(Relatively) Free SMS on your mobile phone!

    1. Facebook Account
    2. Mobile Phone (with access to Internet)
    3. Access to 0.facebook.com through phone network

Set Up:
    1. Go to the address 0.facebook.com (only available on Mobile Phones) and check to see if you are supported by your Mobile Network. A full list of the permitted networks can be found here, and this website will be accessed on the network for FREE.
        a. Able to access: Continue to #2.
        b. Unable to access: You are not able to complete this guide.

    2. Activate Facebook Mobile for your Mobile Phone through here. (This step requires you to send 1 SMS where standard SMS charges WILL apply.)
    3. Enable Notifications for Personal Messages through here.
    4a. Optional: Create a bookmark for your Facebook Inbox or the message of your favourite contact.
    4b. Optional: Assign that bookmark to a shortcut on your Mobile Phone for easy access.

How this works:
    You will receive SMS Notification for the messages in Facebook you receive. You should be able to see the whole message in the SMS unless it is over 100 characters. You can then easily access free FB mobile to view the whole message in your inbox and reply to the message as well.

    TIP: This works much better if both members have this scheme set up.

Continued Use:
    You will need to send an activation message to Facebook through your Mobile phone every 60 days. They will prompt you through SMS and it only costs the same as 1 standard local SMS message.

Now, some might be thinking this is a stupid idea or wonder why I am even writing about it. I personally think it's *bleep*ing fantastic and am pretty damn happy that I'm able to access it. I have been using this nonstop since around early Janurary and it has saved me a fortune in Mobile Phone bills. I use it most frequently to chat with Marooned Chic, my adorable girlfriend, as well as with my brother, Machienzo. It's quick, efficient and relatively free, disregarding the activation messages required.

So what do you guys think?

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Responses (2)

1 thumbs!
Marooned Chic Apr 8, 11
I think it's awesome baby. :3
1 thumbs!
Marooned Chic May 11, 13
Paaaa I can't sleeeeep
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