyruka. XD Anyhoos I decided to sign up to get used to socializing with people and perhaps to play with you all sometimes, ^^ If you flirt I don't mind xD


- Ar Tonelico I, II, III
- Mana Khemia I, II
- Atelier Iris I, II, III
- White Knight Chronicles
- Tales of.. Symphonia I, II, Abyss, Legendia, Phantasia, Graces F, Xillia
- Cross Edge
- Mario Games
- Resonance of Fate
- Sleep. xD


Tyruka Lv 69 GR 18 Bow/Support Build
" I'm up for anything let me know "
PSN: Tyruka87

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