Legendary1 Twin_Master
Oct 26, 15 12:06am
Ey! It's been awhile.
Marooned Chic Twin_Master
Jul 13, 14 6:06pm
Hi Adam.
Marooned Chic Twin_Master
Feb 22, 14 3:18pm
Babyyyyy <3 :*
May 19, 12 3:51pm
Nostalgic game of my childhood CrocLegendOfTheGobbos
May 10, 11 1:17pm
Definitely better than any THPS game but still frustrating as hell! Skate3
Twin_Master blogged
Apr 8, 11 7:37pm

    1. Facebook Account
    2. Mobile Phone (with access to Internet)
    3. Access to 0.facebook.com through phone network

Set Up:
    1. Go to the address 0.facebook.com (only available on Mobile Phones) and check to see if you are supported by your Mobile Network. A full list of the permitted networks can be found here, and this website will be accessed on the network for FREE.
        a. Able to access: Continue to #2.
        b. Unable to access: You are not able to complete this guide.

    2. Activate Facebook Mobile for your Mobile Phone through here. (This step requires you to send 1 SMS where standard SMS charges WILL apply.)
    3. Enable Notifications for Personal Messages through here.
    4a. Optional: Create a bookmark for your Facebook Inbox or the message of your favourite contact.
    4b. Optional: Assign that bookmark to a shortcut on your Mobile Phone for easy access.

How this works:
    You will receive SMS Notification for the messages in Facebook you receive. You should be able to see the whole message in the SMS unless it is over 100 characters. You can then easily access free FB mobile to view the whole message in your inbox and reply to the message as well.

    TIP: This works much better if both members have this scheme set up.

Continued Use:
    You will need to send an activation message to Facebook through your Mobile phone every 60 days. They will prompt you through SMS and it only costs the same as 1 standard local SMS message.

Now, some might be thinking this is a stupid idea or wonder why I am even writing about it. I personally think it's *bleep*ing fantastic and am pretty damn happy that I'm able to access it. I have been using this nonstop since around early Janurary and it has saved me a fortune in Mobile Phone bills. I use it most frequently to chat with Marooned Chic, my adorable girlfriend, as well as with my brother, Machienzo. It's quick, efficient and relatively free, disregarding the activation messages required.

So what do you guys think?

musingsthoughts mobile gaming web development technology
Twin_Master blogged
Apr 8, 11 7:20pm

Here is a list of all the Mobile Networks that support 0.facebook.com

Also available:


El Salvador
New Zealand
    Telecom NZ
United Kingdom
Guinea Conkary

mobile gaming web development technology
Twin_Master blogged
Mar 18, 11 9:01pm

Talking about demand in Economics made me wonder a bit about how much we the members are affected by my and how much we have.

To begin with myself, I won't brag but I have saved a fair bit of money. I'm not rich, just really damn stingy! I have my reasons and I do intend to spend this money at an appropriate time on something I have been looking forward to for quite a while. (props to anyone who can pick up what it is). This whole process of scrounging and saving makes me annoyed at how much money has a part in the world today as I feel it's been prohibiting me from reaching my dreams.

So, the topic for this blog posting: Money. Who here has bad spending habits? Who is a wonder at saving? What are your future spending plans? Have any funny money stories? Share all you can! :)

musingsthoughts neoseeker related
Twin_Master blogged
Mar 17, 11 3:01pm

Well today is a moment for me to partially gloat as well as bring about some incite as well. We see competitions being held everywhere for just about anything, ranging from sports to games to sweepstakes to general fun. What do people think about competitions here?

What is your basic luck with competitions? Are you a winner or a loser or just a once in a life time kind of person? I've operated under the belief of two things:

1. You gotta be in it to win it.
2. The more competitions you enter the more chances of winning.

You see, sometimes for me it's not so much as winning a prize so much as being classified as a winner! You get lavished with attention and (sometimes) applause for really doing nothing except sticking your head out and being greedy. Don't worry, we all do it for that reason but that just adds the fun to it. The anticipation as the clock strikes down to the draw time or announcement where our moments of uncertainty finally become clear and we're filled with over joyous excitement or a punch in the gut.

So, the point of this was mainly to gloat about my win, RIGHT HERE on neoseeker. I've never had much luck with winning things which I suppose is mainly attributed to the fact that I hardly ever enter.
What I won was a delightful Collectors Edition of Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II: Retribution. I wanted to give a shout out to Neoseeker on the comp and thank everyone involved. I'm very excited to be winning such a prestigious prize! Thanks VeGiTAX2 ad sorry you feel hard done by, walnuts. :(

Competition Thread

Even though I don't particularly care for this whole Charlie Sheen debacle I still think it's appropriate to put something up about... well winning!

Anyway, I'd like to know what the people of Neoseeker have been winning lately? Not so much like sweepstakes, it can range far beyond that. What if you recently won that hot girl from across the class from the school jock? Share all your stories here and we'll see who's won the most and the best.

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Twin_Master blogged
Mar 15, 11 12:48pm

Well, using my ipod whih sadly has now camera so I cannot really post a picture at all. What am I studying you may ask? Today's lecture is Economics and we're just going through a demand curve. Nifty stuff.

I am considering setting up games and discussion topics each week for the blog, mainly to get me blogging again as well as perhaps excite new readers. Feel free to comment with whatever you want. If anyone has suggestions then please share; I'll consider all suggestions. :D

Quick question: Who is my twin?

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Twin_Master blogged
Feb 28, 11 7:49am

It's sure been some time since I last made a blog update though this one will be short.

Changes in my life have included:
  • Worked for Borders Book store over the Christmas break and made a decent slice of money
  • Changed university degree to Business/Information Technology with a major in Accounting.
  • Celebrated a 4 month anniversary with Marooned Chic just last week. It was absolutely superb and I love her so much!
  • Making plans to visit Manila this September. Very much looking forward to it!
Not much else to really say at the moment. Been getting back into Hitman Reborn; keeps me on the edge of my seat. Perhaps I'll start blogging more.


<3 I love you so much, my darling Nikki!

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Dec 7, 10 5:06am
Si Nikki ay maganda. Ikaw lang ang gusto ko.
Dec 3, 10 7:26am
Become my favourite month
Nov 29, 10 8:18am
Everything is going according to plan!
Twin_Master blogged
Nov 28, 10 6:22am

So, it's certainly been some time since I last did any blogging. Most recently I've had some good news which has me in much higher spirits than usual which will provide for a short but sweet blogging experience.

Got a job offer from a Book store called 'Borders' in my city, which I whole heartedly accepted. Definitely looking forward to my first shift on Tuesday and eternally grateful that I've got a job! :D

Got my university results back with 2 Distinctions and 2 Credits for the 4 enrolled units I completed this previous semester. It was a bit of a nervous ride as I was sure I was going to fail one of those subjects but never the less, I have prevailed!

The letters I sent almost a month ago which I thought were lost in the mail finally reached the desired recipient. Very special letters and contained a gift which I am very very pleased with. No telling what it is though! :P

Must have been overdue as these all happened just yesterday. Definitely made me enjoy that day the most. I look forward to earning some money and working towards some well established goals. Dreams, here I come! :)

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Nov 20, 10 8:26pm
Pretty much the same as FIFA 10 just that little bit better! FIFASoccer11
Nov 17, 10 5:27pm
Watch and wait

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