A little about me:

name Erin
age 18
sex F
birthday January 22nd
location Glasgow, Scotland
occupation Student
quote "Alright, this is the plan... we get in there and get wrecked" - Withnail, Withnail & I
Partying, web design, playing computer games, drinking, writing, running in slow motion to the Baywatch theme, wanking, reading, taking drugs.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion, Explosions In The Sky, I Hate Myself, Still Life, Tortoise, Legendary Pink Dots, Modest Mouse, Nurse With Wound, September, The Weakerthans, Radiohead, Mellowdrone.
The Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Memento, American History X, Pulp Fiction, Requiem For A Dream, Goodfellas, Human Traffic, Hellraiser, Trainspotting, Reservoir Dogs, The Shawshank Redemption, Withnail & I, Donnie Darko, The Godfather.
Robert Tressell, A.J. Cronin, Robert Jordan, misc. fantasy, John Donne, Shakespeare, Imagist Poetry, Greek Tragedy.
SSX Series, Silent Hill Series, Final Fantasy Series, Starcraft: Brood War, Halo, Morrowind, Age of Empires.
Beer, drugs, orgasms, sleeping, being pretentious, spicy food.
Clowns, poor grammar, getting out of bed, people who hold strong opinions on subjects about which they clearly know very little, excessive bitching.