I'm a video game man. I like RPG and Action games, mainly the Resident Evil series, Metroid, and the occasional MegaMan.

I'm a story man. I like read some fanfics from time to time, but I've haven't really written one. I do like to write epics as well as poetry (don't laugh: it's nothing frilly).

I'm an arts man. I love to draw everything from animals to people. Music is my passion.

I'm a ladies man. Need I say more?
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Review: Resident Evil Zero - Resident Evil Zero(for Gamecube)

Feb 7, 2003

Resident Evil Zero basically has the same elements from all the other RE games but now it has new enemies, new music, and a new partner system. You can take out zombies with a friend now, or exchange items with them. From time to time, it requires...

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