Marooned Chic Twin_Master
Jan 24, 12 2:04pm
Hoy Adam, nakakatuwa naman na ang tagal na nating magkasama. Well, hindi as in magkasama (kahit na malapit na mangyari yun, excited na nga ako eh). Alam mo ba na namimiss kita ngayon kasi hindi pa kita nakikita simula kahapon. Sana okay ka lang. Alam ko naman na kaya mo lahat kahit na ano pang problema. Andito lang naman ako para sayo at alam ko na alam mo na sobraaaaang love kita hehe <3 <3 <3
Sana hindi mo ito ipatranslate kanino man kasi nakakahiya, sobrang cheesy ko nanaman. Hehe.
Aurora Twin_Master
May 5, 11 7:50am
Oh boy you oughtta leave this town
get out while you can
the needle's running out
The voices in the streets you love
everything is better when you hear that shout
Marooned Chic Twin_Master
Dec 20, 10 9:21am
Yeah, you're awesome.
You're driving me crazy.
You make my heart skip a beat.
You complete my day.
You always make me smile.
You make me happy.
You're so hot.
You're the only one I want.

I love your smile.
I love your glasses.
I love your eyes.
I love your hair.
I love your voice.
I love it when you sing, hum, and whistle.
I love it when you speak Tagalog. XD
I love how you call me your darling.
I love how you blow me kisses.
I love how you love everything about me.

I'm so lucky to have you. <3

Happy birthday babe.
I love you.
Marooned Chic Twin_Master
Sep 18, 10 8:32pm
Yea, I remember I had all those fancy stamps before. I didn't know how to make one, so other members, the ones I knew first made me one.

Buuut I made this one.

Machienzo Twin_Master
Apr 9, 09 4:05pm
Hey there! It's been nearly 2 years since I've signed someone's guestbook, so I thought I'd make up for lost time! Don't feel bad if you think that you're just an excuse to break that nearly 2 year running cycle, because I've just been around signing the guestbooks of those members who are closest to me. All the best!

jerryxo2 Twin_Master
Oct 24, 08 5:17am
Just gotta compliment ur new sig.It's great!And I just got MHP2G!I wanna go on Felyne chief quests but need to complete village chief one!
TurMoiL911 Twin_Master
Oct 23, 08 5:46pm


Razite Twin_Master
Sep 30, 08 8:21pm
Thanks for all the help and questions you've answered for me.

I really appreciate it and you very helpful.

Keep up the good work.

I hope you stay on the MHF2 forums for a very long time.

zAnGetsUtAtz Twin_Master
Sep 23, 08 12:45am
Hi there master!

Loved the info you and the other guys provided with Monster Hunter 2nd G.

Come to think of it, there are no FAQS or guides in for MH2G.

Hope you will be answering some of my "newbie" questions.. btw, zAnGetSutAtz here but you can call me "tAtz" hr7

sten mk II Twin_Master
Aug 31, 08 5:48pm
Did you tell your hepison friend I can't PM? ....?

Any reason why you'd tell them my situation? XD

It's ok I don't mind. it's no problem.
sten mk II Twin_Master
Aug 25, 08 7:02pm
I'm only allowed one post perday because people get so upset over my opinions... I'm so fet up with this site im about to just go off for one last time....

They told me this summer I might be getting some lee way but no sir. I'm pissed.
Relmutsie AN Twin_Master
Apr 6, 08 5:43am
You may not remember me but I barely remember you.

PM if you want.

Synergized Twin_Master
Mar 30, 08 2:47pm

Made by Trojanman

I just had a thought. Why don't you take out the underscore in your username?
ZCGleader Twin_Master
Mar 25, 08 4:40am
Hello there!I'm ZCGleader.I'm currently playing Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and I need help on fighting HR3 Tigrex.I've Sakura Recorder,but is it possible to kill Tigrex with it,given that I bring with me some other items such as Flash Bombs and Shock Traps?Man,I need your help!You got to help me,man!
DarkHound Twin_Master
Mar 7, 08 9:11am
Hey man hows it going? We haven't been able to talk much anymore lol. Well as I'm not sure if I signed your GB or not, so here ya go! My brand new stamp!

sten mk II Twin_Master
Dec 21, 07 10:23am


Surfing with the alien (no spaces)

ok? just copy and paste the first one

PM me yours ok?
Dark Dom Twin_Master
Dec 7, 07 1:16am


It was totally not made in less than a minute...
Synergized Twin_Master
Nov 18, 07 8:18pm

Made by Fran_15.
Crave Twin_Master
Sep 15, 07 9:39pm
Hey Adam, hows things holding up for ya? Good to hear. *Sorry* I dont have a stamp for you! (I'm hopeless at graphics).
*Sign Back..*
Your friend,
Synergized Twin_Master
Aug 3, 07 5:30pm
Adam! Where've you been? School I guess. When you're out, I'll probably be in. How's it going with whats-her-face?

Made by Fran_17.
Synergized Twin_Master
May 14, 07 3:07pm

Made a new stamp. Another Rainbow Six Vegas one. Hopefully better than my last because my last one sucks serious ass.
Machienzo Twin_Master
Apr 24, 07 9:05pm

GTAIV coming soon! The pic of bellic has been edited by me! Hope you like!
Viscera Eyes Twin_Master
Apr 18, 07 12:25am
Hey Adam, rs aint so bad, i only really go on to talk to friends nowadays, no stamps for ya this time, im no good at graphics
Talk soon,
Synergized Twin_Master
Apr 2, 07 9:53pm

Sorry my stamp took so long.

Stop drooling at my beautiful stamp.

Have fun with soccer/football.

Tool_Fan_06 Twin_Master
Feb 22, 07 7:40am
Twin_Master I am stamping your guest book so sign back. Please.