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Apr 8, 11 7:37pm

    1. Facebook Account
    2. Mobile Phone (with access to Internet)
    3. Access to through phone network

Set Up:
    1. Go to the address (only available on Mobile Phones) and check to see if you are supported by your Mobile Network. A full list of the permitted networks can be found here, and this website will be accessed on the network for FREE.
        a. Able to access: Continue to #2.
        b. Unable to access: You are not able to complete this guide.

    2. Activate Facebook Mobile for your Mobile Phone through here. (This step requires you to send 1 SMS where standard SMS charges WILL apply.)
    3. Enable Notifications for Personal Messages through here.
    4a. Optional: Create a bookmark for your Facebook Inbox or the message of your favourite contact.
    4b. Optional: Assign that bookmark to a shortcut on your Mobile Phone for easy access.

How this works:
    You will receive SMS Notification for the messages in Facebook you receive. You should be able to see the whole message in the SMS unless it is over 100 characters. You can then easily access free FB mobile to view the whole message in your inbox and reply to the message as well.

    TIP: This works much better if both members have this scheme set up.

Continued Use:
    You will need to send an activation message to Facebook through your Mobile phone every 60 days. They will prompt you through SMS and it only costs the same as 1 standard local SMS message.

Now, some might be thinking this is a stupid idea or wonder why I am even writing about it. I personally think it's *bleep*ing fantastic and am pretty damn happy that I'm able to access it. I have been using this nonstop since around early Janurary and it has saved me a fortune in Mobile Phone bills. I use it most frequently to chat with Marooned Chic, my adorable girlfriend, as well as with my brother, Machienzo. It's quick, efficient and relatively free, disregarding the activation messages required.

So what do you guys think?

musingsthoughts mobile gaming web development technology

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Apr 8, 11 7:20pm

Here is a list of all the Mobile Networks that support

Also available:


El Salvador
New Zealand
    Telecom NZ
United Kingdom
Guinea Conkary

mobile gaming web development technology
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Mar 18, 11 9:01pm

Talking about demand in Economics made me wonder a bit about how much we the members are affected by my and how much we have.

To begin with myself, I won't brag but I have saved a fair bit of money. I'm not rich, just really damn stingy! I have my reasons and I do intend to spend this money at an appropriate time on something I have been looking forward to for quite a while. (props to anyone who can pick up what it is). This whole process of scrounging and saving makes me annoyed at how much money has a part in the world today as I feel it's been prohibiting me from reaching my dreams.

So, the topic for this blog posting: Money. Who here has bad spending habits? Who is a wonder at saving? What are your future spending plans? Have any funny money stories? Share all you can! :)

musingsthoughts neoseeker related
Twin_Master blogged
Mar 17, 11 3:01pm

Well today is a moment for me to partially gloat as well as bring about some incite as well. We see competitions being held everywhere for just about anything, ranging from sports to games to sweepstakes to general fun. What do people think about competitions here?

What is your basic luck with competitions? Are you a winner or a loser or just a once in a life time kind of person? I've operated under the belief of two things:

1. You gotta be in it to win it.
2. The more competitions you enter the more chances of winning.

You see, sometimes for me it's not so much as winning a prize so much as being classified as a winner! You get lavished with attention and (sometimes) applause for really doing nothing except sticking your head out and being greedy. Don't worry, we all do it for that reason but that just adds the fun to it. The anticipation as the clock strikes down to the draw time or announcement where our moments of uncertainty finally become clear and we're filled with over joyous excitement or a punch in the gut.

So, the point of this was mainly to gloat about my win, RIGHT HERE on neoseeker. I've never had much luck with winning things which I suppose is mainly attributed to the fact that I hardly ever enter.
What I won was a delightful Collectors Edition of Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II: Retribution. I wanted to give a shout out to Neoseeker on the comp and thank everyone involved. I'm very excited to be winning such a prestigious prize! Thanks VeGiTAX2 ad sorry you feel hard done by, walnuts. :(

Competition Thread

Even though I don't particularly care for this whole Charlie Sheen debacle I still think it's appropriate to put something up about... well winning!

Anyway, I'd like to know what the people of Neoseeker have been winning lately? Not so much like sweepstakes, it can range far beyond that. What if you recently won that hot girl from across the class from the school jock? Share all your stories here and we'll see who's won the most and the best.

pc musingsthoughts neoseeker related gaming related

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Twin_Master blogged
Mar 15, 11 12:48pm

Well, using my ipod whih sadly has now camera so I cannot really post a picture at all. What am I studying you may ask? Today's lecture is Economics and we're just going through a demand curve. Nifty stuff.

I am considering setting up games and discussion topics each week for the blog, mainly to get me blogging again as well as perhaps excite new readers. Feel free to comment with whatever you want. If anyone has suggestions then please share; I'll consider all suggestions. :D

Quick question: Who is my twin?

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Feb 28, 11 7:49am

It's sure been some time since I last made a blog update though this one will be short.

Changes in my life have included:
  • Worked for Borders Book store over the Christmas break and made a decent slice of money
  • Changed university degree to Business/Information Technology with a major in Accounting.
  • Celebrated a 4 month anniversary with Marooned Chic just last week. It was absolutely superb and I love her so much!
  • Making plans to visit Manila this September. Very much looking forward to it!
Not much else to really say at the moment. Been getting back into Hitman Reborn; keeps me on the edge of my seat. Perhaps I'll start blogging more.


<3 I love you so much, my darling Nikki!

musingsthoughts neoseeker related
Twin_Master blogged
Nov 28, 10 6:22am

So, it's certainly been some time since I last did any blogging. Most recently I've had some good news which has me in much higher spirits than usual which will provide for a short but sweet blogging experience.

Got a job offer from a Book store called 'Borders' in my city, which I whole heartedly accepted. Definitely looking forward to my first shift on Tuesday and eternally grateful that I've got a job! :D

Got my university results back with 2 Distinctions and 2 Credits for the 4 enrolled units I completed this previous semester. It was a bit of a nervous ride as I was sure I was going to fail one of those subjects but never the less, I have prevailed!

The letters I sent almost a month ago which I thought were lost in the mail finally reached the desired recipient. Very special letters and contained a gift which I am very very pleased with. No telling what it is though! :P

Must have been overdue as these all happened just yesterday. Definitely made me enjoy that day the most. I look forward to earning some money and working towards some well established goals. Dreams, here I come! :)

other musingsthoughts books

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Twin_Master blogged
Oct 13, 10 3:46pm

Oh how I am looking forward to next year. I am looking to change to a Business/IT double degree for university, and hopefully meet more normal people. Not to say that all IT folk are strange, it's just that I'm having trouble really creating conversation with them. I was never brought up amongst relatively sporty people, talking about music, football, recent events. It becomes quiet strange when a large majority of the students studying the same degree as I only have conversations about computer software and components. It's bad enough that I have to study this stuff, not knowing what I am doing, let alone hear about people talk about it non stop as their hobby.

The thing that really set me off today was the fact that I could not find a spot to set up my laptop, charge it and get some work out of the way. Library was full and the location where I have most of my classes was packed full of all those goddamn nerds playing their goddamn games, wasting space and air.

I am very much looking forward to studying Business next year and get into some more interesting subjects, which I would find interesting, due to my background in doing Business subjects throughout school.

Anyway, rant over. What are everyone else's experiences with work/school/college colleagues?


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Twin_Master blogged
Oct 11, 10 7:11pm

I'm in serious need to do some Wiki work, so as soon as I get home that is one of the things I need to do. Aside from that I have to get some more Uni Assignments and study out of the way.

That's seriously all my life has been lately. Gaming and University. Haven't had much time for anything else, so hopefully I'll make it through the year unscathed.

Only a short blog today cause I have to catch the bus real soon! >_<

neoseeker related
Twin_Master blogged
Oct 1, 10 5:43pm

Well, it's that time again, Blog time!

I've been on mid-semester break for pretty much the last week and have had loads of fun during it. The most important and pressing issue is the one of assignment work, which I have been keeping up with during this time. That's not to say that tonight I won't be studying my ass of and getting everything sorted out.

More recently in gaming news I've acquired FIFA 11 and have had loads of fun creating my pro and generally getting a feel for the game. Enjoying a lot more than FIFA 10 and going to make something of the game. I've also been in a GTA kinda mood ever since I saw the movie "The Other Guys". Something about the gritty urban sprawl and shooting and blood just revived my gameplay urge to kill people in GTA IV.

This post is meant to be short and sweet. I'll have more updates when I get more news.

Also, a topic for people to discuss if they can through the comments. What are everyone's thoughts on the independence of children? I was a bit shocked yesterday to see what looked like 3 11 year old girls, all by themselves wandering the big city (where I live). Is this an acceptable age for young children to be wandering about by themselves? Are children these days becoming more mature and independent? Should parents be far more concerned over the safety of their young ones? DISCUSS!

playstation 3 musingsthoughts neoseeker related

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Twin_Master blogged
Sep 22, 10 7:11am

This week is gonna be a hectic one. I'm desperately trying to finish up 2 assignments in order to really have some spare time over the upcoming mid-semester break that I've got next week.

In light of my current job hunting due to the end of the football season (meaning no more refereeing) I've managed to trump 2 group interviews at two local supermarkets. The funny thing is that they have both scheduled me for the same time on the same day at two different places. I had to pick one of them and tell the other one to hold off.At least I am getting opportunities.

My Birth By Sleep review is uploaded and I'm quite happy with that. My next project will be my hotly anticipated FIFA 11. Hopefully I can get enough out of that for a decent review on my part.

playstation 3 musingsthoughts
Twin_Master blogged
Sep 13, 10 4:48am

Hm, not many revelations now since my last post. For one I am feeling slightly better despite the congestion as a result of the cold. One of my four University units is completely finished for the semester so I now have a four day weekend for the rest of the semester. Sweet!

In other news I didn't referee any games this weekend and took it pretty easy, cleaning the house and what not. Currently my project is to finish up my Birth By Sleep review sometime tomorrow and really consider whether or not to continue the Left 4 Dead 2 forum quiz. 2 participants really isn't enough to sustain all the effort.

Sorry this is boring as hell to blog about, not that it matters anyway. No one cares what I put here at all!

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Twin_Master blogged
Sep 5, 10 5:26am

An extremely short one today. Feeling like crap cause I'm a bit under the weather. Woke up way too early for refereeing and could not sleep the night before. Mainly due to a cold, I was awake for 2 hours before getting even an hour of sleep and was covered in a cold sweat the entire time.

I feel like crap now, but I did say I'd get more blog posts.

To put more info in this I've been tinkering with my iPod and have added a fair few games and apps to it. Happy to have been able to upload some Mangas onto it so I can just click and read, as well as some Animes to watch. Very happy about that. If anyone wants some recommendations on Animes I would whole-hearted recommend 'Full Metal Panic!'. Loved it from the first episode after being introduced by a good mate. Great series.

musingsthoughts anime
Twin_Master blogged
Sep 2, 10 10:04pm

This seems to be one of the more interesting weeks I have had in a while, and blogging about it helps for me to let off steam as well as to gloat, in a way.

Studying for University assignments has been a real bore, mainly because I really don't know half the stuff I am supposed to be learning, but am managing to scrape through. Having found the answer to 2 recent assignment problems has really lifted my spirits, but an oral presentation due within a week is really doing damage to my nerves. The fact that no one takes the unit seriously and the presentation is hardly ready to be discussed (group task) should have been apparent to the course coordinators, but it isn't.

I recently bought an iPod Touch 8gb and have been loving it. Of course I Jailbroke it, but still, it's a miraculous machine. First piece of Apple tech I've ever bought, I think. One of the good things about it is I have an extremely good case for it which is both comfortable but safe as well. Saving music and movies on it is great, and I am yet to upload pictures. If anyone has any suggestions for Apps or items to get for my iPod please leave a comment.

Finally, the more exciting aspect of my week, Refereeing. Most recently I had to referee an Under 15 Division 1 game on Sunday. Wasn't expecting much of the game, but it turned out to be a real howler. Last game before the beginning of the Finals for the competition, though I can't remember which team had already made it. Anyway, ended up giving a Red card to a player on both teams. First was for some extremely vulgar swearing at another player, which I most definitely heard (PM if you want to know what he said). 2nd was for a dangerous slide tackle into the back of another player. The worst part was it was not needed at all and I could definitely see he had the intent of injuring the other player (I was literally a metre away from it!). Now there is this weekend, which is semi finals. I have 4 games (Officiating 1 though). The shit thing is they are far away and very early in the morning, so I do not know how I'll manage, but somehow I will.

I feel disappointed that my blog has been so inconsistent when I said it would be. Trying to juggle too many things at once isn't a very good thing for me. I will try and make this place more consistent and get posts out there, even if they are small or random.

And I'll change that header once and for all with something I can stick with. Hope to see comments or otherwise responses. Let's bring this place back to life!

playstation 3 mobile gaming technology

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Twin_Master blogged
Aug 22, 10 6:14am

So slow I just can't be bothered to even put up a blog picture.
This'll be a short concise blog post. Recently there has been reffing, gaming and uni. That's pretty much it.

Refereeing on the weekend. Gaming with some Fallout 3. Waking up early tomorrow so I can watch FC Barcelona play in the Spanish Cup 2nd Leg. Sure they'll lose since they'll front a reserves side. :ashamed:
Getting kinda annoyed at life's little things. It just seems that these days people are changing and they're not the same as they used to be. Mainly turning into *bleep*ing assholes.

I miss the ol' days...

other musingsthoughts technology
Twin_Master blogged
Aug 9, 10 7:38am

With respects to Ded Valve's comment to my blog this post will serve as a big "*bleep* you".

Recently I've seen the transition from Part-University to Full-Time University and am currently into my 4th week back. It's somewhat frustrating that I've already started a majority of my assignment work weeks before they are due, yet experiencing the frantic mayhem that is usually the case the night before.

There isn't much to blog about now. I could just muse on about my life but people don't find that very interesting...

Hell, I'll do it anyway.

So, what's been going on? Nothing. My weeks consist of University. Classes Monday midday. Classes Tuesday and Wednesday, late morning to late night. Thursdays off, hooray! Classes Friday afternoons to late night. Refereeing ALL WEEKEND. Repeat. It's little surprise that I get to really do much outside of classes and refereeing, which is my sustainable income.

I must mention that a month ago I purchased a fantastic (One of the greatest buys I have ever made) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker T-Shirt, pictured above. I love it to bits and it is so soft and cuddly. I'm somewhat scared to wear it as I never want it to wear out.
The otherwise interesting aspects of my life really only include these 2 hopeful items. One, I just bought "The Complete Art of War" book, over 700 pages. Very excited about it despite the long wait due to postage. I am also looking into getting the complete series boxset of "The Unit" for the end of year where I will be mostly unavailable (will detail later).

Anyway, it is time that I was heading off. Be sure to stick around, as I'll most likely make a blog during very inconsistent times, although I will have a topic. Next blog post will discuss the issue of "People in power" with regards to forums, jobs and life in general. I will also divulge in plans for the end of the year if anyone's really reading.


Comment on the blog. Please. I AM DYING HERE!!!!

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Twin_Master blogged
May 2, 10 5:51am

Following on the last blog, I won't talk about my assignment. I have so much to work on as a result of receiving marks back. Well, I will detail what the next assignments (3 and 4) are about.

One is a report on the advances Information Technology in a particular industry. I have chosen the Health Industry and acquired lots of information, which I hope will lead me to success.

The other is more of a budgeting scheme for an IT business, which I find extremely boring and tedious. Coincidentally it's due sooner than the other (which I have already finished) so I should really be attempting it quite soon!

As of recent my efforts to find a job have continually fallen short. The search continues and I'm feeling increasingly more anxious as well as pessimistic about it all. On the top side I stand to make $115 this weekend from refereeing, however, I just feel as a more permanent and non seasonal solution is required!

Anticipation for games hasn't changed much, I'm still excited about Red Dead Redemption (perhaps a little less now), Peace Walker and Portable 3rd. Monster Hunter Tri is out, so I am looking at that, however not having a Wii does little to boost my spirits. Only recently remembered the game "The Last Guardian" coming out for PS3. I LOVED Shadow of The Colossus and and hotly anticipating The Last Guardian. The entire series has me in awe, and such a game is TOO GOOD to pass up!

Now, I must be off. I feel I should really take a good look into planning my assignment. Hope everyone is safe and enjoying themselves as well as this blog post.

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Twin_Master blogged
Apr 18, 10 5:30am

Well, it certainly has been some time since my last blog post. I'm hoping things will move along and that at least some devotees will return.

To sum things up, I'll just partake in sharing a slice of my life. Really enjoying University. Having such a better time as opposed to back at High School. Currently investigating how I will attempt my 3rd assignment so far.
I've also started driving. As of on, I'm quite sure I've obtained around 20 hours at least, with only 80 more to go on my Learner's License before I can aspire towards my P Plates. For those of you who do not know what this is, it's the Australian system. Feel free to look it up.
I've been really into Manga and Anime since my return from travel. I got addicted to Death Note whilst in America, and finally completed my set just over a week ago. I've also been reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn, which I now love. Aside from that I've also finished watching Desert Punk thanks to that bastard Xeros (who feeds my addictions).

Currently I'm anticipating 3 games this year. They are Red Dead Redemption, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. I'm in the need for some good games.

Right now, I'll be heading off to set up the assignment. Please feel free to drop some comments and hopefully provide feedback. I'm hoping to make these blogs more frequent, so feel free to drop suggestions on what to discuss and talk about.

PS: Featured as the main blog image is from Peace Walker. It's the soldier profile I've adapted my name to as we look so alike (I think).

playstation 3 playstation portable musingsthoughts gaming related

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 26, 10 5:37pm

Got back from my holiday trip a week ago. So much was going on, it's too much to even type.
I've really sort of died down with these blogs. Mainly due to the fact that no one really ever reads them. XD

Well, recent news includes getting a PS3. 5 years in process, actually. Finally fulfilled. Very happy. Playing lots of Metal Gear Online and FIFA. A bit of GTA IV. Can't believe I made it through all of high school with out this thing.

Recently finished school. Now on to Uni. Offered to study IT in a Uni close by. Going to turn that into a double alongside Business. My business study prerequisites will help with that. Going to study part time while I find a damn job and be able to get some damn money. =/
Please send me money!

playstation 3 musingsthoughts
Twin_Master blogged
Nov 23, 09 7:21am

I'm currently preparing myself for my travel trip within the next 3 days, which spans over til mid January. Yes, I am very eager about it and I'll be making journal entries as well as taking many photos. Perhaps I might even share.

I'm most anxious of going to Barcelona. This has been a dream of mine for many years, so it'll be absolutely great. The fact that I am also going to see Barcelona vs RCD Espanyol at a home game is even better. I just can't wait!

Twin_Master blogged
Nov 20, 09 3:31am

Hmm... not sure what's going on here. I've come to the end of my high school life. It's currently 7:30PM on Thursday night and tomorrow is my FINAL day of school for life. I suppose I should be sad, but I am not. The future will see more opportunities for me, as well as adventuring out into the real world. The only sad thing will be the fact that I won't see my friends as often, BUT, we're all a pretty tight nit group, so I can guarantee that we'll meet up at various points in time next year, as well as the future.

Well, I do have my holiday trip to look forward to. I'm hoping that will take my mind off things. Then when I get back, I'll be getting my goddamn PS3, finally!
Anyway, thanks for reading guys. I'll prepare a speech for when I actually leave next week. :P

Twin_Master blogged
Oct 15, 09 1:50pm

Well, it's my final year of school, and I have only so many days left. It's overbearing. I can't contain myself one bit.
I suppose it has helped to one extent. Within days of receiving my assignments, I'm on them and finished. This means I will have literally weeks of free time before the end of school due to the fact that everyone else will be working on their assignments and I'll be completely done! :thick:

On a different subject, my brother and I recently purchased Metal Gear Solid 4. The sad thing is we have no PS3 to play it on. We bought it more as a promise to each other, that we will get a PS3.
Now, from 25th November to 12th January, we will both be away on holiday to celebrate the end of school. This is going to be a *bleep*ing epic holiday trip. I'll be releasing more info regarding this in my next blog, as well as insight to my big plan! :)

I hope everyone is well.

playstation 3 musingsthoughts neoseeker related
Twin_Master blogged
Sep 20, 09 10:29pm

Well, my holidays have started and I'm free for another 2 weeks. I've got a bit planned so I'll be kept busy.
Just thought I'd put in a small blog post, though I'm not sure why I bother. No one gives a shit about it anyway, which is really disappointing.

Oh well, at least I can use it to document some of my escapades that no one will ever read about... ever. :laugh:

For the record, I'm currently watching lots of Football as well as organising some files on my computer. I'm still getting together themes for both my blog and Neohome.
Twin_Master blogged
Aug 21, 09 5:53am

Well, it's my Cousin's wedding this weekend, so I'm taking a plane down to Melbourne tomorrow morning, in roughly 11 hours. Hope everyone has fun and misses me whilst gone. It'll be different being away from the computer. :P

Hopefully I can get at least some damn comments.

Twin_Master blogged
Aug 11, 09 1:15pm

I see it's been a while since my last blog and I'm sorry everyone.

Well, what can I say? I'm in a Monster Hunter *bleep*ing craze! Obvious enough is my avatar and banner set. The avatar details the lovable Chacha, while the banner shows the various locations of the region of Moga (Set in MH3). I've also been throwing in all of the Monster Hunter 3 information I can into the wiki, doing a fairly significant contribution to the Chacha article! Please, have a look and commend my work. I'm also working with Relmutsie AN to help get in some themes to the main page. It'll look quite good when it's all worked out. As well as this, images for the header and jewel are in the process of creation, mainly by me... :|

I had a plan on what else I was going to talk about, but I've already forgotten. Better to just talk about what's happening now. Still at school, still studying and it's 11:53pm on Monday night. School in the morning then football training that afternoon. It's probably significant to mention that I'm in the First XII team, so if anyone feels like congratulating me, it'd be much appreciated.

Right now it's 12:00am as I get to this part. I'll have to be heading off to bed and getting ready for tomorrow. Getting to bed before 12:00am is pretty significant for me. I hope my random rants are in the least bit amusing and that people PLEASE comment or at least give feedback, PLEASE!

See you all around the forums.


Thanks to my *bleep*ing internet I could not post this shit last night and had to do so at a later time. *bleep* me. >_


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Twin_Master blogged
Jun 1, 09 5:38pm

Forgot to put in the blog that FC Barcelona won the Champions League. Great for me as I'm an avid fan and glad to see that they won the treble. I'm looking forward to my trip to Barcelona at the end of the year for sure!

In more recent news, I've been promoted alongside krunk13 to the Left 4 Dead forum. I'm really excited about it and have a lot of good plans for the future of the forum. Be sure to check it out and to also give my fellow moderator a congratulations.


Finally, I must ask the audience, what's wrong with my blog? I'm not getting any comments anymore. Help me make this blog better. PLEASE! :(

xbox 360 pc other musingsthoughts neoseeker related

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Twin_Master blogged
May 23, 09 3:34am

I'm planning to have a good time playing online tonight. I watched a few videos online of griefing. Some of them are *bleep*ing hilarious!

I also wanted to have a quick talk about some things I like to reflect upon when playing online games...
One of the great things I love about online gaming is the people you meet. I have many good pals on steam, and I love having a good chat. Even so, it's great to see what fun happens online whilst playing. So that's why soon in the future, I'll be introducing the adventures of Twin_Master online! Mostly L4D, you'll get to enjoy the same gaming experiences as I did. I'm gonna make them lots of fun, so be sure to stay tuned!

pc musingsthoughts
Twin_Master blogged
May 7, 09 11:39pm

Wow, it was worth me waking up at 4:30 in the morning to watch the Champions League semi-finals game.

Barcelona taking on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It was truly intense. I was gutted to see Essien's goal, despite how superb it was. The game progressed and beautiful Iniesta pulled through for us in the 90+3 minute. I was over the *bleep*ing moon! Bad luck to my mates who support Chelsea, I know you feel hard done, but I'm just too happy.


Twin_Master blogged
May 4, 09 9:43pm


This is big news for any self respecting Monster Hunter fanatic. I myself am over the moon. Anyway, I'll look into getting the links and sources so you may all bask in the awesome that is Monster Hunter.

Also, to commemorate this, I'll be changing my Avatar and Banner to something more Monster Hunterish. I'm still very attached to my Nausicaa wares though.

Keep 'Seekin', 'Seekers!

EFIT: I accidentally called it Monster Hunter Freedom 2. The game is MHFU! MHFU! That's MHFU!
Twin_Master blogged
Apr 28, 09 9:15pm

Well, as the title may suggest, I'm at home sick. At least this gives me a bit of time to work on my Math assignment, despite how boring it is.

I've generally been pretty lax with my whole blogging aspect. The holidays saw me wasting my time, and now I'm back at school. Well, not for today at least, as I'm at home due to an annoying cold. The worst part is the blocked nose, how I hate that blocked nose! Then when my ears get blocked, it's a *bleep*ing pain. Not to mention my sore throat all morning. Felt like I was swallowing a razor blade the entire time.

But anyway, things have seemed to change a little bit since my last blog. I managed to get a DS over the Easter break, and finally managed to play the Pokemon Diamond that I had on my shelf for over a year. Been playing a little bit of Left 4 Dead, as well as some Counter Strike, thanks to Chaos for FINALLY giving me my well earned forum reward!

On the subject of being sick, don't you just hate it when you feel unmotivated? I swear, when I am sick, and I am now, I just don't feel like doing any of the fun things I would when I am not sick. DS, I don't feel like playing. PSP, I don't feel like playing. PC, I don't feel like playing. Neoseeker, I generally don't feel like doing much on it. Sleeping, I don't want to sleep. I slept from 6pm yesterday to 7am this morning, so I'm obviously not tired. I guess you can say that the only thing I do want to do is blogging, but I didn't really feel like doing much anyway.

And just a sorry for the sentence structure. I don't think I used the new paragraphs correctly, but hey, I'm delusional.

Anyway, I'll try to put up some more blogs every now and then, as well put in some work into my somewhat dormant novel. I know I should continue both...

OHH, a side note, managed to get the book Metal Gear Solid by Raymond Bensen. School managed to order it in for me, so that was a delight. Everyone should definitely look into getting it! =D

pc ds musingsthoughts gaming related

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Twin_Master blogged
Mar 29, 09 11:43pm

Mainly my week has involved refereeing football and drastically scrambling to finish an Economics assignment.
Part of today's fun involved watching my friend receive a red card in his game, with myself and Machienzo actually assisting referees for the game.
Now I'm scowering the Reserve Bank's website to get all my information together. I haven't had as much time to play Left 4 Dead as I'd like, but soon enough I will, as Machi and I have incredible news to share. Keep a lookout!

musingsthoughts gaming related
Twin_Master blogged
Mar 15, 09 7:00am

I just had the single greatest online game of Left 4 Dead in my entire life. Ironically enough, I hardly played the game as usual.

It was difficult to find a server that would work well, so when I did it was such a delight. I even had a good bunch of team mates, so that was awesome. I quickly became friends with one of them, ngx.morpha, and we just had the best online game as well as chat. This also came with so much in game fun, I definitely wished I had FRAPS loaded. :(

Anyway, here's a little story of what it involved, which I am ordering from how I remember it.


Playing online, we scrambled for the Elevator. Just as Bloodyomen hit the elevators close button, Louis (who was played by a guy who had just joined) was dragged out of the elevator and shut out. We all laughed so hard, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen! Also, a few seconds after reaching the top, I got thrown through the elevator floor straight to the bottom. Even before hitting the bottom floor I actually got pounced by a hunter!

We came across a fair few amount of rage quitters too, so that was good to laugh at when they lost.

One gamer that annoyed the *bleep* out of me was honey_melon_badger. The first online game, during No Mercy Chapter 1, he was the survivor. His team had made it to the safe house, as did he. He locked himself in the safe room just as the other 2 alive survivors got incapped and dragged away (One had died previously). He made NO attempt to save them, so we left Bill, incapped at the stairway, and started trying to coax hmb out of the safe room, whilst hiding around the corner. Didn't seem to work, but still *bleep*ing hilarious to be a part of.

After a while of gaming, we decided to have a go at Extreme mode, on No Mercy Chapter 1. I ran to the safehouse and made it just on 1 health. The rest were soon to follow. Whilst waiting, I was peering out the peep-hole and talking to ngx.morpha. He started talking about shooting out the peep-hole and getting some more infected killed. I preceded to do so and noted that it looked like a makeshift *bleep* gushing out blood. Yet more laughs.

Mid way through gameplay, ngx.morpha and I decided to start some in game challenges, like hitting 4 survivors with a boomer at once, and pouncing a survivor that no one had managed to pounce in the past 5 games. Never the less, seconds after I announced this challenge, morpha managed to pull it off. Damn him!

And to finish off this log and to stop my ranting, I thought I'd take note of all the little things we talked about. It was definitely lots of fun.

Discussions included:
    My twin
    Hunters Pouncing
    The Boomer and his tactics

That seems to be it. Never the less, I will not forget this day. *tear of joy*

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Twin_Master blogged
Mar 8, 09 12:51am

I promised myself that I would make a note of my latest achievement whilst playing online on Left 4 Dead.

I managed to find myself amongst a decent team within versus mode for once. We were playing as the Infected on the last chapter of No Mercy. We decided to use the most obvious tactic, which was to wait and pounce them before the reached the roof via the ladder. This, combined with 2 Hunters, a Boomer and a Smoker is pure gold.

So, I began as a Hunter, and waited on the roof, above the ladder. The first survivor (Francis) popped his head up through the gap. He was immediately snatched up by a Smoker and drag off the mini section of the roof. The remaining 3 followed up the ladder as well, all getting hit by a Boomer. I had noticed that one survivor (Louis) had strayed a bit from the other two, so I immediately pounced him, pinning him just on the edge of the roof section. The other two fell down onto a lower section of the roof, whilst blinded by the Boomer. I managed to snatch a kill from the first pounce. It was epic.
With Louis down, I looked to where Francis was. He had been incapacitated and was swarmed by a Horde, after being dropped to lower ground thanks to the Smoker. Once again, Hunter instincts took over, as I pounced him as well. I managed to kill him after somehow jumping through the Horde to pounce him.
It was just Zoey and Bill left over. I was waiting to respawn after Zoey had attempted to save Francis but failed and killed me instead. Mwahahahahah. Both Zoey and Bill had split up significantly, so I trailed Zoey as yet another Hunter. She decided to commit suicide before I could pounce her. I just sat on the edge of the building, watching her jump from the roof.
I turned around thinking I could at least get Bill, but he was constricted by a Smoker and downed by a Horde. Alas, it was *bleep*ing amazing.


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Twin_Master blogged
Mar 4, 09 2:07am

Today has been a great day for me. One of my best, since the influx of lots of good news!
I managed to finish 2 important assessments for school today, one being an English assignment, the other being a Business Seminar presentation.
The seminar one was a bit of a scare, considering the fact that literally minutes before I was to present, I had my USB in the computer, getting a little more organised. Then, unknowingly, this idiot kid from my class decided to pull out my USB and announced "Who's USB is this?", taking it out of the USB port whilst I was transferring files from it.
I literally almost shat bricks. Thankfully the USB still worked, and I gave the other student a stern abusive speech to. The teacher even laughed at it!

Both assessments went well, and I continued the day normally. When I arrived at home, I was greeted by a message from Chaos about winning the Left 4 Dead Forum theme contest. Hooray for me. I opted for the Fallout 3 PC game and should be receiving it in a matter of weeks. Now it's time for me to rest and play some Killzone on the good ol' PS2.


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Twin_Master blogged
Feb 25, 09 2:50am

Well, I recently acquired the game Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? At first it was fun, but that love relationship wuickly turned to hate. I hate the stupid boss system, I hate the health system. Pretty much the factors that bring it down are the ones I detest the most. Don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable game, it's just that I feel mortal *bleep*ing man was not meant to accomplish it. After spending hours trying to beat the final boss, I rage quit by turning of my PSP and throwing the game at the wall. I guess I'll just wait till I can get a *bleep*ing save file to quench my thirst, because obviously, the game was JUST not worth it.
Twin_Master blogged
Feb 23, 09 8:15am

Well, looks like QLD ROAR *bleep*ed up their chances of a Grand Final yet again. Even though the game was in Adelaide, I managed to see it courtesy of a friend with cable TV. I thought the game was generally woeful. Queensland really wasted the opportunities they had, despite the fact that they were receiving them by the handful.
Alas, good job to Adelaide, and I hope you get *bleep*ed up by Melbourne like last time.

Right now it's pretty late and I have school in the morning. At least my Friday was good, having a nice chat with girl I have a good thing with. Hopefully as soon as my school holidays begin, we can get out more. I might decide to keep you all posted, if you're in the least bit interested.
Be on the lookout for my latest user review. I managed to must one an hour or so ago. I hope it's helpful to some.
Well now, I must go to sleep for another shit week of school. Enjoy, bloggers!

Twin_Master blogged
Feb 14, 09 6:48am

Just got home from yet another Queensland Roar game. Was definitely a treat. The 2-1 win has sent us through the semi-finals into the preliminaries. It was an awesome game to behold, despite the fact that myself and my friend Pottsy had somewhat woeful seating arrangements. Te first goal was an excellent shot across ground by Mitch Nicholls in the first half. The 2nd came in the second half by Matt McKay, slotting it on the left within a gap inches wide separating Vuckovic and the goal post. Sadly, as Pottsy and I were searching for our goddamn friend, we missed the *bleep*ing goal. Ohh well, it was a great experience and I had loads of fun.

One thing to mention was that a flare went off during the game. I managed to capture some of it on footage in low quality, but still good. I'll be posting the match highlights as soon as they arrive. ;)

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Twin_Master blogged
Feb 8, 09 4:24am

It's literally just hours before I begin my all nighter of Left 4 Dead. I must say, I've become heavily addicted to that game. I'm surprised I've managed to stay off it for the past few days.
Ohh well.
I plan to record some more movies and hopefully upload them for all to see. As usual, they are all packed full of fun and excitement.

Here are the first to Chapters of the first campaign, as well as some gameplay of online versus mode. Machienzo and I are soon to make a compilation of the best clips of all our recorded gameplay, so stay tuned.

No Mercy: The Apartments

No Mercy: The Subway

Versus Mode Online

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Twin_Master blogged
Feb 3, 09 7:13am

Well, as you may have guessed it already, I've been absolutely hooked on Left 4 Dead. I just got it yesterday afternoon and managed to install it on our parents good computer. It runs perfectly, which I am absolutely loving.
Now, if I was so hooked, why would I be blogging and not playing? Well, with my time, I've decided to make some videos of my gameplay, just for fun. Most are actually quite good.
So far I've taken video of the first 2 chapters of No Mercy and the rest are on the way. Sadly, with FRAPS, the movie files are so *bleep*ing huge in file size, I'm sitting here waiting for them to convert to a smaller size.
As well as story mode, I've had a few of online versus mode. I just love playing as the Hunter!

So, as I continue to play, a 11pm at night, school in the morning, know that if I die, I died happily.

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 30, 09 1:21am

Well, the main force propelling my thoughts on creating a novel, as well as changing my Avatar and Banner set most recently, I should be getting the game "Left 4 Dead" within a few days at quite a good price. I tell me friends all about it and they know I am completely hyped up about it.
To be more specific, I am getting it for PC, to add to my wonderful steam collection.

I remember when the game was first advertised to me, simply because of tekmosis (*bleep*ing legend, mind you) adding the forum link to his profile. At the time, before the beta test was released, I had thought it look mediocre at best, having watched some terrible gameplay footage. I promptly forgot about it until recently, when the Steam forum members had a big thing going on a bout it. I slowly watched more videos, devoured more information and artwork and soon became entranced in a game I had not played.
And so I decided to get it this weekend, with the help of good friend Sean, who can manage to make it into the city for me this weekend.

Dear God. Thank you.

I hope to be rubbing e-shoulders with the likes of Lorx (One of the main L4D members that introduced me) online in a L4d match soon and am very much anticipating this game.


PS: Main blog image is my current MSN display picture. Please don't steal without asking.

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 27, 09 6:07am

Well, sadly, I have less than 12 hours before I return back to school for my last year. It's been a great holiday, finished off with a miserable NeoRaffle. Most recently, I've accomplished at personal achievement.
My friend Sean visited yesterday, and I used my PSP to Pandora his, allowing him access to Homebrew. A momentus day, considering I had to search the internet to allow my Phat to convert his Slim, managing to find a universal unbricker.
It was a great day.

And now, for the highlight of the blog, some new info.
After much deliberation, I've decided on the main character/s. I decided to go with the cliche 4 man team, with 3 seeming to be too little and 5 too many.
Not much detail will be released yet except for this.

The main character is a white male, unemployed, bearded with lots of experience in smaller jobs.

Supporting characters (which will be introduced at an unannounced point in the novel) are:

Male Asian Paramedic.
Female Stunt performer.
Australian cattle rustler.

This is just a rough overview so far, and the characters could make a radical change over the course of the story.

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 15, 09 8:46am

Well, after much late night deliberation, I've done some soul searching and have decided to try my luck at novel writing. Purely for fun, of course.

Basically the most info I can give related to the novel is that it will be based around a Zombie Survival theme.

Any and all help contributing towards the novel will be much appreciated. Please give comments or PMs or help or support in any way you can and it will be much appreciated!

Also, sometime in the future, I may be enquiring about work for graphic designs or art based on the novel. If anyone is offering to help, it would be very much appreciated.

I am hoping that I can get some support with this, and hope that I have not wasted anyone's time.

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 14, 09 7:20am

What's hippity happening?

I just found my old copy of Midnight Club: LA Remix for PSP and decided to start playing all over again. That is aside from the fact that my original save, almost at 50% completion and with my beautiful Camaro Concept was corrupted. Never mind, I'll have more fun making this file even better.

I decided to get re-acquainted with the music of the game, and like the selection of West-Coast Rap and Hip-Hop, making it my goal to at least manage some of the songs. Through my day of exploring, I'm still looking for 4 of them.

"Future Shock"
(John Acquaviva Edit)
By Kid DUB

"Let Yourself Go"
By Evidence

"Too Cool 4 Skool"
(Jonny Lexxs Remix)
By John Acquaviva & Oliver Giacomotto

By NaS
Ft. Keri Hilson

They're surprisingly annoying to look for, but never the less, I will persist.
My current song addiction is the main theme, "Dundy Lion", by Markus Kienzl, hence the title, as it what I believe part of the song sounds like, with the whoop sounding more like an engine rev.
I'll leave the song here, for you to enjoy.

On the lighter side of things, my brother, Machienzo, has managed to create a GLaDOS voice operating system, using a AT&T provided computer voice, then editing it with an "unknown" sound editing program. It's *bleep*ing amazing and speaks pretty damn well (A sample can be viewed via his non-neoseeker blog, via his profile signature). I'm thinking of using it to create some custom sounds for my laptop, which will be extremely cool. Anyway, thanks for reading bloggers. If I can get a few comments, I'll load up the sounds I gather and will allow people to download them. I'll also post up a guide for changing interface sounds to make this easy theme, upon request. Mind you, it is VISTA only.
Enjoy yourselves.

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 11, 09 7:22pm

Ow *bleep*. My neck hurts like a bitch. I'll have to go lay down really soon.
It's been 10 days since my last blog post. I have been out and about, having lots of fun with my friends. Last we went out to the local shopping centre and had a walk around, then went back to y friends place and played lots of football with his new metal goal posts. It was.. almost orgasmic.
Most recently however, was Friday. We had a great day out at a local Golf Club, on their 19 hole, par 3 course. Suffice to say, I was last out of all of us. My most common phrase happened to be either "*bleep*!" or "I hate golf". Never the less, it was still great fun to be out with my mates.
With the amount of videos and pictures taken on the day, I am creating a DVD to give to my pallos for the day.
I'll probably create some exerts of the best bits to show you all later. Thanks for reading. ;)

Sorry for the sickly green colour. I forgot whilst posting. >_>

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Twin_Master blogged
Jan 1, 09 7:53pm

It's been quite a while since my last blog post and I'm sorry for that.
Recently I've full of things to do these holidays. I celebrated my birthday on the 20th, as well as Christmas with the family but 5 days later. But most recently I re-rented the game "Shadow of the Colossus" and have found myself absolutely hooked. Again.
The scenery, the music, the graphic designs, the majestic gameplay all work well together to make this more than a game, but rather a work of art.
Even though it is a few years old, it is somewhat a rather inspiring game.
From which, I have decided to take upon myself the creation of a novel, somewhat similar to the events of the game, but different. I'm hoping I'll manage to keep up with it and make something of it at least.

Well, to top the celebration list, I managed to russle up these items for my Birthday and Christmas.

Blank DVDs
Dexter: An Omnibus (A quite good book)
A bucket of M&Ms
A huge CD Case to put all my CD's
A new PS2 to replace the ol' broken one
A big TV for the room
Shirts and pants

That's basically what I can remember. I've enjoyed all of it so far.
My brother and I also decided to buy an old Xbox, and I am currently awaiting Fable from eBay. Looks to be a treat.

Well, I wish everyone a happy holidays and a safe new year. :)

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Twin_Master blogged
Dec 17, 08 3:24am

Originally I had written the blog upon my return from the recent sporting event, but my internet prohibited me from posting sooner.

I just got back from a Queensland Roar Football match in an almost ecstatic mood. The Roar have a long history of losing a majority of their home games, and managed to pull off a win with a wonderful last minute strike to win the game. As part of an early birthday celebration, I went down wiht my brother and 5 other mates to watch the game. The opponents were Newcastle Jets. Sadly enough, they managed to score the first goal, putting our spirits down low. But with a wonderful heard by Nicholls in the end of half time to equalise help us get into the mood of things. Late in the 2nd half, a red card for Newcastle followed. Throughout the game, the Queensland support had been crazy, and this red card made everyone extremely excited. We were all screaming at the referee and opposing players. The main forward, Van Dijk, scored the last goal in the last 30 seconds of the game to win it for us. Believe me, we went ballistic. Everyone was jumping up and down, cheering and screaming. Hard objects were being thrown into the air in delight. It was a great game to go to. I will be posting up match highlights very soon, as well as a video I recorded off my phone of the in stadium after party.
What a wonderful birthday present!!!

It would be advisable to open in youtube and view in high definition.

Match Facts:
At 32 seconds into the video, a high pitch noise can be heard. This is of my friend with his airhorn, trying to distract the jets player. Failed.
At 3 mins 25 seconds as they are panning over the crowd, I am wearing the Queensland Roar shirt, next to my friend nick (yellow) as he leans down.
More proof:


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Twin_Master blogged
Dec 14, 08 8:50am

Sorry it's been a while since my last Blog entry.
I've had a fun start to my holidays, mostly spent inside my nice cool room.

I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow, which marks the most recent Queensland Roar home game. As part of an early birthday event, I'm going there with a bunch of friends, alongside a camera, so hopefully I'll have some fun snaps as well as being viewable in the highlights. It's happened before, and I exploited the hell out of it to the point that all my friends were laughing at me. In a good way though.

I wanted to know if people still find this blog amusing or interesting. Hopefully I can rock up some more activity in the future and bring some fun in.

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Twin_Master blogged
Dec 4, 08 8:29pm

Well, GTA4 for PC has already been released, and I've been at home with a brother absolutely obsessed with it. I don't think he can handle the fact that he'll have to wait off a few more days until he'll be able to finally play the game. I for one am definitely looking forward to the game, with the PC Video Editor looking absolutely fantastic. We've already thought of some ideas of what kind of movies to make.
Obviously our laptop's aren't going to handle the game too well, so we've opted to use our better desktop to try. More or less it's going to see a lot of down time with GTA4.
Without even owning the game, I would definitely recommend it. GTA is one of the phenomenal titles of our generation and we must take a hold of it. BUY IT NOW!

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Twin_Master blogged
Dec 2, 08 2:23am

Lately I've found myself out job hunting for part time Christmas work. I've already scouted out one area and have given out resumes, with around 2 more places to go in the next day. The thing is, I really want a job. I need some money. I want to be able to buy things within limitation.
But going around giving these resumes is relatively easy. I do not however enjoy those stupid online applications, where they make you fill out questions about yourself. I believe that a person cannot express or represent themselves fully on paper. It's much better when demonstrated in person.
Awaiting an interview, I am wondering what are some good strategy to going well with interviews and handing in resumes. I would assume it's always good to play it cool, but how much is too much?
So far I have gathered these from Australian Men's Health Magazine, and I find it rather helpful, as you could too.

quote Australian Men's Health Magazine, AUG 2008
Impossible Interview Questions
Malcolm Nicholson, founder of employee development consultancy Aspecture, tells you how to answer flummoxing inquiries

Q "What do you want to be doing in 10 years?"
Your answer: I want to be continuing with my professional development, contributing to a team, feeling valued, rewarded and getting a sense of purpose out of work. I hope this company can provide that.
The reason: If you have genuine ambition relating to the position and/or company then say so - otherwise keep your answer limited to general but positive values.

Q "What do you think makes you unique?"
Your answer: I'm great at working individually, but I've adapted my skills to become a well-rounded team player as well.
The reason: Most companies want people who will fit in. they may say "unique", but they mean "distinctive". So list all your distinctive points and emphasise your people skills.

Q "What is your greatest weakness"
Your answer: In the past I've been good at managing the peaks of work, but less so at the troughs. So I've avoided getting unproductive by focussing on the volume of work and working the hours to enable the work to be one.
The reason: You've turned a potential lose-lose question into a winner for you by emphasising your ability to solve problems and manage your personal development, while pointing out your best qualities (you work like a Stalinist coal miner on speed)

Q "Tell me about yourself"
Your answer: What exactly would you like to know?
The reason: Be wary of generalised questions. Before you know it, you can be off babbling about surfing. Seek clarification and then focus on your best achievements.

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Twin_Master blogged
Dec 1, 08 8:54am

So, I too will put in my thoughts on the who blogs issue, however brief it may be. All this talk about how people don't want to read about other's random crap really got to me. I'm feeling a bit ashamed, as a few of my blogs have started out like that. This whole issue has got me a bit concerned about even posting up.
I feel as though these blogs are a positive outlet for neoseeker members. Hell, it may be short and confusing, but it allows members to have a positive outlet for whatever may be concerning them.
It would be far more convenient to not put restrictions on it.

If members don't want random life stuff mentioned in blogs, they don't have to read it.

If they want to keep blogs generally hardware/gaming site related, they can keep THEIR blog related to that.

I just don't think it seems fair if a few people don't agree with how the blogs are running, they should take down the freedom from everyone.
So now I'm awaiting a PM Inbox full of hate mail. Although, I would appreciate any comments any member may have about this blog.

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 5:37pm

Last night saw me up past 4am this morning, watching the 2nd series of The Unit. Our family absolutely loves that TV Show, and I am absolutely hooked on it too. I definitely recommend, as it has it's fair share of dramatisation, action and cunning feats of director ingenuity. Some of the episodes last night had me guessing the wrong way, which is Exactly what they want to do.
Sometime around 3am, during my father's early morning insomnia toilet break was I caught, and nicely told to go to sleep. But I wasn't tired.
So, the rest of the morning till 4am, I started playing Pokemon Genesis, a user made hack. It's actually quite a good gad, though still in Beta Form.

Anyway now, I'm completely skimped on something fun to add to this...
Nothing. This blog is so damn freaking boring, and is just me trying to get you to watch this series.
Sorry to have wasted your time guys.
Although it can be a little detail to what is install for my blogs. I'm going to try to set a Christmas theme for the holidays so we can all bask in the pumpkin.
Ohh wait, wrong festivity.
Jingle Bells or Santa's hats or.. whatever. Christmas stuff.

One last thing before I duck out to have Breakfast at some Chinese Restaurant, I've managed to get some themes going for my MPO+ forum, so I'm hoping they turn out well. Thanks for viewing, if you have managed to read all this.

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 12:56am

So, I woke up at 11am and it's now 3pm (well, 5pm when I posted this). All in all, a rather short day.
I've managed to achieve the following so far:
  • Start a blog
  • Make a first blog entry
  • Make a blog header
  • Help my brother with Neoseeker's blogging
  • Iron 6 shirts
  • *bleep* around on MSN
  • Make a second entry
Damn this day is roughly boring.

Ohh wait. Holy crap. It seems to be raining outside. And heavy winds as well. Might as well take a photograph to give you all an idea. Or better yet, a video. As you can see, it progressively gets more intense to a point where I felt like not getting any more wet than usual.

Aside from those instances, it's been pretty lackluster. I hope it'll pick up more tonight. Where as most of this afternoon has seen me bloggin'.

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 12:51am

So, I said I'd fill you all in on the changes I made to my PSP.
Well, here goes.
  • Upgraded to Firmware 5.00 (Custom Firmware 5.00M33-3
  • Installed .ctf files (Custom Themes)
  • Got some freaking awesome MGS4 themes
  • Got a GBA Emulator
  • Got some pretty good Pokemon Fire Red hacks
  • Bought myself Football Manager Handheld 2009
I would definitely reccomend this custom firmware. It's the bomb.
And for all of you viewing, here's what my two MGS4 themes look like. They're so damn sexy.

Although, I must say I find the 1st theme much more appealing and it is the one I have been using. A reminder that these are for
Firmware 5.00 and above ONLY

playstation portable gaming related mgs4 theme psp firmware pokemon

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 30, 08 12:51am

Well, many people have asked or even heard about my PSP story. Alas, it is a story that has put me through much angst over the past 2 months and I've been having to explain it constantly, as people have become confused over my immediate change of heart during this issue. Keep reading and you'll soon find out.
    One cool Wednesday night - (22nd September 2008)
I was sitting in my room, the very same place that I now blogging from. As usual, I was playing around on the internet and on my PSP. Was getting pretty bored with the default theme so I decided to do a flash0 file change to give it a bit of pizzazz. I managed to change it without hassle. Success! Now it fits in with my Half-Life 2 wallpaper. But really, I didn't feel like keeping it at the time, so I tried to change it back. Then came the big mistake.
I stupidly decided to delete my flash0 files then re-transfer the originals which I had backed up. Stupid. I shouldn't have *bleep*ed around with it in the first place. So, once I had done that, I restarted my PSP.
A big blank screen.

"HOLY *bleep*! I JUST BRICKED MY *bleep*ING PSP!"

I then rushed to get my brother's PSP and tried to install a Pandora battery with it, to at least save my baby. I got as far as the installer, but the screen kept saying (Game could not be started).
I almost shit a brick.
After about an hour of mourning, I realised that the guy at school who had originally put custom firmware on it could probably help fix it. So I decided to put it in my bag and bring it to school the next day.
    That Thursday morning - (23rd September 2008)
So I woke up, still pissed of at my PSP. Got ready for school as usually and caught the train there, as usual. Immediately I went searching for my friend (Ross, the PSP guy). I told him my predicament and he said he'd help out. Unbeknownst to me, this was one mistake I would not make again...
    5 *bleep*ing weeks later - (26th November 2008)
After almost 5 god forsaken weeks away from my PSP, I had finally pester him enough to bring it to school to give to me, which I got that afternoon at the end of school. 5 weeks. I'd been getting excuses about him not having time or it just barely working, but I didn't expect it to take 5 weeks.
Upon receiving it, he cheerfully exclaimed that it was safe on firmware 1.50, so I happily walked off with my PSP to catch the train, whilst he sped off in his car. I turned it on, but nothing. it was still *bleep*ing bricked.
"Argh, *bleep*, how am I going to sort this out!? Never going to trust him again. At least I have my PSP back. At least!"
So, on the way home, with my bricked PSP in my bag, I contemplated my options for getting it fixed. It was a somewhat vast list:
    Plan A - Get Ross to fix it
    Plan B - Use brother's PSP
    Plan C - Use other friends PSP
    Plan D - Buy Pandora battery from eBay
    Plan E - Send PSP to Ville_Valo
Within a few hours of deducing this list and talking to friends over MSN, I quickly eliminated. All plans but plan E.
"Shit, I guess I AM going to have to pay some moolah after all"
I started talking to Ville_Valo about the predicament. He offered to send over a battery instead of me sending my PSP. A good compromise only I didn't have any money. We also had a nice chat on the side as well. But, as I browsed youtube as well, some Pandora guides caught my fancy. I told Ville to just consider it, as i left the conversation (As he went to bed)
Looking at the vids, I was still determined to have another crack at Pandora'n it again. Too bad I didn't have a Sony 1gb stick. Luckily another friend did, so a quick chat help me to trade my Sandisk for his Sony. So, I was all set for one last try the next day, before all hope was lost.
    A New Hope [Trademark LucasArt] - (27th November 2008)
Good ol' reliable Sean had my Sony 1gb ready and waiting. The day say me as anxious all through school. I got home as fast as I possible could. Began looking over my Pandora Guides, and getting all the firmware I need, as well as the special apps to use it. I began the arduous task at 4pm that afternoon, secluding myself in the study. A prompt 2 hours later (Due to the slowness of our only XP computer, which was required for the Pandora) I finally had my success.
I was ecstatic and overjoyed. I had fixed my PSP. I let it be known trough Neoseeker and MSN. Lots of people congratulated me and I thanked them, also thanking those who had so whole heartedly offered support and assistance. Thanks so much guys. Thanks to Machienzo (My Bro) letting me use his PSP in the process.
    The following events
The following few days saw me make many changes to my PSP and play some of my long untouched and missed games. I would indulge on this, but it is better left for another blog...

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Twin_Master blogged
Nov 29, 08 7:45pm

Upon waking up this morning, I felt the lifting of my head from my pillow was a my arduous task then usual. Somehow, I managed to shuffle my self to the bathroom to quickly relieve myself, then promptly return back to my room. Only when I reached the door did my brother announce that Neoseeker had started blogs.
I pepped up a bit, feeling more awake, and decided to start my own. Having spent an hour just looking at styles I could choose, I came to my conclusion and started typing. I'm pretty sure it's quite bland right now, but sooner than later, it'll expand and become much better than what you see here.
More or less, this new blog feature is awesome. I am definitely hoping that over the next few weeks, I will be able to continue my blogging with the help of my beloved Neoseeker, and maybe along the way, interest others with my antics.



My first matter of business. What should my blog posting style be? I am looking at the default colour black but I am not sure what size is necessary.
Give a shout out via comment to this blog on what you think is best.
Should I go with Size 1 or Size 2?

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