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Good Vs. Evil Paper

I don’t remember how things got this way but I know they haven’t always been like this…

The chains around my ankles rattled from the bumps along the railroad path under the train…the clank of the shingle walls wasn’t very settling at all and neither were the others that seemed to surround me…I couldn’t see them but they could see me…I knew they could because ever once in awhile they would stop running around and would watch me with their dimly glowing eyes for a time.
This seemed to be my destiny. Any place where the light could not reach or any place where the darkness consumed you and all you could see or hear, was where I always ended up.
It wasn’t so seldom to see someone…or something that had just been taken by the darkness. Their screams were horrible…like that of a person being tortured and being torn inside out…which was what was really happening to them.
The moment the darkness grasped them was the moment that their bodies were intoxicated with Telma’s Curse.
A curse where your soul was devoured by the slain spirits of the Skent. They were the long ago rulers of this land but were defeated by the powerful people of the new world called the Rizen.
Telma herself was once a powerful sorceress of the dark arts and she could conjure anything that could be imagined but one day the worst became of her when one of her creatures, destroyed her. That was the end of her mortal body but her potions were left behind to be toyed with by the very being that destroyed her…that was how he gained his power.
Both of these people had been gone for many thousands of years. It is said that the last of the Rizen died sealing away the last of the Skent…at least that’s how the story has been passed down but I suspect it was wrongly told because of the vast area of time when no one lived on these lands and therefore wouldn’t be able to carry on the tale.

Sunlight suddenly came through a hole in the train. The light was blinding and it was a good while before I could see again but after that, I wished it was darker then it had been before.
All around the room were creatures of small and large size wandering around my still body. The luminescent glow of their once dim eyes crept on me in all the realness that they were…I hadn’t been able to see them before but now that I could, terror began to race through my body as one of them crept near side of me. I moved to stand up but lost my footing and fell with a thud backwards onto the shingles.
Although it had hurt, I felt better because the creature became startled and moved back unto the darkest corner of the room.

It was a good long while before anything happened…

The light through the hole faded away and now was a dim light that was cast by a full moon…enchanting and intoxicating all the same. I dared not look out at the lands because that would mean turning my back to the Skent…which I was rightfully one by birth but did not have the same demeaning qualities as they did.
I began to nod off and was soon fast asleep. I dreamt of the old lands. The lands where seldom a tied flowed from the highest of peaks to the lowest of valleys. When the people all throughout the lands were kind to each other and didn’t mind giving simply to give and when even the vast fields were untouched by the two tribes. These were the times when a child could wander into the untamed and be safe without their mothers arms…I dreamt of the vast long running crevices filled with endless amounts of crystalline waters. Then it turned to a nightmare. Something was chasing me. It was running faster and faster and I couldn’t lose it. There came a cliff and right before I was going to fall off of it I tripped myself to stop from going over and then the creature jumped at me and I fell off the side of the large rock. I kept falling and falling and right before I hit the bottom I sprang up out of my slumber to find one of the Skent digging in my sash on my left side.
I don’t know what it wanted but it seemed intent on finding what it was looking for…I tried to make it leave. I pushed it away but it bounced right back into the same spot. I stood up but it still followed.
It finally grabbed something and I didn’t see what it took and it ran away. I flung my arm out to try and catch it but my fingers slipped through its silk like fur and like that…it was gone.
I thought to myself what a thief it was and what it had taken but like they say “no use cryin’ over spilt milk”.
There was a sudden change in the atmosphere and all of the Skent started the scurry around. They looked scared of something...All the sudden something hit the side of the box we were in! The box tipped and the doors slammed open and the train tipped on it's side.
I tried to hold onto something but there was nothing and out I went with a few of the creautures. The train kept moving on faster and faster away and the box tipped back into place...I saw what had hit us...It was one of the largest of them I had ever seen! and now it was coming towards me!
I ran to try and get out of it's path and slipped over something, hit my head over a tree trunk and passed out.

Claws...teeth...fur...white empty eyes...long black ears...!!! I jumped up and backwards and hit the tree and clung to it. I had tripped over a Skent! was just sitting there...stareing at me.
It didn't look to harmful. It was after all just sitting there...if it ment to kill me then i'd be done with already. So I let go of the tree and let myself fall back to the ground then crept to where I had been and sat down.
We both sat there for a little while. Doing nothing...Then I remembered where I the middle of nowhere. No one was around and trees seemed endless. There was quite literally no sign of advanced anything in this place. Just water, and the forest.
I got up and started to walk around. The Skent creature got up and followed me and no matter where I went or which way I moved, it copied me. If I jumped. If I put my arms only had two legs but it had wings so it flung out it's wings. If I sat down it sat down as well and curled it's tailish figure around itself.
I think it thought that I knew where we were going and that maybe if it did what I did that it would find out where it needed to be.
We wondered around a good portion of the day...didn't happen to stumble into another being or anything of interest the whole time and the sun was fading from the sky into a shadowed dusk.
I hadn't looked at the creature for a long time but to check if it was still following so I looked back at it again. It was still there...still following but it was tired. It dragged it tail along the ground in a snakish way and it's wings had fallen to it's sides. It had its head hung but then looked up at me with a face of we stopped for the night.
I was no good at trying to start a fire and even if my attempts had worked I wasn't so optomistic at what the light from it would bring...maybe that creature that attacked the train would find us! At that thought I quit my efforts and set out for some nuts and berries.
No luck though. The Skent had found itself a dead bird and was enjoying it. I found it revolting but didn't give it a second thought and laid down for the night and watched the stars form between the forest and fell fast asleep.

It didn't last long. I woke sometime in the night. The sun had yet to rise and the birds hadn't begun their songs yet. I don't think the Skent slept at all. It was lieing beside me but it was plenty awake. It's white eyes gleamed in the moonlit night. It noticed I was awake and jumped wanted to start off again.
Tried as I may to fall back to sleep it wouldn't let me. It nudged me and poked me and eventually just sat on me so I reluctantly got up.
I hadn't noticed it before but it was raining...every now and again a drop would fall from a tree and slap me with a cold undieing chill. It was now that I wished I were still aboard that dark train with all the other Skent...maybe then things would be better.
Just then something shown in the distance. It seemed small...but it was bright. The Skent started to run along ahead so I followed it.
As we got closer I was able to see what it was. A statue. It was a Rizen! She was tall and sleek...had the hair of a goddess. I wonder how she came to be like this...The stone had a silver light glow to it..and she was holding something. Maybe that's why she was turned to stone...but if it was...I didn't even think that any Rizen still existed. Perhaps this had happened a long time ago.
Maybe the object had a power back then...maybe it had lost it and was safe now.
I put my hand slowly towards it and slipt my fingers around the metallic was freezing cold but didn't do anything. It was trapped in her stone brake it out would be a disgrace to the once proud race.

Then the ground began to shake and the birds flew from their nests. The object was glowing...! I moved away quickly and it grew brighter. Her hands began to crack and soon the rest of her body was breaking.
The Skent that was following me began to run away. I would have too but the object had a hold on me. Like a person about to meet their fate, I stood there expecting to die in only a moment.
A black fog ate up the ground everywhere I looked. After it spread out it began to rise. It kept on getting thicker and thicker and soon I couldn't see anything. I walked forward a step to where the Rizen had fallen but found nothing. A stumbled around and bumped into was the rod. I reached down and picked it up and it started to glow again. Then a voice echoed through the black fog.
"Two undead races for thousands of years. One is now broken, one is unsealed."
The voice sounded like a kind woman. She seemed strangely familiar but I couldn't recall from where I had herd her before.
"What do you mean?" I asked but recieved no answer.
"What is happening?" again no answer
"Who are you?" This time, she answered.
"I am the last of the Rizen tribe. Your blood is carried like mine. Your part Rizen but don't know of your past..."
"The last of the can't be...your kind..."
"A thousand years could have past sense then. I was the last of ours. He was the last of theres. You are part of his as well."
"What do you mean part of his?" I was now fairly confused. Did she mean to say I was a decendent...or just another Skent?
"A great battle was fought here thousands of years ago. The rod you hold now was what would have ended the battle and ended the seems fate that you would find it. I can't understand how you have made it through all these years and still look but a mere child but none the less you are here. My child, you have probably so many questions to ask of me but sadly I cannot give them to you.
Her child...I couldn't be. She must have been mistaken.
"The rod you hold now was used to seal away Noxus. He creates the Skent. You being here now must mean that he has found a way back into this relm. need to find him..."
(That's my name? Cass? She must know me then...)
"You need to destroy him Cass! I couldn't do it so many thousands of years ago but he should be weak need to end his rule..."
Thunder cracked from the sky and she was gone...the fog disparced and everything was as it was. The rod lay in my arms now...but how...where was I going to find him? It's not like he was just going to appear out of nowhere and explain everything to me.
I looked around for the little Skent creature that had been following me. It was gone. I wished I would have gone with it...maybe then this task wouldn't be left to me.
I stood there for a moment looking down at the ground. I guess what any person would have seen was their mother that had been sealed away in a marble case so long ago but all I saw was the broken fragments of a confusing age old tale.
Soon enough I figured I should get a move on it...I had no idea when and if I would get out of this forest but I knew standing there wouldn't help anything...but I couldn't help but think of that woman's words. I began to fall into a daze as I thought about her and what I had to do. The ground beneath me grew to a blur and the grass blended together to look like a sea of green as my legs kept moving forward. Everything soon faded away of thought and perception and the next thing I knew my foot missed the ground and slipped into a fast flowing stream. All my senses started working again but it was to late. I tried to reach for the shore but just as my fingers grazed the tips of the bladed grass, a rock struck my head and just like that...all was lost and down the stream I went.

By the time I was consciouse again the sun had fallen beneath the lands. My hands slid between the sand as I pulled myself out of the stream. I took a look around and I saw torches. . .
My heart raced with excitement...finally! I was out of the forest! I got up and started walking towards the village. I suppose everyone was sleeping except for a few of them. I wanted to talk to them...maybe figure out where here was but then I remembered that I was of the Skents...I looked different. So in the end, I just sat in the brush and listened.

They talked well into the morning. The sun was rising and everyone was waking up. My cover would have been blown if I stayed where I was any longer so I decided to go back to the river bed. The water was clear now and didn't seem as dank as it had last night.
A few fish swam by every now and again and ever hard as I tried to catch them they just slipped out of my hands. Not that they seemed to appetizing anyway...what with there slimy scalish skin.

The day dragged on and it didn't seem like time was passing at all.
Kids laughter could be heard in the distance...At least I was far enough away from them so they couldn't find me.
Finally dusk hit and somehow I was able to catch a fish. Ive heard they were quite good but holding it in front of smelled horrible and it kept slipping out of my grasp. It seemed a meal fit for that creature...I kinda' missed the little thing.
I looked back upon the small village. The mothers were calling for their kids and the men sat around a fire discussing the days work.
When the sun disappeared under the land everyone had gone in. The torches were out and the horses lay sleep. The fire was still going so I went and sat by it. The flames flew brilliantly with ever breeze that came through the village. I could have sat there forever and have been perfectly happy. I closed my eyes and let my mind wonder. It went back to a place of my belonging. A place that seemed like home.


"It's been far to long my child"

His voice was deep and filled with a overwhelming power. I turned to look at him and his hand grasped my neck.

"Why do you wield that Rod? Such a power does not belong to you. Do you intend to destroy me?" His voice became filled with hatred.
"You do!" His grip became tighter and the breath in me started to fade away.
I reached for the rod that was tide to my side. I had it. I lifted it and it shined like a new born star.
He let go and I fell to the ground. A hatred seemed to be raging in the rod. It wanted to destroy him.
"We can rule this world together. Father and daughter. All these creatures of this miserable world will kneel at our presence..."
"This world is no longer yours to control. Telma may not have been able to control you, my mother may not have been able to destroy you, but your own blood can!"
His eyes opened wide and his hand reached for his sword. He began to pull it out but just then a black shadow peirced him and he fell to the ground. My friend had returned.
As my father lay there I looked down at him.
"H-h-help me my dear..." His voice grew faint and he stumbled to get up but could only get to his knees.
I looked at him then closed my eyes then looked down to the ground where he was. He put his hand out and I stepped back.
"No father is counted so unless there when needed..." A tear fell from my eye and I held the rod up to his hand.
"Never again"
His hand was ingulfed in stone and it soon consumed the rest of his body. He was now only the stone figure of a once powerful ruler of the Skent.

It was now daybreak.
I looked down at my friend and sat down next to him.
"What do we do now?" of coarse I expected no answer.
He looked up at me and then got up and turned around. All the villagers had come out...I looked at them and they cheered.
"We can't stay here..."
He looked up at me then turned again to the forest. I patted his head and started walking and he followed me once more.

Back to the lands where seldom a tied flowed from the highest of peaks to the lowest of valleys. When the people all throughout the lands were kind to each other and didn’t mind giving simply to give and when even the vast fields were untouched by the two tribes. These were now the times when a child could wander into the untamed and be safe without their mothers arms…Where the vast long running rivers filled with endless amounts of crystalline waters flowed and this is where...we would belong. This was our home.



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