I'm 18 and doing a degree in Muppetry (or Arts & Social Sciences as it's officially known) at Strathclyde University.

I'm a fun-loving kind of girl who'll do just about anything for the banter/comedy value! I like going out to parties, consuming lots of alcohol and taking drugs.

During my spare time I watch lots of films, listen to lots of music and play lots of computer games. Although I haven't had as much time for it lately, I love literature and creative writing.

That's about all there is to me, really. :)


Music, Final Fantasy, SSX, Broodwar, partying, watching horror films, having fun, web design, chatting, art, reading, fantasy novels, watching football (soccer).
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Review: SSX Tricky - Snowboardin' Good Fun.

Jun 29, 2002

Don't like snowboarding games? Doesn't matter. Chances are you'll still love SSX Tricky. It improves on the original in almost every way possible. The tracks are very well remodelled so whilst Elysium Alps - for example - may be familiar, it has a...

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