We have front row seats for this theatre of mass destruction. The demolitions committee of Project Mayhem wrapped the foundation columns of a dozen buildings with blasting gelatin. In two minutes primary charges will blow base charges and a few square blocks will be reduced to smoldering rubble. I know this, because Tyler knows this.

Thats all I'm going see. If you ever see this one of these days hit be back and we'll meet. Love the pictures...Keep em coming.
Hi, Neo "not-so-newbe" here, just writing, well cos u sound cool, please PM me, I'd like to get to know you.

Live long and watch movies.
Damn bitch I saw your pictures. Your not that hot, infact your pretty *bleep*ing ugly but for this site your incredibly sexy.

I'd love to get your ass so liquored up and *bleep*in' run my finger down the crack of yo ass.

Well hit me up love, you know I got a big thick dick for ya if you sign my guestbook!

Navy Wool Suit £400 by Moschino

aubergine cotton shirt £100 by Calvin Klein

cream textured tie £6 by George

Gold Chain £3,219 by Georg Jensen

Signing a Guestbook Free

Make the tradition merry. Have sex under the mistletoe.

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
you signed my guestbook back twice so i decided to sign yours twice too, guess il seeyaz around.....

here´s the next guy to tell you that you´re really DAMN PRETTY
if this is really you on the pics in the photo thread i have one single question to ask you: will you marry me ???? :D:D
im stamping cus i havnt already, so i am. please sign mine too


seek the dagger and find your death

.: posted :.


OOOkie. There are two reasons for me signing this...

1. Aha! You play Brood War! Brood War rocks!

2.If this is you... *drool* *peverted giggle*
Oh my GOD you're fine! Sex GODDESS I say!
Hi, I saw your custom sig and I guess you like NIN. well anyone who likes NIN is okay (unless you're Scottish--just kidding, I'm an Irish bastard!)
I am siging... because.. well.... umm... I can

Stupid thing that says you have to have enough characters to post this in your guestbook....

There sign mine plese
Never knew attractive girls played Brood War. Too bad I stopped playin'...

Have I signed your guestbook before? Except with name Bjarg Wolfen ;D, Well now I'll sign again! Here goes some lyrics to a song:

Amorphis - The Orphan

The calloo's spirits are low
Swimming on the chill water
But the orphan's are lower
Walking down the village street.

The sparrow's belly is chill
Sitting on the icy bough
But my belly is more chill
As I step from glade to glade.

The dove's heart is cold
As it pecks the village rick
But I'm colder still
As I drink the icy water.

(that's so pretty song)

It's the end...What will you do now?.........
I messed up my signature smilie

Damn, girl! You're fine. Wanna cyber with me sometime? [img]http;//members.lycos.co.uk/dragoniteballz/yeahbaby.gif[/img]

No but seriously, you are like the sexiest woman I've ever seen on Neoseeker. I little younger but ripened beauty.

AIM me man. Come on let's talk!
I read somewhere that you like my friend Jack Daniels too.
Save water, Drink Jack & Coke! Cheers!