How many evelutions... OMG DigimonWorld PSX
Good when your bored, or want to show your friends how good you are in HyperSpeed!!! GuitarHero3LegendsOfRock PS2
First appearance of the guy who wants gems (forgot the name) CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
INSTANT CLASSIC! Everyone knew it from the start! :D CrashBandicoot PSX
A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is this! Okami PS2
Do not ask me how I got this, its been sitting in my game drawer for years now, it SilentHill PSX
This game is great for everyone who RuneScape PC
Played a bit, years and years back PokemonGold GBC
Very funny 100% completion video! CrashTwinsanity Xbox
good game, a little tricky with the gunyip, but good TyTheTasmanianTigerNightOfTheQuinkan Xbox
Good gameplay, a bit boring with the car though... just a little TyTheTasmanianTiger2BushRescue GBA

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