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Aug 18, 10 9:15pm
Absolute masterpiece. The greatest PSX game of all time! MetalGearSolid
Twin_Master blogged
Apr 28, 09 4:15am

Well, as the title may suggest, I'm at home sick. At least this gives me a bit of time to work on my Math assignment, despite how boring it is.

I've generally been pretty lax with my whole blogging aspect. The holidays saw me wasting my time, and now I'm back at school. Well, not for today at least, as I'm at home due to an annoying cold. The worst part is the blocked nose, how I hate that blocked nose! Then when my ears get blocked, it's a *bleep*ing pain. Not to mention my sore throat all morning. Felt like I was swallowing a razor blade the entire time.

But anyway, things have seemed to change a little bit since my last blog. I managed to get a DS over the Easter break, and finally managed to play the Pokemon Diamond that I had on my shelf for over a year. Been playing a little bit of Left 4 Dead, as well as some Counter Strike, thanks to Chaos for FINALLY giving me my well earned forum reward!

On the subject of being sick, don't you just hate it when you feel unmotivated? I swear, when I am sick, and I am now, I just don't feel like doing any of the fun things I would when I am not sick. DS, I don't feel like playing. PSP, I don't feel like playing. PC, I don't feel like playing. Neoseeker, I generally don't feel like doing much on it. Sleeping, I don't want to sleep. I slept from 6pm yesterday to 7am this morning, so I'm obviously not tired. I guess you can say that the only thing I do want to do is blogging, but I didn't really feel like doing much anyway.

And just a sorry for the sentence structure. I don't think I used the new paragraphs correctly, but hey, I'm delusional.

Anyway, I'll try to put up some more blogs every now and then, as well put in some work into my somewhat dormant novel. I know I should continue both...

OHH, a side note, managed to get the book Metal Gear Solid by Raymond Bensen. School managed to order it in for me, so that was a delight. Everyone should definitely look into getting it! =D

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