First appearance of the guy who wants gems (forgot the name) CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
How many evelutions... OMG DigimonWorld PSX
INSTANT CLASSIC! Everyone knew it from the start! :D CrashBandicoot PSX
Good when your bored, or want to show your friends how good you are in HyperSpeed!!! GuitarHero3LegendsOfRock PS2
Do not ask me how I got this, its been sitting in my game drawer for years now, it SilentHill PSX
This game is great for everyone who RuneScape PC
A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is this! Okami PS2
Played a bit, years and years back PokemonGold GBC
Very funny 100% completion video! CrashTwinsanity Xbox
good game, a little tricky with the gunyip, but good TyTheTasmanianTigerNightOfTheQuinkan Xbox
Good gameplay, a bit boring with the car though... just a little TyTheTasmanianTiger2BushRescue GBA

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